From Crabcore To Pornogrind: Metal’s 10 Most Ridiculous Subgenres


Funeral Doom
Another subgenre of a subgenre, this style slows down already glacially paced, Sabbath-worshiping doom metal to the point of funeral dirges. Lyrically it is obsessed with death and despair, with ambient keyboard sounds and vocals that sound like they’re coughing their last breaths. The style was pioneered by bands like Corrupted, Mournful Congregation and Thergothon.

Teutonic Thrash Metal
Gestating in the early days of thrash metal, this regional scene originated in 1980s Germany, but would spread out to include bands from Austria, Czech Republic and Switzerland. Along with the American and Brazilian thrash scenes, German bands like Destruction, Sodom and Kreator made a huge impact in the nascent thrash world and adherents follow in their stylistic footsteps to this day.

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