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Rita Ora Admires Rihanna, So She Welcomes The Comparisons

Rita Ora Covers Complex magazine

Rita Ora is slated as the next big thing. With a co-sign from her boss Jay-Z, there’s definitely a bright future for the Kosovar Albanian British pop singer. Already she’s opened for Coldplay on their tour and killed the stage at Summertime Ball. In September she’ll perform at Jay’s Made In America festival, which she promises to make unforgettable since it will be her first festival performance. Her name is slowly becoming one of mention, but who is Rita Ora the person? Complex magazine put the blonde bombshell on the cover to answer that question.

For starters, she grew up in the West London projects. Her older sister Elena is her road manager, Rita still gets nervous before performances, she loves Biggie, reps hard for Kosovo and she prefers Jordans over heels, which she also told VH1’s Big Morning Buzz Live last month. And guess what? She doesn’t mind the Rihanna comparisons. Not even a smudge. Read more…


When Asked About Guns In The Wake Of Dark Knight Tragedy Ice-T Said He’ll Turn In His Guns When Everyone Else Does

Ice T on guns

Ice-T wears and has worn many hats. Among those fedoras and skullies is the controversial hat that once led to President George H.W. Bush speaking out against Ice T’s 1992 “Cop Killer.” Amidst the Aurora, Colorado tragedy where a gunman killed 12 people on the opening night of Dark Knight, Ice-T spoke out publicly against increased gun control legislation. In an interview with London’s Channel 4 Ice-T said the United States is based on guns. He added that if people want to kill they will do so without guns. “If somebody wants to kill people, they don’t need a gun to do it,” he said. “You can strap explosives on your body. They do that all the time.” Read more…


EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Nas Says ‘Hip-Hop Has Died Many Deaths,’ Doesn’t Get The Respect It Deserves

Six years ago Nas‘ conviction on the state of hip-hop–he believed it was dead–left several of his peers disgruntled and defensive. Ticking rap heads off aside, Hip Hop Is Dead charted at No. 1. How’s that for a non-response to the critics? On the day of his 10th album release for Life Is Good, VH1 talked with the master storyteller to find out what he thought about hip-hop today. Obviously the backlash years ago didn’t phase him because he said if he felt the genre was in trouble again, he’d say it. Again. Although he doesn’t think it’s dead right now, he thinks it has died many deaths. Read more…


It’s All About Having A “Good Time” When You’re Twentysomething Year Old Carly Rae Jepsen And Adam Young Of Owl City

When is life not a good time when you’re a twentysomething rising star? For the visual to “Good Time,” Carly Rae Jepsen and Owl City‘s Adam Young take a quick trip to a cabin in the woods with their other twentysomething friends all looking to have a blast. By day the group rock out in the car while road tripping. Once they’ve arrived they take their slushies to the wilderness to trollop through the pebbles and swamp barefoot. By night they build a campfire and pitch a tent. But not to be confused with a regular weekend in the woods only complete by roasting s’mores (although they do that too!). CRJ and Adam Young have a full-out party, making it a good time to remember. Read more…


Trey Songz Is In Love, And It’s “Simply Amazing”

Trey Songz is in love. Well, at least he is in the video to “Simply Amazing” from the upcoming Chapter V release. Trigga man is all about sensuality, affection and adoration as he sings, “She ain’t perfect, but she’s worth it.” Off the beautiful shore of the beach Trey carries his woman around playfully, gazing at the blue ocean as a couple. They cuddle and bike ride together; and when they’re apart a quick video chat is in order. It’s all so reminiscent of the butterflies in one’s stomach feeling during the early days of something new. The cuteness of this video will make single ladies wish they had their very own Trey while the men will contemplate making it official up with one of their summer beaus. But that feeling may only last for a quick minute before it’s back to the benefits of being free in the summer, summer, summertime. At least Trey made love look sexy, even if only temporarily. Read more…


Bruce Springsteen Wasn’t Just A Partying Rockstar In the 80s, He Battled Depression And Suicidal Thoughts

Bruce Springsteen battled depression & suicidal thoughts

Legendary Bruce Springsteen is still touring and making No. 1 albums at age 62. He’s such a boss that at the Hard Rock Calling concert in England he brought out Sir Paul McCartney, only to have the plug pulled mid set due to a bloody noise curfew rule. Shame on the London police for messing with history! In the new issue of the esteemed New Yorker, Springsteen’s life is chronicled in a 15,000 word profile detailing his childhood in New Jersey to his Wrecking Ball tour. One of the biggest revelations sprawled from the profile was his suicidal thoughts and depression. Springsteen’s longtime friend and biographer, Dave Marsh, said Springsteen has been seeing a therapist since 1982. To which we say, kudos to him! Read more…


Nothing Better Than A “Birthday Song” For 2 Chainz And Kanye West To Request A Big Booty Girl

Birthday Song

It’s raining G.O.O.D. Music news today. Earlier today the official release date (September 4th) for Cruel Summer was announced. Not only can we start marking off calendar days for the label’s first compilation album, 2 Chainz‘s “Birthday Song” featuring Kanye West is being streamed by Fader magazine right now. Tonight at midnight the song from 2 Chainz’s forthcoming Based On A T.R.U. Story will be available on iTunes. In the meantime listen to the potential breakout artist of the year rap, “all I want for my birthday is a big booty gul” (that’s his southern pronunciation of girl). This southern gal knows. Read more…


A Year Since Amy Winehouse’s Death: Dad Says It’s Difficult To Listen To Back To Black

She was a young 27 when she passed away a year ago today. Amy Winehouse was the bluesy soulful British singer, songwriter who was already being considered a musical genius, or at least on her way to becoming one. Only two albums in she became a household name–one that rappers collaborated with and singers admired. Her second album Back to Black led to five Grammy awards making her the first British female singer to win that many. There were definitely some troubled days in Amy’s life as she battled with drugs and alcohol. However, in Spin’s rare behind the scenes footage of Amy during a photo shoot in 2007 shot by then-husband Blake Fielder-Civil, her troubled days seem to be washed away with nothing but remnants of happiness. Read more…


Future, Diddy And Ludacris Rap And Show Off Money At The “Same Damn Time”

With Future‘s “Same Damn Time” catchy summer track, he pretty much has anyone that’s cool writing, talking or tweeting “at the same damn time” in the context of their conversation. For example, Rihanna tweeted an Instagram photo with the caption: “Last year, same damn time!” Frank Ocean tweeted, “at the same damn time” as its own sentence. So you see where we’re going with this. It’s a catchphrase phenomenon! For the remix Future enlisted the number one badboy, Diddy himself, and Ludacris. Diddy snapped in a way we haven’t heard him spit since “All About the Benjamins.” Read more…


Big Sean Thinks “Mercy” Should Be The Song Of The Summer Because…It’s Music You Can Literally Do Everything To

If there’s one place to see fresh faced young talent it’s the annual Teen Choice Awards. Always filled with fun surprises and performances, this year the five cutest moments, which was pretty hard to narrow down, and the worst dressed celebs who get an A for effort, were some of the highlights. But on the red carpet is where the special magic happened when we chatted with Carly Rae Jepsen and Big Sean about their picks for VH1‘s Song of the Summer. Read more…