Make A Band Famous: Get To Know 12 Of The Finalists!




What city or town do you call home?

Ridgefield Park

Are there any fun facts about your band?

We’re  5 brothers from the same mother and father.  We live in the same house with our parents and right next door to our grandparents on our father’s side.  Our grandpa jams with us on many sessions and he comes to all of our shows. Our great grandfather played in a band, our grandfather did as well and our father played in a band with his brothers.  We rotate tuning each other’s instruments and we also love to play practical jokes on each other. Also, there are so many of us cause our mom wanted a girl. That’s actually why Skyler, Madison, and Casey have such unisex names, so we like to poke fun at them.

What inspired the name of your band? Are there any other names you considered that didn’t make the cut?

Our name was inspired by the fact that we are 5 blood brothers (same parents) and our love of and quest to be the next Jackson 5.  A family and “real boy-band” with instrument skills and vocal abilities.  Some of the many names that didn’t get enough votes/support and failed to make the cut are This Is…; Alam-Five;  Alam Fire; Legend Of The Fall; The Casey Jones Band!

What’s the first song you remember playing onstage? Feel free to elaborate if there is a story around it.

The first song we played live is a song by the band Kutless call Tonight. We played it for a church even. Funny story, it was our first show, and 3/4 of the way in Casey’s guitar strap broke. That millisecond that it happened we all freaked out. Casey was 11. Would he know what to do? Is this how we start and end? So many questions were all answered when Casey stuck out his knee and caught the guitar and finished the song. That was the moment we knew this was it!

You absolutely cannot perform without…

Mountain Dew! Other than that we’re pretty flexible. JD has specific picks that were made for him that he HAS to play with.

Do you have any pre-show rituals before you take the stage?

We always bow together in a group hug circle and pray, then we stick out hands in a circle and say LOT OF BAW (inside joke).

What artists made you want to play music?

Our father, grandfather and great grandfather, followed by the Beatles, the Jackson 5, Led Zeppelin, a lot of the classics.

If you could open for any band on tour this summer, who would it be and why?

We would love to open for One Direction or Maroon 5, because we are very compatible in terms of musical styles and we appeal to the same fan base and demographics.  We could also use that kind of exposure to get our music and message out to the world.  Their fans have a certain zeal that we can satisfy.  Their energy is quite similar to ours.

What is you band’s biggest band ambition?

Our biggest ambition is to truly affect peoples’ lives in a positive way through our music and performances.   If we can spread some love and uplift people throughout the world,  that would be our dream come true.  If we become famous in the process that would be the icing on the cake because it would allow us the access to really make an impact.

You just found out your record got to Number One. What’s the first thing you do?

We would probably buy Chinese food.  Then we would thank God and find the best way to go about thanking our fans and the people who made it possible.  We would certainly and immediately try to replicate that success.

Lasly, is there anything else you want to share with us?

We have been playing music and working intensely on our craft for many long, hard years and we will continue to do so until we lose the ability to sing and play our instruments.  We will make the most of every opportunity that comes our way.  We will also be grateful for, and we yearn to be successful and to accomplish our goals. Becoming famous is one of our shared milestones and reaching it would be a phenomenal moment in our lives and that of our family and friends.

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