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Nelly For President! The M.O. Rapper Says No Taxes Until Government Shutdown Is Over


As we enter day seven of the partial government shutdown, rapper Nelly has some advice for our U.S. officials, “Y’all keep bangin’.” Yup, the Mike and Ike peacemaker is now saying “IDGAF” to the government and hopes the debt ceiling standoff between President Obama and Congress leads to vacant seats so Nelly can run for office himself. Welcome to Nellyville, ya’ll! Read more…

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Twerk Off! Does Rihanna Or Nicki Minaj Make It Clap The Best In A Chair? [VOTE]


Everyone’s talking about Rihanna‘s new music video for “Pour It Up.” Mainly the chatter is about RiRi and all the half-naked strippers sliding up and down the pole. But when we saw Rihanna straddling a throne amidst a throng of glittering strippers, we couldn’t help but be reminded of Nicki Minaj dropping it like it’s hot in a chair of her own in Nelly’s “Get Like Me” video. So we had to ask, who’s p-poppin’ reigns supreme? Don’t make your decision lightly. Check out the two clips and let these gifs be your guide: Read more…

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Miley Cyrus Promises ‘Insane’ MTV Documentary The Movement For October

First she nearly twerked out of her flesh-tone S&M undies at the MTV VMAs. Then the artist formerly known as Hannah Montana let Terry Richardson shoot her naked riding a demolition ball for her latest music video (sorry, Annie, you were just ahead of your time). Now, haters be damned, Miley Cyrus is attempting to get even more intimate with fans (and fanemies) in the hour-long documentary Miley: The Movement. Read more…

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Music Milestones: R. Kelly Demanded Everyone ‘Sex Me’ 20 Years Ago Today


Twenty years ago today on August 6, R. Kelly gave the world a new subtle way to tell booty calls everywhere you want to do it with his release “Sex Me” (parts I and II, thank you) – the first single from his debut solo album 12 Play. Fact: no one has come close to recreating such a soulful, and provocative, ode to intimacy in the last two decades. Read more…

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Jessie Ware, Hanson + More Crank Out Singles In 60 Seconds With Stop/Watch


Yeah, yeah, the Fourth of July is about celebrating our nation’s declared independence from a life of Wills and Kate baby bump watching (wait we still do that). But for VH1, MTV and CMT it will be less about flags and BBQ and all about the debut of our sick new franchise Stop/Watch during our first ever “Music Independence Day” today.

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Serena Ryder Shows Off Her British, Pirate + President Obama Impersonations


Will the real Serena Ryder please stand up? We thought we knew everything You Oughta Know about our June artist of the month, but the “Stompa” songbird still has some tricks up her sleeve. And after the Juno-winning, singer-songwriter showed off a hidden talent, we’re not even entirely sure that Serena’s Canadian.

Turns out Serena is a bit of a mimic and often has fun impersonating friends and celebs alike. SNL cameo, anyone? So we tested her skills in a pressure challenge that Ryder accepted full on. From Jamaican to Pirate (aye, why not), Serena dropped little known facts about herself in a range of accents with hilarious results. She even added a new one to her repertoire. Holler at your girl if you need a voice dub, POTUS!

Check them all out in the clip above and don’t forget to return for more exclusive interviews, photos and performances from Serena Ryder during her last week as June’s You Oughta Know star.

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Serena Ryder Breaks Down Her Album Harmony Track By Track

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Style Seen: Kelly Rowland Has A Haute Fashion Game


Want to walk a mile in Kelly Rowland‘s strappy heeled sandals? Until our favorite style icon, singer, actress and “X Factor” judge adds fashion designer to her resume (which could happen soon according to her Rolling Stone interview and her TW Steel watch collaboration), you’ll have to settle for us detailing every piece of her casual and flirty ensemble from our shoot.

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