Jack Antonoff Strips Down Bleachers’ “I Wanna Get Better” In This Stop/Watch Challenge

by (@alixmarie11)

This month’s You Oughta Know artists Bleachers are known for their over-the-top sound and larger-than-life stage presence. Well, for our 60 second Stop/Watch challenge, Jack Antonoff gave us a stripped down version of the popular Bleachers hit “I Wanna Get Better”, and it proves the rule that sometimes less is MORE!

While touring with the band fun., Jack Antonoff was inspired to write music for an entirely different audience. This is where he came up with the idea for Bleachers. Once the tour ended, he got a band together to put out their debut album Strange Desire and, with the help of his actress girlfriend, Lena Dunham, a music video for the hit single “I Wanna Get Better”.

Cool, calm and collected, Jack Antonoff didn’t even seemed phased by our 60-second challenge, so we sat him down for our Rapid-Fire interview. See how he handled 15 seconds of non-stop questioning below.

Be sure to look at our video gallery to see all of the Stop/Watch artists who gave it their best effort to beat the clock, plus more personal interviews.

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