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2 Chainz And Nicki Minaj Declare “I Luv Dem Strippers,” But Doesn’t Everybody?

2 Chainz featuring Nicki Minaj Luv Dem Strippers

Is there any other genre of music that shows strippers as much love as hip-hop? Rappers truly love them some strippers. As 2 Chainz gears up for his forthcoming album Based On A T.R.U. Story, the latest single “I Luv Dem Strippers” featuring Nicki Minaj dropped yesterday. There are high expectations for a Nicki and 2 Chainz collaboration. With 2 Chainz’s southern flow and Nicki’s animation you expect to get hype, like “Beez In The Trap” hype. “I Luv Dem Strippers” is missing that same energy. The chorus is redundant; and 2 Chainz tries his hand at singing at the end of his verse. Rapping is your friend, rappers. Nicki’s delivery adds just a pinch more of excitement, but she sounds a tad bit like Iggy Azalea for some odd reason. Read more…


BRACKET MADNESS: Were You Feeling Nirvana’s Grunge Or TLC’s Funky Hip-Hop Soul?

It’s on, folks! Voting for Round Two of Bracket Madness for the greatest artists of the 90s is upon us. And the choice isn’t getting any easier. By popular vote, Nirvana slaughtered Pearl Jam in a land slide win of 29%. In a much closer call, TLC beat out Boyz II Men by a 13% vote. Now it’s time for the alternative rock band to duke it out with the super girl group for the chance to take on either Green Day or Mariah Carey for the championship win. Since we’re in Olympics mode we want you to jump hurdles, cartwheel or leap to vote for either Nirvana or TLC. Read more…


Rick Ross’ God Forgives, I Don’t Is The No. 1 Album In The Country

Rick Ross' God Forgives, I Don't No. 1 album

Rick Ross
proclaimed his title as the “biggest boss that you’ve seen thus far” years ago. With God Forgives, I Don’t reaching No.1 on the Billboard 200 he shows and proves why he’s leading the rap game pack. Selling 218,000 records in the first week, GFID is the Miami rapper’s fourth No. 1, which gives him more than seasoned artists like Lil Wayne and Snoop Dogg. His sales were peaked thanks to Amazon MP3, which will sell the album for $5 for the entire month of August. It has already racked up 90,000 downloads making it No.1 on the digital album charts. We may be dating ourselves a bit here, but we remember a time when digital sales didn’t exist. Vinyl records, cassettes or CDs were the only ways to purchase music. My how times have changed. Read more…


Through Gotye’s Animated “Save Me” We See The Beauty Of A Better Half

After Gotye‘s cultural phenomenon video to “Somebody That I Used To Know,” the Aussie musician debuted the animated follow-up to his latest single “Save Me” directed by Peter Lowey. In a snow storm various body parts are pulled by a magnetic force to create the face and body of an incomplete man. By man we mean non-human animated male. Now that he’s assembled he travels through the snow–searching. In his pursuit he takes hold of the hand of a mystery person with a visible pumping red heart. While our Song of the Summer contender sings, “When I could not love myself/And you made me turn/From the way I saw myself,” the red hearted woman makes Mr. Incomplete whole. His better half  saved him. His search is a success. And even in the blizzard the sun shine brights on love. Read more…


Rihanna’s Good Girl Gone Bad Persona Results In A Pink Slip From Skincare Company Nivea

Nivea Drops Rihanna For Her Bad Girl Image

Rihanna doesn’t represent the wholesome family image? Gasp! It was all good just a year ago for Rihanna’s endorsement deal with skincare company Nivea. A lot can change in 365 days, and Nivea has had a change of heart about the Bajan badgirl representing their brand. Stefan Heidenreich, the new head of Nivea’s parent company Beiersdorf, told the German media Rihanna has been given the pink slip. “The advert starring Rihanna was a no go,” Heidenrich said. “I do not understand how to bring the core brand of Nivea in conjunction with Rihanna. Nivea is a company which stands for trust, family and reliability.” We’re guessing rolling a joint on that guy’s head or the incredibly hot vacation bikini shots doesn’t fit Nivea’s trusting image. Read more…


BRACKET MADNESS: Does Celine Dion’s Voice Or Mariah Carey’s Hits Matter More?

