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Vote On One Hit Wonders From The 80s!

They came, they conquered, and they vanished. That’s how it is in pop sometimes. But one hit wonders have nothing to be ashamed of – just registering a single smash is a sizable career accomplishment.

The ’80s seemed to be a big decade for the old OHW phenomenon. Hip-hop was coming into its, synth bands were charting and disappearing – the charts were always in flux. From March 31- April 3 we’re counting down the 100 Greatest One Hit Wonders of the ’80s, and you guys still have time to weigh in on how the ranking is going to look. Maybe you’re a fan of the Vapors. Maybe you adore Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock‘s “It Takes Two.” Maybe you’ve never gotten over the narrative of ‘Til Tuesday’s “Voices Carry” (watch it above).



Free Radio: Lance Takes On Dr. Drew

Sober House airs its finale tonight (get a sneak right here). But it looks like Dr. Drew isn’t the biggest fan of Lance, the self-proclaimed “Moron in the Morning,” from VH1’s Free Radio. Check the clip above to get a taste of our comedy. It’s second season premieres on Thursday, April 2.

Our improvised comedy reveals the cluckish side of “celebrity, mediocrity, and talk radio,” pulling back the curtain on the dynamics of the studio, and revealing a “glorious train wreck of botched celebrity interviews, on-air tantrums and generally lovable buffoonery.”

Watch a full episode of Free Radio from last season, with Lance working with an office temp.


100 Greatest Hits of the 80s Airs Tonight

You never need much of an excuse to take a sec and bask in the glory of Michael Jackson‘s “Billie Jean.” Remember, he wasn’t always off his rocker. We’re just posting the video to remind that The 100 Greatest Songs of the 80s is taking over the VH1 airwaves this afternoon and evening. The list stretches from Bon Jovi to Wham! to the B-52s to Madonna herself. Yep, they’ve also got lots of pundits cracking wise about the era and its music. The show goes from 5 pm – 10 pm ET.

Watch a playlist of the 100 Greatest Songs of the ’80s


John Mayer & Common Help Save The Music

All year long Save the Music is on case, putting music back in the public schools, where budget cuts have ravaged the arts. They’re doing the work of heroes, as are those who throw in with STM’s efforts, like a guy by the name of John Mayer. Each year the singer packs up a bunch of pals and goes on an nautical adventure called the MayerCraft Cruise. Before they leave port this time around, they’re having themselves a big bash that will fuel some of Save The Music’s 2009 initiatives.

The “One Splendid Evening” concert features Gavin Rossdale, O.A.R, Sara Bareilles, Guster, Erin McCarley, and DJ Logic. It’s being held on March 26, on the Carnival Splendor, docked at the Port of San Pedro in Los Angeles. Tickets are available at Save The Music.


More Save The Music fundraising is taking place in Chicago and Los Angeles. Common and Biz Markie are connecting to celebrate the power of technology at the Musicology 101 event, which “celebrate human potential” and showcases the Windows Experience Lounge.? For ticket info head to the Hard Rock Cafe Web site.

Monday, March 16 – Hard Rock Cafe Citywalk, Hollywood, California? (8 pm – 12 am)

Monday, April 6 – Hard Rock Cafe, Chicago? (8 pm – 12 am)


Listen to Ray J’s New Soundtrack CD

He calls him self a “sexual gorilla”? and explains the erotic particulars of a “human banana split” – on his new record, Ray J reminds us that he’s not only a VIP and celebreality star, he’s also a red-blooded dude with an eye for the ladies.

For The Love of Ray J (The Soundtrack) boasts that famous Ray J hush, a vocal style that makes it seem like he’s whispering in your ear. A handful of pals help out on various tracks: Warren G, Shorty Mack, Slim Thug, and Sheek Louch all show up for a bit.

“Sex in the Rain” and “Dirty Samantha” are items of interest. But those who are glued to VH1 on Monday nights are going to have to hear what the CD’s title cut says about each of the women on his hit show – yes, including Danger. Get the entire track listing and an X-Rated Ray J photo gallery after the jump.

Download For The Love of Ray J (Soundtrack) now, exclusively on Rhapsody.

Watch Ray J answer fan questions about romance and fame

Watch the latest full episode of For the Love of Ray J.

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The Anvil Movie: Get Dates & Tickets

Rock and film circles have been buzzing about Anvil! The Story of Anvil ever since the movie premiered at Sundance. The ’80s hard rock outfit is perpetually cited as crucial forerunners to modern metal superheroes (check the enthusiasm from Lars Ulrich and Lemmy Kilmister in the clip above), and with the arrival of this new film portrait, the band’s stock is on the rise again. So we’re happy announce a handful of special advance dates where the movie will be screened and the guys will play. Make the jump to see where the guys will be.

