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20 Women Whose Careers Popped Because Of A Man


Don’t wave your ‘this is sexist’ flags just yet. At least hear us out. We haven’t gone all Tommy Mottola or Clive Davis on you by claiming these women owe their success to men. Woosah.

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Chris Brown’s “That’s My P—y” Rant Keeps On Giving

Just another Saturday for Chris Brown and his peeps partying it up in Hollywood when Chris tells the guys in the crowd they have to make it known to all other men who may be checking for their girl, “Don’t make me have to tell you again, but that’s my p—y, baby.” Read more…


Mariah Carey Is Overcome By Emotion In “Almost Home”

Mariah Carey‘s “Almost Home” video has great classic Mariah moments–and by great, we mean hilariously awkward. Nothing about the video or message of the song is supposed to be funny, but that doesn’t keep one from letting out a chuckle accompanied by an endearing, “Oh, Mariah.” Read more…


Surprising To No One, Kendrick Lamar Lands At #1 On “Hottest MCs In The Game VIII” List

The good kid from a m.A.A.d city tops MTV’s controversial “Hottest MCs in the Game VIII” as expected. Amidst the drama surrounding the list–Drake‘s subliminal, Kanye vs. Sway vs. TV, A$AP Rocky’s rant–the number one spot is indisputable. Read more…


Mariah Carey On Big Morning Buzz Live Talks Oz The Great And Powerful

Mariah Carey called into Big Morning Buzz Live this morning sounding a little groggy probably from handling “dem babies.” But even the early morning rasp when she told Carrie Keagan, “It’s nice to talk to you darling” has us envisioning dazzling glitter. Read more…


The Real Story Behind The 36″ TV Kanye Gave Sway

Sway‘s very first old school bulky 36″ TV that Kanye gave him, and wanted him to remember, made its debut on RapFix Live to which everyone watching collectively thought, “That’s the old thing Kanye’s whining about?” Read more…


Kendrick Lamar Tells VH1 The Verses On “Poetic Justice” Are About ‘Specific People’

Kendrick Lamar said he and Drake‘s verses on “Poetic Justice” are talking about specific people. Somewhere the ladies the rappers are referencing are bragging, “Girl, you know Drake’s/Kendrick’s talking about me in that song, right?” Read more…