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Nicole Scherzinger’s Favorite Vacation Spot Is…

Celebs stop by and we pepper ‘em with queries about the fun parts of life – that’s the essence of our new “5 Questions” series. Do you text or phone? Where’s the weirdest place you’ve had sex? What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? All the important stuff, right?

Of course we needed a superstar to kick off our franchise, and – voila! – the leader of the Pussycat Dolls walked through the door and happily became our first victim. Thanks, Nicole.

The ladies are on currently on tour with Britney Spears, and they’ve just released the a video for their “Jai Ho (You Are My Destiny).” We’re actually giving away tickets to the Circus tour’s L.A. and Vegas shows. Make sure you enter our sweepstakes.

But in the meantime, see what Ms. Scherzinger thinks about five different subjects. Among other things, she discusses America’s sexiest sport hero, and the most most hilarious movie ever made.


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Behind The Music Will Return This Summer

Which episode is your favorite? Motley Crue? David Crosby? Biggie?

Most Behind the Music afficionados have their go-to shows, tales that clock the glories and pitfalls of a particular music act. The famed VH1 franchise hasn’t been that active in the last few years, but there’s good news for BTM freaks: VH1 is re-launching the Emmy-nominated and critically acclaimed series this summer. From the press release:

After more than 200 episodes, Behind the Music is now focusing on some of our favorite artists of today. From rock to hip-hop to pop, these innovative artists we are profiling are sure to captivate a whole new generation of viewers. In addition to the dramatic storytelling that made Behind The Music a worldwide hit, the reimagined version of the series will celebrate them as artists and will also feature originally shot verite footage of each artist, which will anchor each story in the present day.

New episodes will begin airing this summer and continue into the fall. Two confirmed episodes will be portraits of Lil Wayne and Scott Weiland. More information will follow.

Leave comments: which music acts would you like to see portrayed in new epsisodes of Behind the Music?


Stanky Legg: Dance Craze or Medical Condition?

The GS Boyz? hit ?The Stanky Legg? has sparked a YouTube sensation in recent weeks. With the Southern rappers’ video reaching number one on BET?s 106 & Park, and the guys sealing a record deal with the Jive label, their new dance is a smash.

Since posting their homemade video of the song, the Dallas-based group’s crazy moves have been viewed millions of times and continue to grow in popularity; fans routinely post their own performance clips of the now infamous dance.

But for those of us still learning how to lean wit it, snap our fingers and do our steps, the Stanky Legg phenomenon remains a slight mystery – even though we have mastered the chicken noodle soup.

How many variations are there? Make the jump and check this list of videos we?ve put together. Lots of people showing off their Stanky skills. Better learn it for yourself – it’s already arrived at a club near you, no doubt.? – Ben Hosley

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U2 Explain Their “Boots” Song Title, New CD

U2‘s new No Line on the Horizon has been getting mucho praise, and lots of it is for the punch of its lead track, “Get On Your Boots.” VH1 News caught up with the Irish superstars while they were in New York doing secret shows in the Bronx and a week’s worth of Letterman dates. During their chat, Bono and the guys explained where the phrase “get on your boots” came from.

Make the jump if you want to see Mr Bono make sexy eyes at our interviewer, and watch The Edge explain how it felt to be part of the Obama inauguration on the jam-packed Washington mall. There’s also a behind-the-scenes clip of the band putting “Boots” together.

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Win Tickets To Britney Spears & Pussycat Dolls Shows

Everyone knows the biggest tour on the road right now is a one-two punch that features Britney Spears and the Pussycat Dolls. Without question, fans are wild to see their blond hero in action again. The fact that the Dolls are kicking off the shows only makes it that much more momentous.

We don?t want you to miss the spectacle, so we?re giving away a pair of tickets for two shows, one in Los Angeles (4/16 at the Staples Center) and one in Las Vegas (4/25 at the MGM Grand). To be in the running, all you have to do is watch the two videos in this post, and answer the questions we ask you. When your response hits the comment field, you?re automatically part of a random drawing for a pair of tickets for one of the concerts. Be sure to tell us which of the two shows you’d like to attend, L.A or Vegas.

The videos will change every few days to keep the answers fresh. You can enter once a day with new comments. Check clips from each act, Britney?s ?Womanizer? and the Dolls’ “Sway.? Have fun!

The Questions:

Brit’s hair is three different colors in this video. Which does she look? better as, a blonde, brunette, or redhead?

The Dolls song was used in the movie “Shall We Dance.”? What’s your favorite soundtrack song or video?

Watch Pussycat Dolls videos.

Watch Britney Spears music videos and interviews.

