Bands From The ’90 You’re Ashamed You Loved

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The ’90s were a time when a lot of stuff was really bad, and a lot of people were really earnest. No one liked anything “ironically” yet, so when you liked a band, you really liked a band. But with hindsight now on our side, we see that a lot of popular groups from the ’90s were completely cringeworthy. From Crazy Town to East 17 — ’90s idols are just so dorky and uncool in retrospect. And what’s worse, a lot of the time they were not particularly talented (burn).

But we loved them way back then, and we still have a pang of affection for them that we’d never care to admit publicly. So if you had a crush on Scott Stapp, knew all the words to “Walking On The Sun,” or the dance moves to any S Club 7 number, then this is the post for you. Prepare to be reminded of all your most embarrassing favorite bands from the 90s.

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