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The Less Hot Simpson’s Alone Again

Poor little Jessica SimpsonHer movies flop, her sister has sliced
herself into a total hottie
, and now John Mayer wants nothing to do
with her
…again. The hot and cold pair seem to have frozen over for
good, after an attempt at reconciliation on a romantic Mexico getaway
that left Jess in tears.

It’s too bad Simpson doesn’t have a strong man who’ll stick by her
through thick and thin. You know, someone like her ex-husband. Nick moved on a while ago with knife-lover and reformed wild child
Vanessa Minnillo, and sources reveal that he’s standing by his
live-in lady
, fiercely defending her formerly flamboyant ways.

Oh Jess.  Hindsight really is 20-20.  Even with that Lasik surgery.

Check out video here of a smiling Simpson leaving an LA restaurant last night.

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Video: Angry Akon Tosses Kid Off Stage

Akon. (Photo: Getty Images)

The last time we watched video of Akon he was getting all grind-y onstage with a  15 year-old girl. In these new clips circulating the web, he is seen performing at the KFEST 2007 concert when a young boy in the audience throws something at the Senegalese superstar.  Our hip hop hero then does what anyone would do in that situation.  He instructs his bodyguards to bring the boy up onstage, takes off his shirt, hoists the kid over his shoulder, and hurls him into the crowd, to the sound of hyperventilating fans screaming, "We love you!"

Akon, we’ve learned our lesson.  Your stage is like a 20-foot chunk of the Wild West and you’re Jesse James.  There are no rules, and no one is safe.  One wrong move and you’ll be using your super human strength to bust out nasty dances or chuck someone across the country.  So we’ll just stay away and dance awkwardly in the back corner.  Oh, and keep your shirt on. Please?

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The Police: Disbanding, Again?


The Police‘s reunion tour may have the same lifespan as a common housefly. On day two of the ’80s supergroup’s reunion tour, drummer Stewart Copeland — whose bust-ups with Sting are the stuff of rock mythology — has posted quite the complaint on his blog, titled "OUR FIRST DISASTER GIG!" Within the 700-word post, Copeland bemoans the band’s poor timing, calls the lute-wielding Sting a "petulant pansy" and labels updated versions of their hits "ubeLIEVably lame" [sic].

In other news, the band’s planning on participating in the resurrection of MTV Unplugged (if they make it) — a veritable petri dish for creativity that’s featured stunning acoustic performances by Jay-Z and Nirvana. Other acts confirmed for show include Bon Jovi, Mary J. Blige and John Mayer.

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Bobby Brown: Lyrics Not a Prerogative

Brown Bobby Brown‘s got a lot of things to keep straight. Years of suspected drug use, warrant-dodging and being married to one of the music’s most difficult divas can muddle a man’s mind, which is exactly what happened at his performance in Southampton at Stereo this weekend. Brown began to sing his hit  "My Prerogative" only to stop before the second verse and apologize for forgetting the words. Brown might have also been distracted by his new ladyfriend Alicia Etheridge, a longtime friend of ex Whitney‘s, who Brown was reportedly making out with in a car for 30 minutes prior to peforming. When asked whether he was seeing anyone, Brown responded: "I’m dating, so it’s not like I’m single."

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Manson Hearts Justin (A Lot)


Marilyn Manson is channeling his inner teenage girl. After covering pop pin-up Justin Timberlake during a live BBC performance last week, Manson told the venerable radio station that he has "a fascination with Justin Timberlake," and that he carries a picture of the pop star with him wherever he goes. This information goes far in explaining what he and 19-year-old girlfriend Evan Rachel Wood could possibly have to talk about.

And when he’s not canoodling with gorgeous movie stars or being toted around in creepy rock stars’ wallets? J-Timber’s starting his own record label, to be be distributed through Interscope Records. The label, named Tennman (an abbreviation of Tennessee Man, which he is) expects to announce new signings in the upcoming weeks.

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Manson Goes Pop, Monkeys Are No Good

Manson Dating a teenager can make you do crazy things, as Marilyn Manson can attest to. For instance, Manson recently found himself at the center of a brouhaha over whether he and 19-year-old girlfriend Evan Rachel Wood simulated the sex scenes in his video for "Heart Shaped Glasses" (fingers crossed). Now, Marilyn Manson, the self-proclaimed God of F*ck, is covering everybody’s favorite recovering Mousketeer (no, not Britney) — Justin Timberlake. Manson doesn’t quite hit the high ones in this acoustic cut from a live BBC session, but the subject matter (all-consuming jealousy and rage) isn’t exactly a departure. Manson’s no stranger to covers though; his 1995 rendition of the Eurythmics‘ "Sweet Dreams" jump-started his career.

Another report from the department of Bizarre Covers: Rock lads Arctic Monkeys do a faithful cover of Amy Winehouse‘s "You Know I’m No Good," a woman whose buzz is officially bigger than her hair.

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Evanescence Singer Strikes Back

EvanescAmy Lee‘s back from her honeymoon, and she’s pissed. Writing on her band’s official message board, Evanescence‘s lead singer is finally discussing the departure of her former bandmates. After two weeks away, Lee says she returned home to find "I was unable to defend myself for a week and was taken advantage of quite a bit." Lee then shares with her fans her version of Rocky Gray and John LeCompte‘s departure, claiming they were "miserable" and planning to leave, and that she simply relieved them of their duties a little sooner than they’d anticipated. "I treated both John and Rocky with nothing but kindness and respect, and I got nothing but jealousy and resentment in return…I love this band too much to see it driven into the ground." This is not the first time the band’s had some personnel issues. In 2003 LeCompt took over after co-founder Ben Moody suddenly quit, due to a rift with Lee.

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Avril vs. Hilary and Haylie

AvrilvsduffsRumor has it that Avril Lavigne was miffed when she arrived at the same time as her arch-nemeses Hilary and Haylie Duff at last Wednesday’s Maxim Hot 100 Party in New York. Avril has a longstanding rivalry with Hilary, and by extension, her sister. Unfortunately, though, no blows were thrown over the intersection of "talent": Avril is said to have threatened to leave and otherwise could be seen "driving everyone crazy." The Duffs were seemingly less affected.

We expect this sort of behavior from the Sisters Duff. Horses are, after all, docile creatures. But for would-be bad-ass princess Avril to merely steam and stew over girls she didn’t like entering the venue, that’s like sooooo whatever! She could do so much better! She didn’t so much spit or even flip the bird. Not very punk, of her, is it? [MSNBC]

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Brit Has Lip, Near-Nip Slips


This weekend, Britney Spears performed two shows in Florida, hitting Orlando on Saturday and Miami on Sunday with the same damn 14-minute set she’s been playing since she kicked off her bizarre, overpriced club "tour" earlier this month. Brit’s recent performances have been so cookie-cutter that the smallest variations provide newsworthy details. At the Orlando gig, Brit inadvertently pulled a Milli Vanilli when the CD she was lipping along to had a skip fit. Girl you know it, girl you know it, girl you know it…didn’t matter at all. People ate up her performance anyway. Meanwhile, during the Miami show, Brit’s bejeweled outer bra popped open to expose her sheer, pink inner bra. She ran off stage, saving face and, presumably, breast.

Now, aren’t you sad you missed those shows? That kinda stuff only happens once… [Image credit: Getty]