Ranked: Every Jennifer Lopez Single From Worst To Best

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5. “If You Had My Love

Produced by Rodney Jerkins, Lopez’s debut single drew on everything that was popular in 1999. It fused together the synths made popular by TLC, highlighted the Latin flare made profitable by Ricky Martin and came packaged with Lopez’s movie brand recognition and sex appeal. The pop song did what it was supposed to do, debuting at number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and announcing that Jennifer the singer had arrived.

4. “Get Right

On overlooked single from 2005, “Get Right” was a funky, fresh, jazz-influenced R&B record. It certainly was a new sound for Lopez who straddled the line between dance, Latin and pop while only dabbling in hip-hop. The horn-blasting beat, produced by Rich Harrison was ultimately perfected on “1 Thing” (Amerie) and “Crazy In Love” (Beyonce), but it worked here with Lopez’s vocals. Plus the video introduced fans to so many J. Lo personalities it was hard to figure out if cholafied Lopez was worth keeping around. (The answer was yes.)

3. “On the Floor

While an easily addictive dance record that infused club music with a Latin flare and Pitbull’s “wooooooos,” this song was important for revitalizing Lopez’s stalled singing career. It also updated the “I’m Real” formula (see below) that shifted her sound entirely into dance and included a Pitbull rap whenever possible.

2. “I’m Real (Remix)

The remix of “I’m Real” was hardly a remix as it was a brand new song featuring her first collaboration with Ja Rule. The song was a legitimate hit — coming from her sophomore album — proving that her debut wasn’t a fluke.  The rapper’s gruff voice balanced so well with her kitty cat coos that fans wondered if these two should release a duet album. (For awhile, it seemed like a real possibility.) Ultimately, this song (and “Ain’t It Funny”) proved to be the only time the two would collaborate. However, J. Lo found her formula: slick beats + J. Lo’s booty shaking x guest rapper of the moment = hit. (See: “On the Floor,” “Dance Again,” “All I Have,” “I Luh Ya Papi.”)

1. “Waiting for Tonight

One of the strongest songs on Lopez’s debut album was easily “Waiting for Tonight.” The Latin-infused dance record kept the singer’s vocals focused (reducing ad libs that plague many of her other songs). She didn’t over sing, instead she let the beat build around her until the song climaxed with her “ohhhhhhhhs.” Even though the song only peaked at number 8 on the Billboard Hot 100, it quickly became a staple for the singer. Infused with the anticipation of the millennium, “Waiting for Tonight” became an anthem for the end of an era. It simultaneously built up the excitement for the New Year while while kissing off the fears and drama of the past. It was 1999 after all, and anything could happen.

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