You Better Work! Britney Spears’ 15 Best Live Performances


10. “Me Against the Music” and “(I Got That) Boom Boom,” TRL’s  Spankin’ New Music Week 2003

Britney turned the sex kitten notch waaay up for this live-in-Times Square performance. Her dancing is on point (and so is that fedora).


9. “Oops!…I Did It Again,” 2001-2002’s Dream Within a Dream Tour

Perhaps the best opening in any Britney tour, “Oops!” gets the full “Vegas spectacle” makeover here. The pyrotechnics! The cuckoo-bananas costumes! That, erm, thing she’s spinning on! Not to mention she looks muy caliente in that all-black ensemble.


8. “I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman,” 2002’s American Music Awards

Britney’s best live vocals to date? Maybe so. Our girl sounds pitch perfect here, and her subtle vocals are complemented by that lovely nude-toned dress.


7. “Touch of My Hand” and “Breathe On Me,” 2004’s The Onyx Hotel Tour

Britney takes a heavy dose of Erotica-era Madonna during these two back-to-back numbers (her raciest on-stage antics ever). We guess the party really doesn’t start until you simulate sex and then make out with one of your back-up dancers…right?


6. “If U Seek Amy,” 2009’s The Circus Starring: Britney Spears

This one is just fun. In an animated number, a smiling Britney bounces around the stage with a glittery pink mallet and plays whack-a-mole (naturally). It’s silly and over-the-top, yes, but oozing a real sense of joy that seems to be missing in Britney’s more recent performances. *Sigh.*

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