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Jessica and Dane: Funny Love?

Jessica Simpson
is supposedly getting her own sloppy seconds, as she’s rumored to be back with comedian Dane Cook (pictured together in 2006, right). They made some unfunny movie together last year and apparently got romantic on the set, and after a year apart and some John Mayer booty calls, Jess is back in the funny man’s beefy arms. The two recently took in a Prince concert at Teddy’s in LA, and like everyone else in Hollywood, they canoodled!!!

What could these two possibly talk about when they’re together? The SuperFinger and their favorite brands of tuna fish? Sounds as enjoyable as Employee of the Month.


P*ssed Off Avril Sets Record Straight

AvrilAvril Lavigne isn’t taking the recent accusations against her of song stealing sitting down. The young singer is crazy pissed – like any good punk would be – and has posted a scathing response to the drama on her personal website. The Canadian writes:

"You may have heard some news that two guys who wrote for some band
from the 1970s I have never in my life heard of called the "Rubinoos"
are trying to sue me. They have a song called "I Want To Be Your
Boyfriend" that has no musical similarities to the song "Girlfriend"
that Luke Gottwald and I wrote together. They claim that a small part
of the lyrics are the same and are saying that I took these from them.
I had never heard this song in my life and their claim is based on 5

And about songwriter Chantal Kreviazuk:

"Chantal has also made false accusations about my writing skills. I
am so over this topic…My decision to discontinue working with Chantal after co-writing
together on my second record was simply based on the fact that we had
no hits together. That is why her name is not on this record, despite
her numerous attempts to be included, which were always denied. From my
perspective this is a clear case of bitterness. Chantal is upset that
she didn’t get to be a part of my record."

Well, even if her songwriting skills are in question, there’s no doubt at all that the tiny starlet is damn good at sh*t talking.


Where in the World is Foxy Brown?

Earlier this weekend it was reported that the rap diva had gone missing after boarding a flight to London on June 29th. Apparently her family and friends were freaking out that Foxy, real name Inga (WTF?), was long gone, lost amongst the Brits with only her entourage in tow. This occurred only days after she was apparently the target of a Brooklyn robbery and beatdown at the hands of some crazed lady friends that resulted in the destruction of her hair weave. You can mess with a girl’s Louis Vuitton purse, but please - not the hair!

But a PerezHilton reader spotted Foxy on Friday, July 7th, hosting the Urban Music Awards in NYC – and there are pics to prove it. Thank goodness she’s not lost somewhere in the Chunnel! But the question remains – did Foxy really head overseas or was it all just a stunt to attract attention to her floundering hip hop career? Maybe she was just going to get her weave fixed up in the UK – we hear Amy Winehouse is really good at styling hair.


Monday: Eva’s Extravagant Wedding; Paris Back Dancing on Tables

Pics: Brit and Boys Hit Up Church
The starlet and her sons spent Sunday morning praising the Lord at a Bel Air church. Maybe Britney’s serious when she says she’s praying for her mom? [X17]

Eva and Tony Say I Do Twice
The pair make it official with a small civil ceremony on Friday and a large-scale affair in a Parisian cathedral on Saturday, complete with a reception for their 230 guests at a French castle. Oh la la! [Us Magazine]

Trump?s Daughter: New View Host?

it may look like a dis to Rosie, Barbara Walters is reportedly
interested in bringing Donald’s daughter Ivanka in to co-host her hit show
as a big "eff you" to Paris Hilton, who snubbed the veteran reporter
out of her first post-jail interview. [NY Post]

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The Weekly Wrap-Up: Diddy’s Dumped, Lindsay’s Sober, Jessica Simpson Bombs

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P*ssed Off Britney Cuts Mom from Will

Each new day brings a new batch of cringe-worthy stories from the tumultuous world of Britney Spears. Today’s tidbit is that the starlet has reportedly changed her will, ensuring that if Britney dies, her mom Lynne will not gain custody of her two sons. That honor, as well as her entire estate, is now left to her little sister Jamie-Lynn, 15.

Britney must be feeling good about her big decision because she hit the town in a new Amy Winehouse inspired hairdo. Pics show her out with a hunky dude, but sadly he’s just her bodyguard. Never fear – Britney does have a boyfriend, he’s just currently on bed rest recovering from bowel surgery. He sounds super hot already! Luckily he’s still able to talk to The National Inquirer. Real estate investor John Sundahl claims he’s Brit’s new flame, and tells the rag, ?When I was in the hospital, she sat with me and held my hand all night
long. She even sang and hummed to me while I was practically

The only thing more romantic than getting a bedside lullaby after bowel surgery is dishing about it after to a tabloid. Smooth move, man! That’ll win her over for sure.


Nicole: Knocked Up, Engaged and Alone

Us Weekly
has put Nicole Richie on their latest cover, announcing "Yes, She’s Pregnant!" Until we hear it from her hungry lips, we can’t totally believe this rumor is fact. But the mag isn’t alone in its assertions. A spy spotted the bony lady and boyfriend Joel Madden browsing wedding gowns at an LA boutique. E Online also reports that they hit up luxe baby shop Petit Tr?sor to buy a white blanket. Because if she’s 12 weeks pregnant, her baby will need a blankie in 5 months. Planning that far ahead makes complete sense!

The Simple Life star is also reportedly afraid of going through her pregnancy alone, which is set to happen when her rocker beau (or should we say "future husband?") heads out on the road next for publicity interviews and an August tour with Justin Timberlake. A source tells 24/Sizzler, "She?s really dreading the time away from him, but she?s hoping to get
some sympathy by being portrayed as the ?pregnant victim,? while her
man is away. The whole thing is classic Nicole." Or classically crazy! Anything to get the public to like you after driving the wrong way down the freeway high on prescription drugs.


Paris: Her Inspirational Words Rock

A Process A Gift and A Journey

Check out this hilarious new music video on Funny or Die for the song " A Process A Gift and A Journey." It’s a rockin’ jam created out of Paris Hilton‘s jail-inspired writing, which she shared with America on Larry King Live. Her words are so powerful, you won’t know whether to head bang or shed a tear. Who knew the heiress was such an amazing lyricist? [TMZ]


Friday: Mariah Ready to Rock the Big Screen; Angelina Says No to Freebies

Lindsay’s New Man?s Famous Roots
The rehabbing starlet was spotted flirting with a new guy at a July 4th BBQ, and the hottie with super ripped abs has been identified as A.J. Lamas, the actor son of 80’s soap opera hunk Lorenzo Lamas. [X17]

Kelly: My Ex Dated Me for Fame
In a new interview, Clarkson reveals that her ex-boyfriend cheated on her and used her in an attempt to gain fame. He probably learned his lesson once he heard "Since U Been Gone." [JustJared]

Mariah: New Movie Gets Major Props
It’s been almost six years since she flopped in her movie Glitter, and now the diva is heading back to the big screen in the upcoming flick Tennessee. Sources are whispering that she is "really, really good in it." Could it be redemption at last? [NY Post]

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Michael Jackson: Moving to Maryland?

You read that headline correctly. The King of Pop is checking out vacation homes on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. His publicist told the Washington Post, "He’s always admired the properties on the East Coast because they have
a lot of land. Neverland has 3,000 acres?he
likes privacy. You can’t find as many properties like that on the West

Get your evacuation plans ready, Maryland residents! You’re about to be flooded – with craziness. But hey, maybe Michael is a good neighbor. At least your kids could go next door and play in his amusement park.