A Guide To Every Person Justin Bieber Has Pissed Off Since 2011

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Orlando Bloom is getting thrown into the Justin Bieber maelstrom for taking a stand against swag and poor behavior that may or may not be “just a phase.” The actor allegedly threw a punch at the 20-year-old over comments made about ex-wife Miranda Kerr during a night out in Ibiza last week. While Bloom is making headlines for his spat, it’s hardly the first time someone has wanted to punch the pop star in the face.

For those who have followed the antics of Bieber over the last two years, the news of a physical conflict with another celebrity in a public place isn’t exactly shocking. There was the DUI, those drag racing charges, egging his neighbor’s home, peeing in a bucket — the list goes on. With each public misstep and act of douchbaggery, Bieber adds another chapter to the Child Star Trainwreck Handbook and finds himself on someone else’s s–t list. From famous actors to entire countries, check out who’s had enough of the Bieb.

As former teen stars themselves, Backstreet Boys Nick Carter and Howie Dorough offer up some longterm career advice for Bieber — should he be interested in putting a stop to these antics and getting back to the music.

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