Get Circus Tour Dates.

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Ray J’s New Music Video, “Sexy Ladies”

For the Love of Ray J premieres another new episode tonight. You can watch a sneak peek right here. But our main man also has a new video out. We’d thought you’d want check out “Sexy Ladies.”And speaking of that subject, Ray J swung by to answer lots of viewer questions, including those regarding sexy ladies, a couple of weeks ago. Watch his fun video responses right here.


VH1 Profiles Woodstock’s 40th Anniversary

We’ve examined the impact of the sexual revolution, and turned it up to 11 with an investigation into heavy metal. We’ve also checked out the toll taken by The Drug Years. VH1’s Rock Doc series burrows into pop culture subjects and creates fun, insightful portraits. Up next? Our take on the women of L.A.’s infamous Sunset Strip (the premiere is April 4). And we’re also turning the cameras towards Woodstock; the iconic rock festival celebrates its 40th anniversary this August.

“Now, 40 years after that historic moment, VH1 Rock Docs and History have joined forces for a unique television collaboration:? the definitive two-hour documentary, ?Woodstock: 40 Years Later? (working title), which will premiere this August on VH1, History and VH1 Classic.? Directed by two-time Academy Award winning filmmaker Barbara Kopple and Executive Produced by Michael Lang, the original festival organizer, the film examines Woodstock from the perspectives of not only the musicians who graced the stage, but the fans who gathered in mass, the concert promoters who risked everything and countless others whose unique experiences help paint a tapestry of Woodstock that hasn?t been seen in recent years”

If you’ve got video footage or great first-hand stories about the concert, we want to speak with you. Contact the producers.

More about the show after the jump.

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K’Naan: Somali MC Rocks Politics & Fun

K?naan?s full name is Keinan Warsame, and the first part of that moniker means ?traveler.? Well chosen, because the Mogadishu-born MC has bounced around a bit. He grew up in Somalia, moved to Harlem, spread his artistic wings in Toronto, and is now on the road supporting his very impressive second disc, Troubador.

He honed his flow as a kid, echoing the rap cassettes his dad would send across the Atlantic from NYC. It has paid off. On the new CD?s ?ABCs? he manages boast about his skills, stump for the education of kids, and give Chubb Rock plenty of elbow room. Troubador has silly rhymes, thoughtful rhymes, political rhymes, and funky rhymes. It gets lots of jobs done.

We asked K?naan, VH1 Soul’s latest You Oughta Know artist, a few off-the-cuff questions right after he and his group wailed through a performance on Jimmy Kimmel?s show in late February.

Name a great memory from childhood.
?There are a lot of them, but there was this one rainy day where about 50 kids from our neighborhood in Somalia went to a lake that used to fill up during rainstorms. It was beautiful to swim in. Kids from other neighborhoods were scared of kids from our neighborhood. When we reached the lake, the other kids cleared. We had the whole thing to ourselves. You could jump from little cliffs. We stayed there ?til the evening.?

What are you, a morning or night person?
?Night. I like the silence, and I like knowing that everyone else is asleep ? like I?ve got one up on everyone. I stay up late, and usually go to bed when I?m exhausted from a show or some studio work – I collapse. I do my reading elsewhere; in bed, it?s like ?let?s just sleep.??

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Win Tickets to the Britney Spears & Pussycat Dolls Tour

The Pussycat Dolls have a new video for “Jai Ho (You Are My Destiny).” Britney Spears has a new video for “If U Seek Amy.” That’s good news, of course. But better still is the fact that both acts are touring the country right now, Brit’s first big string of shows in a long while.

Do you want to see this show? Thought so. Be here Monday March 16 to find out how you can win a pair of tickets to a pair of concerts. We’re giving away passes for the L.A. and Vegas dates. Participate in our sweepstakes and you may be sitting pretty. See you Monday for more details.

Above you can find a behind the scenes look into the Dolls making their latest video. “Jai Ho,” too, premieres on VH1 this Monday.

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Ask Ray J: Our Celebreality Star Answers Your Questions

You guys sent Ray J lots of questions, and he stopped by to answer ‘em. As fans of For the Love of Ray J know, our hero isn’t shy, so whether the query was about having someone cheat on him, squeezing it up with a big-boned lady, or the lyrics to his next CD, he gave ‘em his all. And he answered quite a few. During the next five weeks, we’re rolling out a string of responses. Be here for each new addition.

Head to Rhapsody to hear For The Love of Ray J (The Soundtrack). Fans of the show will definitely be interested in the title cut – it discusses all the ladies Ray surrounds himself with.

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