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VH1 EXCLUSIVE: Jason Derulo Has Some Advice For Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez

The biggest pop news of the last few weeks has been the rumored split — and possible reuniting? — of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. Young love is tough and love in the spotlight tougher, so we figured we would take the opportunity of the American Music Awards red carpet to solicit advice for the young and struggling and oh-so-famous couple from some of music’s hottest stars. First up? Auto-tune casanova Jason Derulo. Mmm whatcha say, Jason?

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Jay-Z Went Truffle Hunting In Italy Last Weekend

Jay-Z, making the white truffle more famous after one visit than the white truffle industry themselves can. Italian newspaper La Stampa boasts a curious report today about Jay, who apparently spent his weekend in the mountains of Northern Italy where he enjoyed egg and spinach ravioli, $10,250 worth of the local blend of wine and $15,400 worth of white truffles with his friends. So awed by all the local flavor, the boy from Brooklyn then suited up and went out in search of a truffle of his own, according to NME:

“Jay-Z even ventured into the woods with a local farmer and his dogs to search out the prized truffle.”

As they should, truffle retailers in the region have taken Jay’s visit as an opportunity to sing of their precious fungi’s praise and to speculate about the possibility of a Hov Bump, the likes of which Cristal champagne and middling New York basketball teams teams have enjoyed. According to The Guardian, “Big spenders on white truffles currently include Chinese millionaires and Gulf sheikhs,” but perhaps the Nathans Hot Dog stand at Jay’s brand new Braclays Center might make use for them?

Jay-Z gives Italian truffle farmers reason to celebrate [NME]

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Got #777 Fever? Stream Rihanna’s Show Live From London Tonight!

Perhaps you’ve been following all the fun (and mutiny) the Rihanna plane has been enduring and feeling jealous? Tonight is your lucky night, because Jay-Z is hosting a live stream of Rihanna’s Day 6 show in London on his website Life+Times tonight at 5 PM ET. The stream may not come with Ace of Spades nor those coveted Rihanna socks, but it will allow you to enjoy the splendor that is Rihanna’s 777 Tour without all those transit hours and streakers. And, who knows — with all the eager eyes diverted temporarily from @VH1Music@RihannaPlane and #freetherihanna150 and with Unapologetic‘s release to celebrate, anything could happen! Tune here it at 5 PM ET.

Stream Rihanna’s Live Performance In London [PigeonsAndPlanes]

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Kelly Clarkson’s “Really Cheesy” Admittance: Her Biggest Accomplishment Has Been Finding Love

Forget that American Idol win, the records gone multiple times platinum and Greatest Hits — Chapter One collection, her duets with Reba McEntire and Vince Gill and music’s most esteemed; more than anything else her gargantuan voice has earned her, Kelly Clarkson admitted to us when we spoke with her in LA last week that she counts falling in love as her biggest accomplishment to date. “Prepare yourself,” she said, warning that things were about to get “really cheesy.” “My biggest accomplishment has nothing to do with my work, it’s finding love. I never thought it existed or was going to happen, I never thought I would be this happy,” she says. “The high from a Grammy does not compare, to even close, to how you feel when you’re in love. You float. I’m so cheesy. Sh*t.” All together now?


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Tuned In: Maroon 5 Return To SNL For “One More Night”

Old pros Maroon 5 returned to Saturday Night Live this weekend for their fourth turn as musical guests. Donning matching red outfits, they played their reggae inflected “One More Night.” The Overexposed single has enjoyed a long run at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 charts — the longest of the year, if you’ll believe it — and Adam Levine’s spirited performance lends new appeal into the song as it edges towards ubiquity. We have always thought Levine to be a little self-serious when it comes to his music, but he spent almost the entirety of his time on stage wiggling his hips and throwing his hands up in reverence to the highest notes, apparently still inspired by the song he’s been performing for almost six months now. Its nice to see him having fun, and — hey, it doesn’t hurt that red’s a nice color on him.

They returned later in the show in all gray uniforms to perform their new single, the more staid and moody “Daylight.”

