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Claymates Be Crazy!

Things got so heated on the message board of Clay Aiken‘s fan-made web presence,, that the discussion area has been shut down. Apparently the seven-year old girls and lonely middle-aged women who frequent the site started throwing virtual punches in an argument debating their Idol’s sexual orientation. A source says, "The war is between the batty members that are still clinging to their
heterosexual fantasies of him and others that don’t harbor such

This sounds better than The Sopranos finale – I can see the virtual blood splatters now!

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Christina & Her Candyman: Babyville?

Following a trend that is as big with celebs as vintage Ray Bans and high-waisted shorts, Christina Aguilera has (possibly) jumped aboard the baby mama bandwagon.
The once "Dirrrty" pop star was recently spotted at the Maternal Fetal Medicine Association in NYC, an organization "known for their expertise in high-risk pregnancies and state-of-the-art ultrasounds." If that’s not proof enough, she was later seen walking through a crowd of paparazzi holding her stomach! The stomach hold!? That’s a classic Hollywood giveaway – obviously that means she’s packin’ a baby in there.

I can’t wait to see what Britney gets Christina when her baby’s born. Aguilera sent her a luxurious gift basket when Sean Preston popped out, so the always classy and generous Brit will probably reciprocate with two three big bags of Cheetos. 

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Monday: Olsens Twins Tick Off Fashion World; No Sex For Justin Timberlake

Ryan Rips Simon on Idol Ratings
Seacrest blames the cocky British judge for American Idol‘s recent ratings drop. We point the finger at Sanjaya. [MSNBC]

NBC: Desperate for Rosie Rebound
Network execs are scrambling to bring the uber-popular View host to their small screen. [Fox News]

Olsens P*ss Off Fashion World
Mary Kate and Ashley’s new upscale fashion line has designers worrying about a loss of customers. If it’s anything like J. Lo’s line, Madison Ave has nothing to fear.  [NY Times]

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Friday: Isaiah Gets The Boot; Lindsay’s Craving Ambien

Abdul: Treated Like "Dog Sh*t"

Paula’s p*ssed that her people treat her like cr*p. Then she falls over. Her reality show is gonna be amazing! [NY Daily News]

Angry Isaiah Axed From Grey’s
After stirring up controversy with homophobic cracks, Dr. Preston Burke is banned from Seattle Grace Hospital. [People]

Brit Caught Kissing Counselor
The washed up pop star met with her rehab-assigned drug counselor and ended the night lockin’ lips with the guy. Whatever it takes to stay sober, right? [The Superficial]

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The Hollywood Bling Finger Watch

Every day, some star pops up lugging around a ten carat diamond ring
on their left hand, and then spends the rest of the week having their
people deny that the ring is anything besides "just jewelry." But why
not just take the (pre-nupped) plunge and get engaged, you sweet, screwy
Tinseltown couples? We all know what’s comin’ your way eventually!

Below we break down the latest couples to make a blip on the ring radar this week and rate their chances of real engagement bling action.

Jay-Z & Beyonce
The rumor’s out the the most powerful
man in hip hop (and possibly the entire music world) popped the
question to his queen B on a "romantic getaway in Cannes." Sources say
that Hova has promised her "the biggest diamond she can fit on her
Blingability: 2 carats. This rumor’s been going around for
years. And besides, he’s JAY-Z, he would’ve shown up with a rock the
size of Pluto and done it right.

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Britney’s Boring Babies

OMG!  Today we finally got to see the mug of BritBrit’s less-loved second child, Jayden James (we also get to see his mom in a string bikini, but just try to ignore that mess)! Only thing is, he looks EXACTLY
like the older one, Sean Preston. Snooze. I liked him better in Britney’s belly. Still, you can’t really dis a baby. He needs to be at least, like, 2 years old before it’s okay to pick on him. Which means…little Sean P. is almost fair game. So I won’t say anything about that ridiculous bathing suit wedgie – yet. 

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Thursday: Angelina Takes It Off; Lindsay’s A Gym Rat

Angelina Loves Naked Chit Chat

The sexy mom of four feels most comfortable having heart to hearts while bare-ass. Brad’s one lucky guy. [Us Magazine]

50 Cent Plots Disappearing Act

The hip-hop star is ready to take a rest from recording after dropping his next two discs. [Minsters & Critics]

LC & Heidi: Rumble In The Hills
These two frenemies are crashing each other’s shoots to secure
airtime. This behind-the-scenes battle sounds better than their show. [Us Magazine]

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The Less Hot Simpson’s Alone Again

Poor little Jessica SimpsonHer movies flop, her sister has sliced
herself into a total hottie
, and now John Mayer wants nothing to do
with her
…again. The hot and cold pair seem to have frozen over for
good, after an attempt at reconciliation on a romantic Mexico getaway
that left Jess in tears.

It’s too bad Simpson doesn’t have a strong man who’ll stick by her
through thick and thin. You know, someone like her ex-husband. Nick moved on a while ago with knife-lover and reformed wild child
Vanessa Minnillo, and sources reveal that he’s standing by his
live-in lady
, fiercely defending her formerly flamboyant ways.

Oh Jess.  Hindsight really is 20-20.  Even with that Lasik surgery.

Check out video here of a smiling Simpson leaving an LA restaurant last night.