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And then there were 24! Your votes narrowed down the original 60 bands to just two dozen competing for a shot at superstardom in VH1’s Make A Band Famous 24-hour live-stream event. And now it’s time for you to decide which four groups will progress to the final round, where All-American Rejects frontman Tyson Ritter will host a series of fast-paced challenges designed to prove who is destined for rock greatness!

You’ve listened to their music and you’ve seen their faces, but you don’t really know these hopefuls. So now they’ve gotten personal, opening up and sharing a bit about themselves, their bandmates, and their passions. Read on to meet the bands who are on the brink of becoming the summer’s breakout hit! Or at least favorites on your own iPod.

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Cheezy and the Crackers


What city or town do you call home?

Millville, NJ/Philadelphia, PA. Second home San Diego, CA. Third home West Palm Beach, FL

Are there any fun facts about your band?

We met Ron Jeremy and the lead singer of Puddle of Mudd when we played The Rainbow Room on Sunset in West Hollywood. Got Ron to make a cameo in our video “Just A Lil Something”.
What inspired the name of your band? Are there any other names you considered that didn’t make the cut?

Bishop Don Magic Juan. Names considered include Dr. Dirty & the Toxic Shocks, or Anne Frank and the Addicts, but Cheezy and the Crackers was just too perfect and silly of a name, we had to take it.

What’s the first song you remember playing onstage? Feel free to elaborate if there is a story around it.

“Badfish” by Sublime. Sublime has always been a big influence on our lives. That just happened to be the one we wanted to kick off the night with. Not too cool of a story.

You absolutely cannot perform without…

The band being in it ALL together. Everyone’s heart/mind/soul/intention has got to be on the same goal… one groove, one love. So the answer would be Unity.

Do you have any pre-show rituals before you take the stage?

We have a tour van that is super old school, with the VHS and small TV in the top shelf. We usually watch Spinal Tap before we go on so we can get into the right mindset before the show. Also, a bunch of high fives. Sometimes too many.

What artists made you want to play music?

Prince, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, Sublime, The Allman Brothers, Rick James, Barrington Levy.

If you could open for any band on tour this summer, who would it be and why?

Totally unachievable first choice: Rick James hologram, because that would be a crazy show. It’d sell so many
tickets and we’ve always wanted to jam with Rick James. More attainable first choice: Slighty Stoopid. They are an amazing live show and their fan base is almost parallel to our own.

What is you band’s biggest band ambition?

To make a record that changes the way people look at life. Life is too short, we always have a strong message of “Love
your fellow man and woman” and “appreciate every minute you’ve got” throughout our shows. Just one person verbalizing the obvious in their eyes could completely change the way some people in the crowd perceive life or how things are. We want people to FEEL the music.

You just found out your record got to Number One. What’s the first thing you do?

Thank everyone via social media and respective phone calls. Then to get back into the studio to lay the next one. Work never stops.

Lasly, is there anything else you want to share with us?

We have been through all the things you could imagine any band out here trying to make it has had to encounter. Sleepless nights with 7 band members in a small roach motel room with busted locks and someone having to sleep with the vehicle incase someone tried to rob it, playing some of the smallest holes in the wall, as well as some of the largest and most well known of places, roadside breakdowns at 3am in Bumblefart, South Carolina with a trailer flat on a road with no shoulder and no AAA, EVERYTHING!!

We’ve also managed to lock in opening act slots for some of the biggest artists in the Reggae & Hip Hop game (Matisyahu, Juelz Santana, Less Than Jake, Rebelution, Collie Buddz) on our own with no agent or official management. It has been a long road but it has been well worth it. We have plenty of people that have helped us get to where we are today, and we want to make our band famous in this competition to give the love back to our fans and put their favorite band on top with some of the best in the industry. We want to be genre breaking and open doors to the fusion of styles and genres in music. Be you, thats what we’re about. 6 different guys fusing together to make one amazingly funky live show.

Are you ready to Make A Band Famous!? Cause we are!!!

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