You wouldn’t want to go up against Celine Dion or Mariah Carey if there were some sort of singing competition similar to a battle rap. Whether both of them possess the pipes to ease through each note as if they were born to sing isn’t arguable. What is debatable for our Bracket Madness is which one should have the chance in the next round to take the crown for greatest artist of the 90s. Celine Dion has the voice and hefty album sells while Mariah has the voice and No. 1 hit singles. The 90s definitely was good to them, but both of these extraordinary singers have timelessly created timeless music that spans well past the 90s era. Read more…


Justin Timberlake Is Sort Of Working On New Music, Just Not An Album

Justin Timberlake Not Working On New Music

The good news: Justin Timberlake is working on new music. The bad news: He’s not working on an album. Word spread pretty fast that JT was working on fresh “crazy crazy stuff” after Digital Spy posted an interview with producer Jim Beanz.  According to the producer, he is set to work with Timbaland and JT on Shock Value 3. In addition, Beanz alluded to material for a new album, which sounded somewhat sketchy since JT is primarily focused on his acting career, running Myspace as the Creative Director, designing home decor and hopefully helping with wedding plans. Read more…


BRACKET MADNESS: Are You Down For The Syrupy Sweet Sounds of Boyz II Men Or CrazySexyCool TLC?

To get you in the mood for Bracket Madness, we hope you’ve been grooving (even the word grooving is a blast from the past) to sweet melodies by your favorite 90s artists. By now you should have dusted off those ancient CDs or cassette tapes of Boyz II Men and TLC to help you decide which artist should advance to the next round. On one end of the spectrum there’s the quartet turned trio, Boyz II Men that brought us the tear jerker “On Bended Knee.” On the opposite end is TLC that delivered “Waterfalls” flawlessly. There couldn’t be a harder choice, but there can only be one. Read more…


Kelly Clarkson’s Top Five Covers This Year

Kelly Clarkson Best Covers

It doesn’t matter if Kelly Clarkson were to sing the phone book. We’d want to hear it. When Clarkson put out the call to fans asking what songs they’d like her to cover the online requests flooded in. The Stronger tour that ended in April produced amazing covers of an array of musical genres. And like the great vocalist she is, Clarkson showed her range nailing everything from the Rolling Stones‘ “Wild Horses” to Bruno Mars‘ “It Will Rain.” When the tour ended our sad faces began, but luckily for us her Summer 2012 tour with The Fray has reignited the covers we were so obsessed with. Because we know you love the covers as much as we do, we’ve chosen the best five covers from Kelly Clarkson’s tour and concerts this year. Enjoy! Read more…


Drake Serenades Toronto At OVO Fest With Surprises From 2 Chainz, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj

Drake OVO Fest Brings Out 2 Chainz, Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, Waka

Drake‘s priorities right now: OVO Fest and finishing his high school diploma. Oh, and somewhere between the two is showing the world his love for Aaliyah by executive producing her posthumous album. But last night it was all about giving back to his hometown, the 416. Toronto, Canada was in for a treat with a lively two-hour set at the OVO Fest from the rapper who’d dropped the new track “Enough Said” featuring Aaliyah hours before his show. In all white Drizzy performed a range of his catalog including “Take Care,” “Lord Knows,” “Over,” “Practice,” “We’ll Be Fine,” “Marvin’s Room” and “Headlines.” The cherry with sprinkles on top of the already delicious sundae was the surprise guests like The Weeknd (also a Toronto native), 2 Chainz, A$AP Rocky, Waka Flocka Flame, Meek Mill, Rick Ross, French Montana, Snoop Dogg (er, Snoop Lion) and Nicki Minaj. Read more…