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Nickelback?s Fortune Cookie Rock: Watch Videos

What would you do if you woke up one morning and found out you had one day left to live? That?s the question Nickelback asks in their latest video. Yes, Chad Kroeger?s voice is always full of raspy drama, creating an ominous vibe, but instead of stressing gloom, the guys give their fans a message of hope about the end of the world – while rocking themselves silly, of course.

The clip kicks off with a bunch of kids darting through the streets. Documenting their every step with video cameras, and buzzing around in secret, the squads look they?re preparing for some city-wide attack. And they are. But as ?If Today Was Your Last Day? unfolds we discover they?re actually spreading an uplifting message.

?Tomorrow is too late.? ?Reminisce old memories.? ?Forgive your enemy.? All sorts of thoughtful prompts are printed on jackets handed out in Times Square, and confetti poured onto pedestrians from above. There?s even a dude distributing cash to the needy. The simple phrases are like fortune cookie messages, intended to remind us of life?s important things. Know what? They succeed. – Lacey Seidman



Watch Music Videos By Lady Gaga And the Girls

Lady Gaga has certainly scored a royal flush with her recent hand of hits! Whether she’s urging us to keep up our guard by sporting a “Poker Face” or recommending delirium in “Just Dance,” her anthems grab pop fans by both the ears and butt. The young “blonde” diva is constantly being compared to early-era Madonna, transforming ordinary concert-goers to superfans as she thrills audience after audience on her Fame Ball tour, which she calls ?a travelling party.?

She?s got a background in burlesque, a deep appreciation for Andy Warhol, and a bit of dismay over wearing pants ? no wonder Gaga?s turning heads on stage. Her sensationalism has only just hit the scene, but she is already ranking alongside our faves of 2009!

She?s not alone either. It seems we?re in a pop season where there?s plenty of female aristocracy.

Get your dose of Gaga, Britney, Kelly, and Ciara music videos by checking out our Ladies On Top playlist.

- Lacey Seidman


VH1 Classic and Live Nation Present The “I’m With the Band” Sweepstakes

UPDATE! The sweepstakes is over. Thanks to all the participants!

There’s something special about a summer concert – driving to the arena with the windows down and the music blasting, psyched to see your favorite rock gods storm the stage. This year VH1 Classic and Live Nation want to give you that perfect concert experience – only this time you’re not in the crowd, you’re with the band!

Through the middle of August, we’re giving away tickets (including backstage access) to the summer’s biggest classic rock tours, including: Fleetwood Mac‘s Unleashed Hits Tour, Def Leppard with Poison & Cheap Trick, Aerosmith & ZZ Top and, Kid Rock & Lynyrd Skynyrd.

This sweepstakes is only open to subscribers of our VH1 Classic email alerts. You must sign up to become eligible.? Sign up here.

Next up is your last chance to win tickets to see Aerosmith and ZZ Top.

Enter to win by sending an email to us at

Please include your first and last name, telephone number and the email address used for the VH1 Classic newsletter subscription. You have until Noon ET on Wednesday, August 12.

Tour Dates and cities for the Aerosmith and ZZ Top tour are after the jump.

This could be the greatest rock ‘n’ roll summer of all time. So roll down those windows, turn up the volume, and sign up for our Classic newsletter to have a chance of winning the “I’m With the Band Sweepstakes.”

Read the Official Rules.? Sign up for VH1 Classic Email alerts.

For more tour dates and to buy tickets go to

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Jason Mraz: Acoustic Spin on “Lucky”

Remember in elementary school when you?d pass a sheet of paper around the room and have each of your friends add their own sentence? Inevitably it created a story that took on a life of its own. Well, Jason Mraz not only plays that same game with his buds, he actually writes songs that way too – except that the “paper” is email.

In at least one case, the results have been superb. In the above clip for “Lucky,” Mr A-Z recounts the story of conceiving the tune with fellow singer-songwriter Colbie Caillat. According to Jason, neither of them knew where the song lyrics would go, but apparently, that?s the whole point. Building only off of the theme ?me talking to you,? they just let the creativity flow. Aren?t we all ?lucky? they did such a great job?

The informal performance is part of our “20th Floor Live” series, where artists are invited to play a song or two while visiting our offices. – Lacey Seidman

Watch a playlist of the 20th Floor Live performances

Watch Jason Mraz show off his favorite videos, including Feist’s “1,2,3,4″


Carolina Liar: Rats, Weasels and Great Songs

Lots of bands have to eat lots of crud on their way up the ladder, but the way Chad Wolf tells it, the recording of his band’s Coming To Terms contained a bit more squalor than he would have preferred. Check the above interview with Carolina Liar‘s singer; maybe the band should have done a Pied Piper thing to rid its studio of rodents.

Coming To Terms is impressive, the key reason Carolina Liar has become one of VH1′s You Oughta Know groups. As many people know these days, the disc’s “Show Me What I’m Looking For” was used in The Hills, and that step towards success is the reason that Wolf no longer has to clean Hollywood toilets in exchange for studio time (or dress up in a weasel costume as he mentions in the clip).

We also spoke to Wolf about his favorite videos. “My Playlist” finds him telling us why he likes everything from the blinking lights in The Shins? “Sleeping Lessons? to the Queens of the Stone Age‘s comic book style imagery. Come to hear him discuss the visuals, but stay to see him reveal memories from his first encounter with one of The Cure?s spooky clips. Stick around long enough and you’ll even get to hear him explain an alarming in-flight experience he shared with a member of the Foo Fighters!


Sneak Peek: New Kids Top 20 Premiere Video

Next Tuesday, we’re dropping the New Kids on the Block‘s “2 In The Morning” music video, and we wanted you get psyched a bit. So here’s a “making-of” clip that finds the guys explaining what went into the shoot. It’s funny, they booked a glorious mansion for location, but wound up doing a fair amount of green screen action that was filled in after the shoot. Check it out: You’ll find out that there’s a personal twist to the tale, and you’ll be reminded that’s it’s one of the best songs on NKOTB’s latest disc.

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Stars Hit the HHH Red Carpet

Last night you got to see all the show-stopping, floor-shaking Hip Hop Honors performances we’ve been talking about. (If you missed it, check the show out here.) So far, we’ve filled you in on the after-party, but check out the up close and personal shots we got of your favorite stars on the red carpet. From Kid Rock to Flavor Flav, see who walked the walk at Hip Hop Honors.


All Aboard The AC/DC Train!

Huge guitar riffs, crackling vocals and schoolboy shorts can only mean one thing — AC/DC is back! On October 20th the legendary rockers bring the thunder from down under with Black Ice, but you can check out the premiere of their new video “Rock N Roll Train” right here, right now! But wait — that’s not all! After you get on board the rock train, you can get on board the AC/DC train when you enter to win a chance to hang with the band at their last dress rehearsal before their tour. But don’t take our word for it — check out the clip below.


Lifehouse: Behind the Scenes of “Broken”

It’s always fun to see how a big L.A. video gets made, and since Lifehouse‘s “Broken” is getting its on-air Top 20 premiere this Saturday, September 20, we thought it was only right to share this behind the scenes clip with fans. There’s star factor involved: Kiefer Sutherland directed the video, and he’s part of this clip. Watch singer Jason Wade explain the vid concept and the inspiration for his new song.

Check out the latest Top 20 videos.

Check out Lifehouse playing acoustic at the VH1 studios.

Last year we gave the Lifehouse guys a “blindfold test.” We spun them a song and asked them to guess the artist without showing them who it was. Did they know Rob Thomas, Radiohead, the Police? Read the feature.