Check it out below:

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Fiona Apple Digs In With “Dull Tool,” Her New Song For Judd Apatow’s This Is 40

Ah, a rare and special day that brings new Fiona Apple music! This year she has already treated us to a new record — which was followed by a somewhat tumultuous promotional run, replete with drug arrests and cross-legged ranting — and already she’s back again with another new song called “Dull Tool.” Written for Judd Apatow‘s Knocked Up spin-off This Is 40 — a film that will also feature songs from the likes of Paul Simon, Paul McCartney and Ryan Adams, all produced by Apple’s When The Pawn… collaborator Jon Brion — it is dense and fevered, like the tortured antidote to Idler Wheel‘s yearning “Hot Knife.”

Clearly, something — ahem, children? — has gone awry in this relationship, and leave it to Fiona to go ahead and tell it exactly as it is: “You don’t kiss when you kiss, you don’t f*** when you f***, you don’t say what you mean, you don’t talk loud enough,” she sings, evil and angry and awesome over hissing strings and racing percussion. And then she continues to explain that, quitely but no less searingly that: “You forgot the difference between equanimity and passivity, you forgot that you have to try.” The dull tool does indeed still cut.

Full tracklist below

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Bruno Mars Begs Favors From The “Moonshine” In New Unorthodox Jukebox Song

“Moonshine,” the latest song to leak off Bruno MarsUnorthodox Jukebox, which is out December 11th, comes complete with disco drums and a trendy, YOLO-style “We are not afraid to die young and live fast” interlude. And like he did with Sting for “Locked Out Of Heaven” and with doo-wop for “Young Girls,” “Moonshine” finds Mars grooving on the vibes of a musical god past: Michael Jackson.

“You’re the best way I know to escape the extraordinary,” Mars croons, before pivoting to seek a favor of the lunar gods: “Moonshine, you lovin’ makes me come alive/Take us to that special place/ That place we went last time.” Between this and Rihanna‘s “Diamonds,” ’tis the season for moonshine magic.

Bruno Mars — ‘Moonshine’ [Rap-Up]


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Watch MC Hammer And Psy Get Down “Gangnam Style” At The AMAs

As he has and will be called on to do at so many award shows this season, Psy closed out tonight’s American Music Awards show ceremony with his hit gone viral “Gangnam Style.” And as he has done for all performances prior, he made sure to keep things fresh with a last minute surprise  After the first round of giddy up-ing, the lights went dark and we were left to consider the possibilities — Britney’s gone Gangnam, as have Madonna and The Wanted. Psy’s “special guest” could really have been anyone but what happened was probably better than anything we could have imagined, because out stepped none less than MC Hammer. Together they performed a mash-up of Hammer’s 1991 smash hit “To Legit To Quit” and “Gangnam,” and the house — and Will.I.Am in particular — just lost it. There were a lot of performances tonight, and most of them were great, but this was something else all together. It perfect surprise to call it a night.

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Nicki Minaj Bundles Up And Performs “Freedom” For The First Time At The AMAs

All bundled up and looking mighty a white fur jacket and a pair of yeti boots, Nicki Minaj performed her new no-apologies given Re-Up track, “Freedom.” Having just picked up awards for Best Rap/Hip Hop album and Best Rap Hip Hop Artist, she put her all into rapping while mostly opting-out of singing the hook. But at the end, she was joined by a white-robbed choir and they more than managed to set the song soaring.

Nicki returned to the stage later in the evening to join Justin Bieber for “Beauty And The Beast.” And despite the week’s heart breaking news, she kept the “gotta keep an eye out for Selen-er line.”

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Watch Usher Show Off His Fitness At The AMAs

Like Kelly Clarkson did, Usher treated the American Music Awards to a medley, his compete with selections from his recent Looking 4 Myself. Being so nimble and athletic as he is, he studded the three performance with plenty of dance moves and he even took a turn on a treadmill. And none of this, nor his all leather everything outfit, kept him from hitting all the notes as he powered through “Numb,” “Climax” and “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop,” though. How’s that for fitness?