Civil Wars, Stabbings And The 15 Fiercest Feuds In Heavy Metal And Hard Rock History

by (@BHSmithNYC)

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Band beefs are nothing new, whether between members or ex-members of the same group, or rivals from the same scene. Whether fighting for their turn in the spotlight or for the affections of a groupie, competition is as natural to the life of a rock band as camaraderie, and where there is competition there is usually conflict. In the world of hard rock and heavy metal, home to some of music’s loudest loud mouths and even the occasional genuine badass, things can escalate quickly from smack-talking to catching a smack. Some of these feuds were limited to angry words heard in interviews or tweeted out to followers. Other times the warring factions took each other to court. Unfortunately, in the most extreme cases violence was the end result. Like, real violence. Like stabbings. And in one case, murder. The good news though is some of the biggest heavy metal beefs have since been squashed or at least put on ice for the time being. But just like when you were in grade school, everyone likes to watch a fight, so grab a ringside seat and check out the 15 fiercest feuds in heavy metal and hard rock history.

Hear founding Kiss drummer Peter Criss talk about the fallout from the band’s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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