Butts, Boobs, Interruptions + Drag: Crazy VMA Moments That You May Have Forgotten About

by (@TaylorFerber)

Forgotten Moment: Lady Gaga channels her alto ego Jo Calderone (2011)

She dressed, acted and talked like a dude, and before we really knew where she was going with her alter ago Jo, we just sat and wondered, WTF is going on? The best was watching other celebrities (who didn’t know WTF was going on either) awkwardly interact with her.

Overshadowed By: Beyonce announcing her pregnancy 

Then, at the end of her “Love On Top” performance, Beyonce shocked us by showing her growing baby bump, making sure Blue Ivy was already famous -even as a fetus.


Forgotten Moments: Lady Gaga performs “Applause” and NSYNC reunites (2013)

After being off the radar for a hot minute, everyone anxiously awaited the return of Lady Gaga, her theatrical antics, multiple wigs and bare butt in nothing but a thong. Shortly after though, she was outshined by a foam hand.

And the glory of a much anticipated NSYNC reunion, causing twenty-something girls all over the nation to scream and cry a little bit.

Overshadowed By: Miley’s twerking and foam hand

Poor Gaga and NSYNC. How could they anticipate the teddy bears, flesh toned under garments, foam finger and awkward twerking between Miley Cyrus and what looked like escaped felon Robin Thicke? This moment did nothing less than take over the universe.

[Photo Credit: MTV]


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