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The Return of Elvis Presley In Hologram Form

Elvis Presley Hologram In the Works

Thanks to Dr. Dre’s resurrection of Tupac at Coachella, the popularity of holograms of deceased artists is only going to continue to grow. CNN’s Marquee Blog reports the Elvis Presley hologram is on its way. It’s the return of Elvis, y’all. And his resurgence isn’t exclusive to performances only. According to CORE Media Group, which has partnered with Digital Domain Media Group (the same company that created the Tupac hologram), Elvis’ image will be used for “a range of entertainment projects – from shows and appearances to film, TV and multi-platform productions throughout the world,” according to a released statement. Can we say cha-ching? Read more…


Storytellers: Norah Jones Sneak Peek: Does “Don’t Know Why” Have A Dirty Double Meaning?

Don’t expect Norah Jones to give away the entire story behind the conception of her songs on this Friday’s VH1 Storytellers: Norah Jones. Don’t fret, folks. In the way she shared how “Happy Pills” came to fruition, she will give interesting details on select songs, but what she doesn’t want to do is tell so much that it becomes boring. “It kind of takes the magic out of the song,” she told us. Read more…


It’s Time For War In Fun.’s “Some Nights”

There’s a bloody war occurring in Fun.’s “Some Nights” video. Director Anthony Mandler recreates images of the Civil War, which could easily represent any war in history. The premise of the cinema-like video is that war tragically takes a toll on life and love. One minute life can be as pleasant as watching horses in the pasture or dancing with a girl, as the opening scene shows, and within a flash the boys and men are off for battle. Read more…


Ciara’s Back With New Single “Sweat” Featuring 2 Chainz

Ciara's Back with new music "Sweat"

When Ciara debuted “Goodies” and “1,2 Step” in 2004 she quickly rose to stardom. Not long after the commercial success the comparisons to the late incomparable Aaliyah began due to their similar tomboy yet still sexy swag, along with their remarkable dance skills. But by her third and fourth albums Ciara was struggling to figure out where she fit as an artist in the ever evolving music industry. It’s been two years since her last album Basic Instinct. Despite the smash single “Ride” the album was far from a commercial success. Two years have passed and she’s finally back with her latest single “Sweat” from the forthcoming album One Woman Army. For this dance track she enlisted 2 Chainz, one of the hottest rappers around. Read more…


Robin Thicke’s Duets Partners Had To Love Soul Music

For Robin Thicke Mary J. Blige and Method Man’s collaboration on “All I Need” changed his perspective on duets forever. He probably never imagined he’d think of performing it as a judge on ABC’s Duets, which he ultimately decided against. When charged with finding partners for the show, Thicke was looking for some pretty specific requirements. We’ll give you a hint. His partner had to be a woman. We caught up with the R&B singer to find out what the must-haves on his list were. Read more…


Nicki Minaj Does Interview With Hot 97’s Competitor, Calls Lil’ Kim Irrelevant, Says She Wasn’t Going To Perform “Starships”

Nicki Talks To 105.1 About Her Absence at Summer Jam

The plot thickens in the case of the missing Barb from Sunday’s Hot 97 Summer Jam concert. Last night Nicki Minaj called in to Hot 97 to clear the air with Funkmaster Flex about not performing after feeling disrespected by Peter Rosenberg. Per Nicki called in to 97.1’s competitor station, 105.1, to speak to The Breakfast Club this morning, hours after her 55 minute radio interview with Flex. The rivalry between the two New York hip-hop and R&B stations runs deep. Don’t believe us? Ask former archenemies Nas and Jay-Z. Read more…


Vh1 Storytellers Sneak Peek: Norah Jones Purposely Made “Happy Pills” A Mean Song

We’re beyond ecstatic for the premiere of VH1 Storytellers: Norah Jones this Friday. The video to “Happy Pills” may have been about revenge and murder, but in this sneak peek she says the inspiration for the song originated from a far less dramatic place. As far as we know there was no real revenge plot she concocted to get back at a cheating husband as the video shows. It all started from her hunger. No, really. Read more…


Kanye West Curses Out Fan During Watch The Throne Paris Tour, Says ‘You’re Gonna Get F*cked Up’

Do not distract Kanye West while he’s performing unless you’re prepared for the sheer embarrassment of being cursed out in front of a crowd of thousands. During the Paris stint of Kanye and Jay-Z’s Watch The Throne tour, the Chicago rapper stopped the show for one harmless (maybe annoying) fan. Each show has created quite a bit of buzz whether it was for performing “N*ggas in Paris” 11 times, or for the A-list celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow (who found herself in hot water after tweeting the n-word) and Beyoncé in the front row. In the latest saga of Watch The Throne in Paris headlines, Kanye goes “H.A.M.” on a fan. Read more…


Nicki Minaj vs. Hot 97’s Funkmaster Flex And The Argument Of Real Hip-Hop

Nicki vs. Funkmaster Flex on Hot 97 SummerJam

Radio vs. hip-hop beef continues between Hot 97 radio and Nicki Minaj after Lil Wayne pulled all of Young Money from Sunday’s Summer Jam concert due to DJ Peter Rosenberg’s comment that “Starships” wasn’t real hip-hop. Last night Nicki called in to Hot 97 to speak to Funkmaster Flex (who was very vocal in shading her at Summer Jam). According to Flex the two exchanged a few heated emails before they could both calm down enough to have a live phone conversation. Emotions were high between the rapper and DJ host as both tried to argue their points regarding the bottomline: should Nicki have performed anyway against her boss’ orders, or is her decision justified? Read more…