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Today is the day! 24 bands are about to compete for a shot at music stardom in VH1’s Make A Band Famous 24-hour live-stream event. You’ve listened to their music and you’ve seen their faces, but you don’t really know these hopefuls. Now they’ve gotten personal, opening up and sharing a bit about themselves, their bandmates, and their passions. Yesterday half the groups had a chance to introduce themselves, and now we have the other 12! Read on to meet the bands who are on the brink of becoming the summer’s breakout hit! Or at least favorites on your own iPod.

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Aquile & Bryan Keith


What city or town do you call home?

San Diego and The Bronx

Are there any fun facts about your band?

We formed our group on Season 3 of The Voice. Bryan and I were roommates. I have a lot of Soul R&B Influence and Bryan has a Classic Rock Soul influence. All of that together creates our unique sound.

What inspired the name of your band? Are there any other names you considered that didn’t make the cut?

We chose to go with the names our parents gave us! We have potential group name’s for the future.

What’s the first song you remember playing onstage? Feel free to elaborate if there is a story around it.

I sang an N’Sync song called “I Want You Back,” 3rd grade talent show. -Bryan

Blue Moon at a talent show with my buddy in 5th grade. -Aquile

You absolutely cannot perform without…

Sharing a little bit of who we are with people and where we come from. People respond positively to real people.

Do you have any pre-show rituals before you take the stage?

Always have to take a selfie backstage! Maybe a shot. Say a lil prayer…and remind ourselves that this is what we love to do.

What artists made you want to play music?

Ray Charles, Lauren Hill, Queen, Billy Joel,Stevie Wonder, Bryan Adams.

If you could open for any band on tour this summer, who would it be and why?

Coldplay because they play the stadiums and perform for the crowds we want. We believe our sound would fit in perfect before a Coldplay Concert. They are true artist and real musicians and we respect what they do so much.

What is you band’s biggest band ambition?

We want to make it to the top of the charts and won’t stop writing and performing until we do so. Even then, it is our obligation, mission and ambition to continue to bring the best music to the people of this world as possible. To inspire and be inspired.

You just found out your record got to Number One. What’s the first thing you do?

We send out mass texts, tweets, Facebook posts and thank our fans and supporters for without out them our record would never be Number 1! – Aquile ??I’d call my family and everyone who helped make it happen and scream with excitement. Then figure out whats next. -Bryan

Lastly, is there anything else you want to share with us?

We’ve both been watching VH1 for a long time. So to finally be affiliated with the network feels a lot like fate to us, and we know people will feel it through their computer screens and televisions.

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