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You Oughta Know Artist Gin Wigmore Kicks Up Grit, Excitement And Gravel & Wine In U.S.


From chin up, Gin Wigmore looks like a sexy pop siren with her bleach blonde hair and bright baby blues usually made to pop by smoldering dark makeup. A glance down at the impulsively begat tattoos colorfully adorning her arms in a near-sleeve capacity and you could take Gin for a sexy punk rocker. But one listen to any number of tracks off her album Gravel & Wine and all of the notions of her music style and who she is go out the window (well, she’s still sexy). Read more…

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Friday Face-Off: One Direction Vs. Backstreet Boys

The Wanted’s new single “Walks Like Rihanna,” with its questionable lyrics (no talent = no problem as long as you’re sexy), got us thinking about other “love songs” we’re not sure whether to swoon over or take as an insult. Vote to tell us if One Direction‘s “Little Things” or Backstreet Boys‘ “As Long As You Love Me” throws the most unintentional lyrical shade while we try to figure out if we should be flattered by reminding R. Kelly of his jeep. Read more…

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Joe King Offers Do’s And Don’ts Of Getting A Woman By Friday

Joe King knows a little something about keeping the ladies interested. Sure, he has a multi-platinum selling band under his belt and a solo EP Breaking which drops today, but the “Need A Woman By Friday” singer has a few tried-by-error methods to help get you a date by Friday night without all that (hint: listen to your mama). Read more…

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Are Joe King’s Kids And Cereal Behind The Fray’s Biggest Hits?

Joe King‘s solo EP Breaking drops next Tuesday, but his 7-year-old daughter’s front teeth coming in trumps all of that. The proud papa of two opened up about his home life, how one of his girls wound up on President Obama’s radar and why a bowl of Rice Krispies® in his household can mean the difference between a single that pops or flops. Read more…

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Joe King Beat Dave Matthews, Gets Intimidated Fighting Mike Tyson

Back in the day Joe King used to be Denver’s answer to David Beckham. “Once I joined a band, I quickly learned that attention from the ladies on stage is much better than playing [soccer], so I quit,” he admitted. But the “Need A Woman By Friday” singer still has enough AstroTurf and competitive spirit to go toe-to-to with Mike Tyson and Dave Matthews from time to time. Read more…

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5 Fine Wines That Remind Us Of Nicki Minaj, Adele, Beyonce, NKOTB And Kelly Rowland


We were lucky enough to spend the weekend at the Napa Valley, CA festival Live In The Vineyard. Of course it wouldn’t be a festival, or Napa, if we didn’t try a little wine while rocking out to acts like Goo Goo Dolls, Tegan and Sara and New Kids On The Block. We didn’t bring back any to share with everyone, but here are five fine wines we tasted that reminded us of artists who also regularly intoxicate us. Read more…

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Music Seen: 3 Days Of Music + Food + Fun At Live In The Vineyard (PHOTOS)


Nothing pairs better with wine than music in our opinion – well, a little food to stuff our face holes doesn’t hurt either. Live In The Vineyard had the best of all three last weekend in Napa, CA. New Kids On The Block popped their acoustic show cherry, Jim Shearer plotted to “kidnap” Tegan & Sara and newcomer Ginny Blackmore sang a beautiful cover of Rihanna’s “Stay” in a cave. Read more…

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CONCERT REVIEW: New Kids On The Block Win Us Over With Wine At First Live Acoustic Set


“Here’s your tagline, we’re drunk!” New Kids On The Block‘s Joey McIntyre ad-libbed toward the end of the group’s classic “Hangin’ Tough.” Why? Because amazing things happened when NKOTB performed their first ever acoustic set at Live In The Vineyard last weekend.

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