From Crabcore To Pornogrind: Metal’s 10 Most Ridiculous Subgenres


Emerging from the post-emo hardcore punk scene, this style fuses aggressive modern rock with video game music and metal breakdowns. The group HORSE The Band coined the term “Nintendocore” as a joke and are seen as pioneers in the the genre along with The Advantage, Minibosses and The Depreciation Guild.

This screamo offshoot is defined not by music, tones, lyrical content or instruments, but by the stage moves of band members during live performances, IE: the “crabwalk,” where the musician crouches down with their legs spread and sways back and forth. The band Attack Attack! is credited as founding the crabcore movement but it’s roots go back further, as evidenced by the crabcore like posture of Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo.

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