A Complete History Of Halle Berry Shout-Outs In Hip Hop Tracks



Halle Berry holds the title of every rapper’s fantasy woman, and she’s got the stats to back it up. With more than 20 songs that reference her unparalleled beauty, the Oscar-winning actress is definitely among the most name dropped person in hip hop history. In honor of her 48th birthday, we’re celebrating by collecting the best songs that feature a shout-out to rap’s perennial It Girl. Brace yourself -it’s a long list.

“Elevators (You & Me)” by Outkast (1996)

The Line: “Smoking them white golds before them blunts got krunk/Chunky asses passes getting thrown like Hail Mary’s and they looking like Halle Berry”


“It’s Mine” by Mobb Deep ft. Nas (1999)

The Line: “Halle Berry blew a kiss at the Barbara Streisand concert”


“Perfect Bitch” by Fredro Starr (2001)

The Line: Lips like Aaliyah, haircut like Nia/With a twist of Halle”

“Work It” by Missy Elliot (2002)

The Line: “Don’t I look like a Halle Berry poster?”


“Threat” by Jay Z (2003)

The Line: “But catch me down the Westside, driving like Halle Berry”


“Whack Rappers” by Afroman (2004)

The Line: “Missy Elliot thinks she looks like Halle Berry/That scary”

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