Get Anvil info on VH1

Get ticket info for the movie and performance tour.

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Styx & REO Speedwagon Connect For Summer Tour

Want to talk commitment? Want to talk dedication? Lots of bands can tour together, but only two make a point to connect with each other to write a song for the occasion. Styx and REO Speedwagon are criss-crossing the country this summer; the tour dates were recently announced this week. When they take the stage, they’ll be playing a new tune written by Kevin Cronin and Tommy Shaw, “Can’t Stop Rockin’.” The guys recently recorded it, and it will be available for download soon.

The shows are presented by VH1 Classic and Rock Band. Perhaps the best part about ‘em is their cost. The tickets are being priced in a fan-friendly way, which the guys are deeming a “rock ‘n’ roll stimulus package.” Prices in some markets are as low as $13.50. “Both bands have always tried to keep our ticket prices low so that none of our fans get left out.” says Tommy Shaw.? “?It?s been nine years since the Arch Allies tour and it just seemed like the right time to team up with our friends in REO and hit the road again.?

Make the jump for a full listing of tour dates. 38 Special is also on the bill.

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Bret Michaels’ Five Favorite Poison Songs

Everyone knows that Bret Michaels is having a hell of a time on the Rock of Love Bus. But fans should also know that Bret’s bringing the boyz in Poison out on the road this summer. They’re sharing a bunch of tour dates with Def Leppard and Cheap Trick. Poison’s got a great songbook, natch. We spoke with Bret about which of their many songs turn out to be his favorite. Here he is in his own words.

Talk Dirty to Me
There’s something I’ve always wanted to get off my chest – if I may. A lot of people who call themselves acclaimed musicians have said, “Well, I like Poison’s music, but they’re not virtuosos.” When we had our first audition for a guitarist, every single guy from the Guitar Institute of Technology showed up! I’m like, “Dude, I thought this wasn’t your thing!” It came down to three guys – C.C. DeVille, Slash, and Steve Silva from The Joe Perry Project. It was a tough battle. Probably what started our friction was that in the band vote, I leaned towards Slash. He had this Joe Perry thing and C.C. had this in-your-face Rick Neilsen thing. But C.C. brought in the riff to “Talk Dirty to Me.” In hindsight, he was great for our band. He loves The Ramones and those very down and dirty in your face guitar riffs. It’s like a grand punk anthem.

Nothing But a Good Time
There are songs that you write which will never see the light of day. Back when I was 15, I wrote a song called “Rock ‘n’ Roll Bandit.” The riff is great, but I’ve set fire to the lyrics and no one will ever find them. Back then, however, I thought it was brilliant stuff. The end result may not have put “Stairway to Heaven” out of business, but it was the effort that counted. I tried to show C.C. the riff, and he added the C.C. to it that really gave the song its life. When I wrote the new lyrics, I was thinking about when I worked [cleaning tables] at Bob’s Big Boy on Trindle Road in Mechanicsburg, Pa. I know what it means when that five o’clock whistle blows.

Watch Poison videos on VH1

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Listen to Kelly Clarkson’s New CD A Week Early

Just a heads up: if you’ve been hot on Kelly Clarkson‘s “My Life Would Suck Without You,” and you’re dying to hear what the rest of her new All I Ever Wanted disc sounds like, you’re in the right place. Next Tuesday, March 3, we’re streaming Ms. Clarkson’s latest opus in its entirety. That means you can hear it a week before it hits the racks. You’re definitely going to need to find out why one tune is called “I Do Not Hook Up.” See you Tuesday.

Watch Kelly Clarkson videos and interviews.

Find out why All I Ever Wanted is Clarkson’s rebound, her ill-advised trip to Cancun with her girlfriends, and her fling with an underwear model (metaphorically speaking).

Make the jump for the new disc’s song titles and clips of Kelly doing a show and tell about her favorite music videos.

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Def Leppard & Poison Unite: Tour Dates!

Where can you go this summer to hear “Pour Some Sugar On Me,” “Every Rose Has Its Thorn,” and “I Want You To Want Me” coming from one single stage? Plenty of places. Dates for 40-city North American romp that features Def Leppard, Poison, and Cheap Trick were just announced today. The action kicks off in Camden, New Jersey on June 23.

Def Leppard front man Joe Elliott is calling it the “rock tour of the summer,” and Poison singer Bret Michaels says each stop will be “a night of a 1000 hits.” Something tells us that there are tons of hard rock fans who are going to agree.

Live Nation produces the tour, and tickets go on sale March 6 at the Live Nation Website.

Make the jump to see all the specific cities and performance dates.

Watch a playlist of music videos that contains the best songs by Def Leppard, Poison, and Cheap Trick.

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