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Daddy-Lo Dishes On Lindsay’s Fave Drug

Michael Lohan, a recovering addict
who’s training to be a drug counselor, is blabbing that his baby girl
is trying to kick not just alcohol and blow, but OxyContin. Takes one
to know one, I guess. Hey, Daddy-Lo, didn’t you hear your kid’s
tear-filled jam "Confessions Of A Broken Heart"? She’s still mad about
that whole "screwed your family, got sent to jail" thing and wants you
to leave her alone! Unless, of course, you know where she could get
some of that prescription drug deliciousness. Then you should
definitely give her a call.

And Linds isn’t alone in her crisis. Famous pals have got her back. Find out who after the jump!

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Oops! I Upchucked Again

Brit2 Just one day after admitting she hit rock bottom, a vomit-covered Britney Spears had to be dragged out of the men’s bathroom at a Los Angeles hot spot. The rehabbed young mother apparently apologized by saying, "I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Things aren’t going well for me at the moment."

It’s doubtful that Britney meant for her "comeback" to include stumbling around dripping in her own puke. So I gotta ask: is her sobriety back on the skids or did the pop princess eat something toxic?


Modest Mouse Debut At Number One


Modest Mouse‘s latest is the third entry in ’07’s indie rock hat trick. We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank debuted at number one, selling 129,000 records in the first week. The band joined their indie brethren the Shins (whose lead singer James Mercer appears on We Were Dead…) and the Arcade Fire, who also debuted albums in one of the top two slots on the Billboard charts.

Hopefully, the record breaking sales will help to cheer frontman Isaac Brock up.


Tour Survival Guide: The Feeling


Now and then our Tour Survival Guide will check in with rockers about life on the road. Here?s Dan Gillespie Sells from the Feeling talking legos, warm-ups and a little something called ?Gig-Ade.?

The Magic Gig Elixir
It’s really hard to do a gig without single-malt scotch whiskey. [Guitarist] Kevin [Jeremiah] has a gig cocktail — four espresso coffees, in a big pint cup, with whiskey and honey. It helps him through the show. He calls that Gig-Ade. It’s good for the voice and it keeps you going.

No Legos, No Rawk
We always ask for Legos. By the time we finish the tour, we’ve got our own Lego village going on. I did a road sweeper once — it was the most complicated road sweeper ever. Once we got a helicopter — that was more Legos for older kids. It was a bit too complicated for us. Especially after too much whiskey.

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Tony Parker Picks Up Where Shaq Left Off

Parker_3You may know him from his valuable work as Eva Longoria’s arm candy, but San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker is adding yet another job title to his resume: rapper. The 24-year-old released his french-language album Tony Parker yesterday in France, breaking new ground in hip-hop by rhyming about his wealth, women, and famous friends. Parker also uses the same formula when it comes to his videos, which features cameos from his Spurs teammates and, of course, his fiance.

Should Parker quit his day job?


Sheryl Crow Slams American Idol

Crow Sheryl Crow lashed out at Fox’s American Idol, telling the April issue of Ladies Home Journal that she’s “sad [the American public] love it so much.” Crow, who was the first celebrity spokeswoman for Dell Computers and whose songs have been widely used in car and beauty product commercials, goes on to say “it undermines art in every way and promotes commercialism.” It seems a safe bet that Sheryl won’t be a guest judge anytime soon. And neither will Amy Lee. She thinks it’s “surreal” to see someone else sing one one her tunes, though she did say that Gina Glocksen’s recent romp through Evanescence’s “Sober” wasn’t too bad.

Gwen Stefani, however, will be. The creator of the HP Harajuku Lovers digital camera will be coaching the remaining contestants through their performances tomorrow night.

What songs do you think the final ten should perform?

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Modest Mouse Turns Danger Mouse

Brock In addition to songs from the newly-released We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank, Modest Mouse frontman Isaac Brock added a few, uh, cuts the audience didn’t expect to his band’s set on Sunday night. In a bizarre act of self-mutilation at a tour stop at the Ramkota Exhibit Hall show in South Dakota, Brock began hitting himself in the head with the microphone just before "Tiny Cities Made of Ashes," then retreated to his amp, retrieved a pocket knife and made two swift slashes across his chest, leaving his shirt torn and bloodied for the remainder of the show. He was restrained by a roadie, and an eyewitness account claims Brock amazingly, "didn’t miss a song and played through several more of the band’s tunes before breaking for an encore." It’s unclear, but the incident could have been a response to this.

What do you think about knives on stage?