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Nevermind the Ballet


Nirvana was always threatening to go highbrow, and now Seattle?s Spectrum Dance Theater is taking them there. Called Nevermind, the theater?s new contemporary dance show debuts March 31st. Based on the 1991 record that changed everything forever, the production will feature the band?s music and dancers playing roles that represent Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love. The complicated choreography – how, exactly, do you block interpretive steps for addiction, being shredded by the press and suicide? – is by Donald Byrd, who has worked for Broadway (The Color Purple).

"It?s about how the sense of unconditional love, that someone loves you, is what makes the difference between life and death," he told The Seattle Times. Here?s the million-dollar question (literally): Does this show do more to honor Cobain?s memory than Courtney Love licensing Nirvana songs for use in CSI: Miami? Serious question, people. Think about it.

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Eminem and Kim To Play Nice


Eminem and his ex Kim Mathers agreed in court on Monday to stop insulting each other publicly for the sake of their daughter, Hailie. Em filed a motion earlier this month to quash Kim’s trash talking — in February during a radio interview, for example, she called Em a "horrible person," joked about the size (or lack thereof) of his penis and implied that he couldn’t sexually perform without Viagra. Up until then, Em felt free to drag Kim’s name through the dirt via the media and his music — he went as far as to address Hailie directly in the Kim murder fantasy "’97 Bonnie and Clyde" ("Da Da made a nice bed for Mommy at the bottom of the lake /
Here, you wanna help Da Da tie a rope around this rock?"). Apparently, Eminem draws the line at the disclosure of secrets about his wang. What a guy. And there’s no place like court to reaffirm manhood, right, Em?

With this new ban on talking smack about Kim in place, don’t you get the feeling that Em’s upcoming album will need to be downsized to an EP? [AP/Yahoo!]

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Brit’s a Slave 4 Tooth

Brit_tooth2This weekend, Britney Spears‘ mouth went from inflicting pain on the ears of discerning music fans to inflicting pain on its owner. After Brit rushed to the hospital Sunday, her publicist was quick to shoot down rumbling that the hospital visit was the result of a post-rehab Brit revisiting her pre-rehab ways. "They’re all wrong, she just went to the dentist," snapped the rep. "She had a toothache, I have no more details." It’s almost worth believing, as it makes her Coke-not-coke habit seem more plausible (all that soda has to take its toll, right?). And, really, who doesn’t want to believe that Britney is a giant Coke-head?

Meanwhile, this means that she did not attend the weekend birthday festivities of her estranged hubby Kevin Federline. Another ex of his, Shar Jackson, however, did, as K-Fed chatted on his phone and texted his way through the celebration. If you needed further proof that Shar is the poor Kev’s Britney, well, there you go. []

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RoboJacko To Serve Vegas?


The buzz about Michael Jackson‘s possible long-term, nightly concert series at a Las Vegas casino has been building for months, but it just became a little more exciting: Mike’s residency may coincide with the construction of a 50-foot robotic replica of himself. Yes, that’s right — Michael Jackson’s face will be immortalized in metal, not its usual plastic.  A consultant reports that the robot would shoot lasers (!) and be the first thing those flying into Vegas would see. Because nothing says, "Welcome to Vegas!" better than a giant version of MJ’s face. It’ll be the perfect preview for the impending freak show that is any Vegas vacation.

Really, this is exactly what MJ needs to top Celine Dion as the city’s resident spectacle. I hope RoboJacko ends up fighting crime or Mothra or something. Your move, creep. [New York Daily News]

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Carmen and Joan: Just Friends


Carmen Electra‘s publicist has shot down months-old reports that she and butch rocker Joan Jett are an item. It’s too bad, they look cute together in that heteronormative, you-know-damn-well-who-wears-the-leather-pants kinda way. Sucks!

Anyway, with that cleared up, after the jump is a list of a few more people that Carmen Electra isn’t dating. Just in case you’re (sexually) confused. []

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Trey: The Needle and the Damage Done


Learning that Phish string-bender and Dave Matthews pal Trey Anastasio has been busted for driving with a controlled substance in his car is about as shocking as learning Bobby Brown has been arrested for not paying his child support. (Although the cops letting Bobby drive himself to jail was original.) But Trey wants the world to know he, as Billy Joel once sang, is an innocent man

On Tuesday, Anastasio pleaded not guilty to seven charges, including three felony counts of illegal possession of prescription painkillers stemming from a December bust where cops
found heroin, hydrocodone, Percocet, and Xanax in his Audi. And he
managed to do it without once breaking into a two-hour long guitar solo.

