Kanye West’s Latest Ridiculous Rant: Can You Guess Which Quotes Are Actually From His Deposition?

by (@TaylorFerber)


After being sued by photographer Daniel Ramos for assault and battery at LAX last summer, Kanye West still finds himself in the midst of a nasty trial. Brace yourselves, because somehow, he has even more ridiculously absurd statements to make. And this time, they were under oath.


TMZ got a hold of the transcript of Kanye’s deposition and it was possibly even douchier than Justin Bieber’s earlier this year. We know Kanye thinks of himself as many of things: rapper, genius, father, and God, to name a few. But who knew he thought he was a certified attorney, too? Take a look at the quotes below and use your best judgement in choosing which ones were said by Kanye in his deposition. May the force be with you in deciding to take him seriously.

Quote: “When you look at me, you look at God.”

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