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Kanye vs Kevlar King: Fiddy Got a Future?

Kanye West & 5o CentChances are good we’ll be seeing 50 Cent in a group situation from now on. Today begins the retail race between the Kevlar kingpin and his Soundscan nemesis, Kanye West. By now you know about the challenge. Fiddy says he’ll retire from being a solo artist if West’s Graduation outsells Mr. Cent’s Curtis in the next seven days. Whose fans are willing to pony up? Which CD is more fun to listen to? We smell rap’s second biggest money-maker looking at a future of passing the mic if he lives up to his promise. Weigh in below.

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Kranky Kanye Says He and MTV Are Kaput

Kanye WestSomewhere between Brit doing those thorazine twirls and her old beau Justin Timberlake moonwalking to close the show, it dawned on Kanye West that he wasn’t part of the VMAs main-stage action. Yep, it’s cool up in the Hugh Hefner Sky Villa, but it ain’t the main stage, y’all. Only one thing to do. Let it be known that he and MTV are parting ways. This, after telling a pre-show gaggle on onlookers that he, not Spears, should have opened the spectacle. (He’s definitely right about that.)

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Biz Beat-Boxes for Kids

Biz Markie!Few hip-hop artists do the human beat-box thing as well as Biz Markie. So consider it a boon for edutainment that the crazed old school MC was one of the artists who helped kick-off the new preschoolers show Yo Gabba Gabba! The Nick Jr. program has a decidedly hip slant. The Shins, Elijah Wood, Tony Hawk, Sean Kingston, and Rahzel all crop up on the first few episodes. Have a look at the Biz in action below, and take some time out of your day to enjoy his “Just a Friend” video over here.

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Lohan’s Ta-Tas: “A Really Big Hit”

Lindsay Lohan

When in doubt, go with the sexy photo spread, right? Maxim is about to drop a new issue that features some kootchie-koo shots of Lindsay “The Black Kid Was Driving” Lohan. Somewhere in between taking the pictures, the mag’s journalists found time to get some quotes, and yes, the juiciest of ‘em is now out there making the rounds on the InterWeb.

Which part of your body garners the most attention?
My breasts have been a really big hit?

We’re wondering if that’s a leftover quote from some old Jessica Simpson chat, but I guess we’ll find out what comes after the ellipses when the mag streets next Tuesday.

One thing’s certain. Old Firecrotch looks better in that white thingee than she did on her darkest day.

Think there’s any chance Lohan will still be looking sexy after her stint in dry-out camp?

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Van Halen Tour: Go Ahead and Jump

Van Halen Reunion Tour

Gas, brake, gas, brake, gas. After hitting some snags in the late spring, the principals of a little band known as Van Halen have finally figured out a time when they can all be together on stage. Their keenly anticipated tour has officially been announced, and the guys, David Lee Roth, Eddie Van Halen, Alex Van Halen and Eddie’s son Wolfgang Van Halen (filling in for uninvited original bassist Michael Anthony), will be bouncing around the country starting in September. “Hello, CLEVELAND!”

Check out the list of dates after the jump. But, actually, maybe you should get reacquainted with the dudes beforehand. Videos are right this way. And if you feel like taking a quiz on old Diamond Dave, have a go at it.

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KISS Goes Down (Under) This Weekend

KISSPaul Stanley has suffered some health scares, Ace Frehley has a lifetime-supply of donuts, Peter Criss is making sure all those cat fans are happy, and and Gene is constantly on display. But almost 30 years ago the guys brought their love guns down to Australia, and they were rocking the planet in a way few bands did. The new DVD, KISSology II: Live in Sydney is in the racks next Tuesday, but you can get a big blast of it on VH1 Classic this weekend. What? You threw your TV out the window? Here you go, we can hook you up. Don’t miss “Firehouse” and “Is That You?” – they’re the exclusive performances that you’ll only catch online. And remember, if you ever get tired of rock ‘n’ rolling all night, you can always party every day. What’s your favorite tune by the boys?

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Patton Oswalt: Religious Flav Of Love?

Flavor Flav

Stopped on the red carpet for Sunday night’s Roast of Flavor Flav on Comedy Central, professional wiseacre and rat-voice star Patton Oswalt wondered what would happen if the Catholic church got all hooked-up in a reality show.

Our coverage of the event gave you a taste of what to expect, but if your life is built around curse-riddled zingers, you’ll want to spend a few seconds with the show’s trailer. Hey, Brigitte Nielsen’s not really a man, is she?

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SuperBad Is Full Of Superfunk

superbad2.jpgOperating under the somewhat logical premise that “funk will get you laid,” Seth Rogan‘s story for the upcoming Superbad is teeming with some deep-ass grooves. Funk kingpins Bootsy Collins and Clyde Stubblefield connect with some of their old pals from James Brown‘s band to create the movie’s dirty-minded mood. Here’s a glimpse at what went down the in studio. Jump back and kiss your bad self if you start to feel it. You going to see this movie?

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John Mayer’s Box of Chocolates

John Mayer

If the Darth Vader remix of “Chocolate Rain” didn’t take it to the level you like, Mr John Mayer and Mr. Sharrod Small have an update. The guys bust the quacky InterWeb hit out of Tay Zonday‘s basso profundo register and put a little falsetto on it. Good clean fun. Though we’re still not sure that we forgive Mayer for his equestrian romancing (scroll down past Alicia).


The Score Heats Up: A Swirl of Styles

score_logo2.jpgLots of imagination is going into submissions for The Score, our contest to find a track that will become the theme music for this year’s Hip Hop Honors show. Like we figured, there are plenty of beatmeisters out there with cool ideas. Turns out that it’s all about variety.

ARS631, a dude from Queens, NY, has got the evil church organ thingee in “Shut Up.

Danny from Savannah, GA is going dreamy on “What Now.”

Rendaheatmonsta, a NoCal knob-twirler, kicks it electro stylee with “House of Rave.”

DJSAT gets his symphony on with the string-centric vibe of “Classical Beat.”

HeavyComponent (“Brooklyn all day every day”) goes for ominous street stuff on his “Gangsta and Simple.”

Have you been drilling down through the entries? What other producers have got you nodding? What other producers have dropped some odd sounds? Which submissions should we all be listening to?