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The Best (Fake) Songs Written For TV

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All week we’ve been celebrating the return of Fall TV with a look back on the best musical moments on television and songs that need to be retired. Now we are looking back on all the songs made up for a TV show. We’ve gathered up the best songs performed by your favorite characters. Everything from “Let’s Go To The Mall” (Robin Sparkles, How I Met Your Mother) to “Smelly Cat” (Phoebe, Friends) is on this list. Read more…

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10 Songs That Need To Be Retired From TV


On Monday, we rounded up the best overlooked musical moments on TV. Those moments were special due to the fact that those scenes utilized songs that are not featured on every TV show. The tracks used were a breath of fresh air compared to the songs on this list. We’ve heard “Breathe Me,” “How To Save A Life” and “Open Your Eyes” on everything from Grey’s Anatomy to The Sopranos. And now they need to be put to rest. Say goodbye to the ten songs that need to be retired from TV. Read more…

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A Naked Miley Cyrus Gets Sensual With Construction Equipment In “Wrecking Ball”

On Monday, Miley Cyrus debuted the brand new video for her ballad, “Wrecking Ball.” In the video directed by everyone’s favorite creepy uncle, Terry Richardson, Cyrus gets awfully sensual with some construction equipment. Like, really sensual. That infamous tongue of hers makes its way back out and onto a sledgehammer. Then there’s all the writhing and groping of the old ball and chain. Man, Liam Hemsworth must be jealous he’s not getting the same attention from his ex-girlfriend lover¬†Robin Thicke humper fianc√© or whatever those two are these days. Read more…

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10 Best Overlooked Musical Moments On Television


There have been a number of fantastic moments on TV when a song marries the scene perfectly. For instance, “Hallelujah” in both The West Wing and The O.C. or Sia’s “Breathe Me” at the end of Six Feet Under. But those shows and others have provided us with so many great moments that there are tons that are overlooked. Do you remember how fresh “Take Five” sounded during a rare bright moment in season six of The West Wing? Or how hilariously bitchy Thanksgiving was in Gossip Girl season three? These are the best overlooked musical moments in the past ten years of television. Read more…

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2013 Summer Music By The Numbers

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Last week, VH1 recapped the Summer 2013 but the music team wanted to take one more look back at what happened over the past few months. We discovered 13 numbers everyone needs to know: 0, 1, 6, 56, well we aren’t going to spoil them all. Just know they have to do with twerking, getting lucky, blurring lines and impressing ‘Picasso, baby.’

Also check out music’s biggest comebacks, voters’ pick for song of the summer and who is having the best summer ever.

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The Winner Of The 2013 Battle Of The Summer Jams Is…

All summer you voted on your favorite jams of the summer as two songs were put up against each other in a head to head battle. Acts like Robin Thicke and Selena Gomez didn’t have the stamina to make it past the first round. While others, like Mariah Carey and P!nk, proved they had staying power. Over the weekend, the 11 winners fought it out in a melee of hooks and beats to determine which song was the ultimate song of the summer. The votes are in and the readers’ 2013 song of the summer is… Read more…

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Battle Of The Summer Jams: Vote For The Song Of Summer

End of summer is here and so is the final round of the Battle Of The Summer Jams. Each week you voted on songs that you thought best represented your summer and now it’s time to determine which song will reign supreme. Many artists put up a good fight but didn’t have the juice to make it to the finals. That’s right, Robin Thicke, Bruno Mars and Selena Gomez are all licking their wounds as Miley Cyrus goes up against Imagine Dragons, Daft Punk and Mariah Carey among others. Read more…

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The Biggest Comebacks Of The Summer


Something unexpected happened this summer: Instead of buzzing about new artists, most of the attention was focused on established acts returning to the spotlight. Daft Punk kicked off a summer of nostalgia that included the original line up of Backstreet Boys, Ciara charting again, disco making a comeback and Nile Rodgers. Nile Rodgers, man! The first half of 2013 proved to be ripe for comebacks and these are our favorites from the past few months.

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Battle Of The Summer Jams: Redemption Round


All summer long, we’ve been asking you to vote on your favorite tunes. Now we are into our final week of August and it’s time to determine who had the best jam of the summer. But first, we should let the losers get one last chance to redeem themselves. And trust us, there’s quite a few that may deserve a second chance. Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Bruno Mars and Robin Thicke all lost their battles. So now it’s time to dig deep and vote on one artist that deserves another shot at song of the summer. Read more…