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Fancy Reagan


What city or town do you call home?

New York City

Are there any fun facts about your band?

• Sean can ride a unicycle and juggle and do flips… he also starred as the lead in the Grammy winning Broadway Musical American Idiot in Tokyo Japan and Seoul Korea, and also got to perform in the show alongside Billie Joe Armstrong himself!
• Chris, Jay, Bobby, and Rich play softball together.
• Chris and Jay met playing country music.
• We all met Sean when he came in to Jay’s work to sing for a commercial.
• Bobby and Chris went to High School together.
• Rich has a tattoo of the state of NJ…adjacent to his armpit (“the armpit of america”)
• Rich likes to warm up playing the theme song from “King of The Hill”
• There’s a Steve Urkel doll in our rehearsal space.

What inspired the name of your band? Are there any other names you considered that didn’t make the cut?

We had 3 million song title options with “owls” in it but none of them made it. We also loved the show “Lost,” so we wanted to reference the show by calling ourselves “The Constant.” As for our name “Fancy Reagan,” a long night out in the city ended at a local pub downstairs from Jason’s apartment. We went to the bar to order a drink and struck up a conversation with a girl. The conversation went to one about our band and she asked, “what’s your name, Nancy Reagan?” when our friend Eric then exclaimed, “more like Fancy Reagan!” and the name was born.

What’s the first song you remember playing onstage? Feel free to elaborate if there is a story around it.

• Jay: We opened with Until We Get There at our first show, and all 9 people in the audience were just sorta staring at us. My keyboard almost shut off…it skipped during the song and the pedal got away from me. Other than that I thought it went well.
• Rich: playing “I Can’t Be.” Even though “Clarity” was our “first,” “I Can’t Be” really stuck with me because I had to use a wah-wah pedal on it. (I still get mad about having to travel with it in my rig….thing is heavy).
• Bobby: For me personally was Locked Out of Heaven because it was my first show in the band, and they asked me AT THE SHOW to perform it, having never rehearsed it with them before.

You absolutely cannot perform without…

• Sean: I know loads of people need a shot of whiskey, however I need a lot of room temperature water and at least a 20-30 minute vocal warm-up consisting of goo-goos and gahh gahhs, which the guys all love to crack jokes about!
• Jay: A USB cable. I forgot one once and almost lost my mind. Thankfully the venue had a working piano they were able to set up at the last minute. That ended up being one of our best shows though.
• Rich: guitar picks with my name on them. My ex gave me them, so I like to give them out so I can get rid of them. Plus, the font is comic sans. Ewwwwwww.
• Bobby: Our gear
• Chris: Drum sticks and water

Do you have any pre-show rituals before you take the stage?

• Sean: Vocal warm up before every performance as well as doing some push ups and jumping jacks to get the blood flowing and to get my breath grounded… we also do a team huddle kind of thing…mainly because we all grew up playing sports.
• Jay: Not really…maybe I should come up with something unique.
• Rich: Pushups. Lots of pushups
• Bobby: Believe it or not we gather in the green room and practice the lift from Dirty Dancing. We’ll nail it soon.
• Chris: Making fun of each other and warm up…. And the lift from Dirty Dancing

What artists made you want to play music?

• Sean: I grew up listening to all the boy bands, Nsync and backstreet boys and hanson, gradually grew out of that (not really) and started listening to maroon 5 and Green Day, Fallout boy and broadened my music palette to the Beatles, Elton John and REM.
• Jay: I grew up on a pretty steady diet of the Beatles and Billy Joel. They’ll forever be my biggest inspiration. More currently though I’d say Adam Duritz and the Counting Crows really made me want to write. The message he could portray with his lyrics was like nothing I had ever seen before.
• Rich: Nirvana, Foo Fighters, and all the obligatory ones (Zeppelin, Beatles, Stones, etc…but that’s a given)
• Bobby: Nirvana, Incubus, Silverchair, Muse
• Chris: Obligatory Classic Rock bands, and then Brand New, Thrice, Dredg, 311, Miles Davis

If you could open for any band on tour this summer, who would it be and why?

• Sean: One Republic, Ryan Tedder is someone I would love to write a hit song with someday. I think they are a big influence in our songwriting and that their fans would love Fancy Reagan
• Jay: Imagine Dragons. Their live show is so cool, I’d love to be around it.
• Rich: Third Eye Blind
• Bobby: I think One Republic fans would dig FR.
• Chris: Bastille, they have a killer live show!

What is you band’s biggest band ambition?
• Sean: Consistency in all aspects – artistically, creatively and live performance. Beyond that being able to share our songs and message to the world and inspiring others. We want to prove that dreams can come true, because once we get to the top, we are staying on top and not being one-hit wonders!
• Jay: Being able to play our songs and have people all over the world hear them and hopefully appreciate them. We want to share our music.
• Bobby: To create something people connect to and get moved by, the way bands did for us.
• Chris: To take over the world, something Pinky and the Brain never could accomplish.

You just found out your record got to Number One. What’s the first thing you do?
• Sean: First of all we would thank the fans, our friends and family and anyone that has helped us get to that position. Without them we wouldn’t be where we are at or get to where we want to be. Probably make a thank you video to everyone on social media first, and then celebrate with friends and family after!
• Jay: Easy, I call my parents and share it with them. My dad pushed me to follow my passion and it’s gotten me where I am. I’d want to share it with him.
• Rich: Right to the tattoo parlor. Make Chris get his first, then sleeve out myself.
• Bobby: Hold Chris to his word and take him to the tattoo shop.
• Chris: Derek Jeter Fist Pump and then celebrate with the band, family, and friends. My father started me on this path and he, my mother, brother, and extended family have been incredibly supportive. My success is as much their success.

Lasly, is there anything else you want to share with us?
We are very close as a unit and our diversity and versatility make us a unique unit. Our mentality is a workman-like, hockey player identity. 5 guys working together towards a common goal and together we will accomplish more than individually.

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