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Do You Love Mariah’s “Almost Home?” [POLL]


Confession: We liked Mariah Carey‘s “Triumphant” from her forthcoming project despite the disappointment loads of music critics felt. “Almost Home” from Oz The Great and Powerful soundtrack was gifted to the digital world a day early which promotes the upcoming film and Mariah’s album. While “Almost Home” shows off Mariah’s one of a kind powerhouse vocals the song itself is missing what tends to make a Mariah song stick. Read more…


Lil Wayne’s Stirring Up Marital Issues For Chris Bosh While Drake Wants No Parts Of The NBA Vs. Wayne Beef

Lil Wayne must be to the point in his career where he has zero effs to give about losing fans. Last week it was the disgusting Emmett Till lyrics on Future‘s “Karate Chop” that offended even Stevie Wonder. His latest antics include a tirade against the Miami Heat with the ultimate diss against one of its players. Read more…


EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Jermaine Dupri Has A Few Words About Whether The Grammys Shows Enough Love To Hip-Hop And R&B


Jermaine Dupri‘s been making hits and superstars since the early 90s when you couldn’t escape hearing his voice on a record dropping the infamous “So So Def” tag. When the music mogul talks you listen. After sitting down with him here in New York City yesterday, we learned how his feelings on how the Grammys recognize hip-hop and R&B are too (un)politically correct for Twitter. Read more…