Butts, Boobs, Interruptions + Drag: Crazy VMA Moments That You May Have Forgotten About

by (@TaylorFerber)

Forgotten Moment: Fiona Apple reminds us that “The world is bullsh-t” (1997)

Fiona Apple’s out-of-it but endearing speech taught us that “The world is bullsh-t” and she felt “it’s just stupid that I’m in this world.” Nicely put. Dark or delusional? Either way it was kind of awesome. We miss the days when celebrities said whatever the f-ck they wanted.

Overshadowed by: P. Diddy, Faith Evans, 112 and Sting’s performance of “I’ll Be Missing You”

In a dedication to Notorious B.I.G., who had recently passed, P. Diddy, Biggie’s widow Fath Evans and 122 were joined by a surprise appearance by Sting to perform “I’ll Be Missing You.” The moment was definitely beautiful, and we’re still reminded of it when we hear the song. Needless to say, talk of Fiona’s random rant was short lived.


Forgotten Moment: Madonna receives a tribute with men in drag wearing her iconic looks (1999)

Men in drag strutted their stuff on the VMA runway in cone bras and wedding dresses to channel Madonna’s iconic looks. Is there anything better than that?

Overshadowed by: Dianna Ross playing with Lil Kim’s boob

We don’t really think this moment needs an explanation, as Diana Ross’ boob flick to Lil Kim will live on in our memories forever and ever. Lil Kim did have a boob free floating, and since she was at the VMA, she couldn’t really expect anyone not to touch it. After 15 years, we still can’t believe that actually happened.

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