20 Times Beyonce Was Terrifying

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The concept of Beyonce is terrifying, never mind the woman. A powerhouse of fierceness, Beyonce has talent and intellect, and has managed to create an iconography for herself in a relatively short career that many struggle to achieve. When she’s not dropping surprise records or creating sublime music videos, she champions feminism and humanitarian causes, and is a momma to the adorable Blue Ivy. So it’s settled — there is literally nothing Beyonce can’t do.

It obviously follows that Beyonce is completely terrifying. Perfection inspires terror, and we’ve searched through the archives to find 20 photos where Beyonce is so scary to behold we’ve got shivers just contemplating them at a distance. From her icy, cat-eyed stare to her aggressive dance moves, it’s a wonder that Beyonce can’t melt people with her mind. So prepare to be scared — in the best way possible, courtesy of Beyonce.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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