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Watch & Learn: “Throw Some D’s (Remix)”

Watch & Learn: We peep a video and come up with five things nobody knew.

Kanye West‘s new clip for "Throw Some D’s" is a remix of Rich Boy‘s southern-fried hit about throwing rims on a Caddy and lovin’ the spin. But the "Touch the Sky" MC has his own rather sexy interpretation of the phrase. As West was supposedly unavailable for the shoot, the video stars his "old-ass cousin." Hmmm … Check our notes:

- When Kanye turns sixty, there’s a good chance he’ll bear a striking resemblance to Mark Twain

- In the south, D’s are rims. In Chicago, D’s are cups.

- If you’re Kanye West, Grey Goose is a valid excuse for infidelity. If you’re anyone else, it’s not.

- Alicia Keys’? They’re real.

- Halle Berry’s? They might be real. Kanye … I mean his old-ass cousin … isn’t sure but he’d definitely like to find out.