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My Dad Is Cooler Than Yours: 10 Unlikely But Awesome Heavy Metal Fathers

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Father’s Day. A time to celebrate the man who drove you to little league, taught you about life, cheered you up when you were feeling down. But what if your dad was on the road 80% of your young life, snorting lines of ants and partying with groupies and throwing TVs out of hotel windows? Well that doesn’t make him a bad person, or a bad father – does it? Sure, “normal” dads may have had more quantity time with their kids, but a lot of heavy metal dads had just as strong a bond with their young ‘uns (albeit in a different way) and made sure to give them everything they need to grow into decent, responsible adults. We think. And though the offspring of heavy metal legends might not be thanking their dads with a Hallmark card and a polo shirt for his big day, there’s no reason they shouldn’t celebrate them and show them how much they mean. From Ozzy to Lemmy to Tom Araya and Eddie Van Halen, these guys have all found the rock star/doting father balance. Here’s 10 Unlikely, but no less great, Metal Dads – just in time for Father’s Day.


Strength In Numbers: 14 Classic Rock Bands With More Than One Lead Singer

Typically in a rock band, there is one lead singer. Sure there may be other band members adding background vocals and harmonies to fill out the sound, but those other members usually have a primary role other than singing. Of course, this is not a steadfast rule by any means. In fact, in the classic rock era the multiple-lead-singer setup was quite prevalent. And some of the greatest bands of all time have had more than one lead vocalist, where each singer is identifiable as a trademark of the band’s sound. Read more…


From Crabcore To Pornogrind: Metal’s 10 Most Ridiculous Subgenres

Since arriving in the form of Black Sabbath in the late 60s, the heavy metal genre has spawned some absolutely legendary bands, songs and sounds. But let’s be honest, sometimes the lengths some bands go to can get pretty ridiculous. The costumes, the hair, the stage shows, the overall Spinal Tap-ness. And while all those things are excusable and truthfully part of what make the genre awesome, there’s no excuse for some of the silly names that are attached to the various hybrids and stylistic mutations within metal itself A.K.A. THE SUBGENRE. Read more…


Classical Rock: Who Are The 12 Greatest Prog Bands Of All Time?

Epic song lengths. Complex instrumentals. Odd time signatures. Concept albums with bizarre song titles and lyrics. Sure, these are staples of most, if not all, progressive bands, but some just do it a little better than others. We’re here to celebrate the bands that do it the best – the ones who define the genre and have had an impact both commercially and critically with some of the best albums and compositions of all time. Read more…


10 Awesome Rock Docs You Might Have Missed

After interviewing Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo about the forthcoming release of Jaco: The Film, a documentary about legendary jazz bassist Jaco Pastorius he’s producing, it got us thinking about the music documentary in general. There have certainly been some well-known and acclaimed music documentaries produced throughout the years; The Last Waltz, Madonna: Truth or Dare and Metallica: Some Kind of Monster all come to mind. And while all these films are great in their own right – they all focus on mainstream, popular artists with huge followings. What about all the other fascinating documentaries surrounding some of music’s lesser-known but no less important artists? Read more…