Like John Popper sitting in on harmonica, his lawyer explained on the Fort Edward, NY, courthouse steps:

"The hope is he will go on with his life and not have any incarceration. He has a narcotic problem, and he’s dealt with that, and he’s working on that. He’s led an exemplary life. He told me, ‘I’m here to face the consequences and work it out with the court and go on with my life.’"

There’s some hope for everybody who still hasn’t gotten over Jerry Garcia dying. If this case drags on, a Phish reunion tour might be necessary to pay the legal fees.

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Meanwhile, in the Land of Mushy Peas


Clocks stopped, horses talked as if they were Mr. Ed, and the Thames ran backward as Leeds post-Britpoppers Kaiser Chiefs knocked Mika off the top of the UK charts with "Ruby." Yeah, we know you’ve got things to do today. But if you want to look like you have an ear cocked to what the Brits call the "wireless" and impress your friends, here’s everything you need to know about The Mighty Chiefs.

Who:  Ricky Wilson (singer), Andrew White (guitar), Simon Rix (bass), Nick Baines (keyboards), Nick Hodgson (drums). That’s two Nicks!

Where from:  Leeds, birthplace of Oscar nominee Peter O’Toole, home to Goth bands like The Mission UK, and the city which also gave us Corinne Bailey Rae.

That name: They’re named after the South African Kaizer Chiefs Football Club.

Best song: "I Predict a Riot," as heard on their 200 debut, Employment.

Sounds like: Blur, Kings of Britpop whose music hall songs about quangos and milkmen failed to seduce the Americans as much as Oasis’ "Wonderwall."

Rock ‘n’ roll!:  Fellow UK chart stars Arctic Monkeys hate ‘em. "If we’re next year’s Kaiser Chiefs, we’ll quit," moaned Alex Turner in 2005. "They’re a bit annoying."

Millions of downloading Britkids disagree with you, Alex. But will they stay on top?  Stay tuned …

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Jennifer Hudson: Queen of the World


The last person left awake in hour three of last night’s Oscarcast has emailed VH1 Blog to inform us that Jennifer Hudson won Best Supporting Actress. Noted. But we can’t turn over and go back to sleep without considering some of the ramifications:

1. You know Beyonce’s taking notes. With the success of Hudson and Norbit, expect Ms. Bills, Bills, Bills to bulk up for a forthcoming biopic of George Foreman. She plays George.

2. American Idol rejects can now expect a brighter future than flipping burgers with Justin Guarini. Look for Antonella Barba to appear in a remake of Star 80.

3. Will there be a Dreamgirls, Too?  In this exciting sequel, a quartet of girls from Houston become a trio, then a few other members are traded around, the lead singer goes solo and sleeps with Jay-Z, and everyone lives happily ever after. (Except the other, less-famous two.)  You’ll weep as Beyondi sings, "I Am Telling You I Am Not Staying in the Same Hotel As Those Two Skanks."

4. Er, that’s it.

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Arcade Fire vs. the World


Back when the entire Pitchfork editorial staff was getting their name tattooed on their knuckles, Canada’s Arcade Fire were about as threatening as a group of CPAs. (Although there were a lot of ‘em.)

Now with a new album to promote, the Neon Bible band are mad as hell and they’re not gonna take it anymore. The indie bed-wetters have only gone and challenged U2, Oasis and the Rolling Stones out for a rumble. Our money’s on the Stones. Ronnie has a mean right hook. Whined frontman WIn Butler:

"In the UK there’s this kind of rock star competition. I don’t know if U2 started it, or the Stones or Oasis, but a lot of bands think in terms of: ‘I’m going to be the biggest band in the world. F*ck all those bands who’ve got no ambition.’ I think that’s a total crock of sh*t."

No one has told the Stones about the invention of the telephone and nobody cares what Oasis thinks, so they were unavailable for comment. However, Bono quickly set up a thinktank with Angelina Jolie to campaign for the recognition of crocks of sh*t everywhere.

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