Little Ditties: 20 Short But Sweet Classic Rock Songs That Leave Us Wanting More


18. Elton John “Goodbye” (1:52)

Though not a famous song in the singer’s catalogue, the final track on 1971’s Madman across the Water is nonetheless great. It was one of the first two tracks recorded for the album (along with “Levon”) and in contrast to a majority of the other songs full of other instruments and musicians, it’s just Elton on piano with some minimal strings.

17. David Bowie “Breaking Glass” (1:51)

This song was originally released on the singer-songwriter’s 1977 album Low, but then re-released as a live version to promote his second live album, Stage. The song only contains one verse; the line “Don’t look at the carpet, I drew something awful on it” and refers to Bowie’s habit of drawing the Tree of Life on the floor due to his interest in the occult at the time.

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