10 Rock Bands That Unbelievably Still Have All Their Original Members

by (@BHSmithNYC)

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With the exception of maybe Led Zeppelin, nearly every band in the history of rock n’ roll is on tour this summer, or so it seems. Whether they recently reformed or never went away, the lure of concert cash and merch money is enough to make any aging rocker get on the bus. However, the musicians you see playing your favorite songs of yesteryear might be very different than those that played on the original albums. It’s gotten so bad we wrote about 20 Bands with Only One Original Member a couple months back. That’s not the case with these bands. 
Rest assured, the guys up on stage are the same ones whose names you memorized when you first fell in love with their band as a teenager. Sure, half of them have at various points either broken up or toured and recorded with replacement players but between bad business deals, ego trips and the “rock n’ roll lifestyle,” it’s hard keeping a band together. So hard in fact we had a hard time finding 10 bands that still feature the original lineups. Even Rush didn’t make the list as they recorded their debut album with a different drummer and Cheap Trick only lost their original drummer last year. So let’s raise our glass and toast 10 rock bands – from Aerosmith to Fall Out Boy – that unbelievably still have their original members.

See Aerosmith’s long running drummer Joey Kramer, who celebrates his birthday today, and original guitarist Brad Whitford talk about their worst gigs over the years.

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