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Today In Best Of’s: PopDust, New York Times And Your Facebook Friends Weigh In On The Year In Music

Another day, some more Best Of 2012‘s! The enthusiasts over at Popdust keep close tabs on all of pop music’s going-on’s and their list is accordingly thorough, including all the big names as well as a handful of gems we hadn’t expected but are happy to see make the cut. have done a heroes job and turned their list into a YouTube playlist as well as a Spotify playlist so you really have no excuse not to enjoy it. Their top 10 looks like this:

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SPOILER ALERT: 7 Amazing Things That Apparently Happen During Shania Twain: Still The One At Casears Palace

Shania Twain: Still The One, Twain’s brand new Vegas spectacular opened to rave reviews this past weekend. Really! The New York Times loved it, calling Shania “comfortable and strong” and declaring that the show truly lives up to Vegas standards. That Celine slot is a tough ones to fill, especially when you’re used to wearing cowboy boots.

What else appears during Shania: Still The One? The reviews written so far give a good idea of what to expect–and even if you’re not planning on going, why you should book your flight, like, now:


1. She appears riding a motorcycle through the air.

From The Las Vegas Sun:

It morphed into a roaring double-ton, high-speed motorcycle ride through a video tunnel to reveal her flying in on the souped-up chopper above the stage. Whereas Cher came in by basket, Shania amped it up with a heavy, horsepower, hammer-down throttle aerial assault.

From an Instagram of the Shania: Still The One program:

There are still SIX MORE THINGS!

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And The Highest Paid Musician Of 2012 Is….Dr. Dre?

The Forbes list of the highest paid musicians is out and if you’re not familiar with the finances of your favorite artists, there might be some surprises in there. Firstly, everyone’s favorite non-practicing self-proclaimed Dr. Dre is at the top of the list. Why? His album is forever delayed! Ah but you forget: Actual music doesn’t pay that much anymore.

Dre’s bundle of cash ($110 million to be more specific) is mostly due to the overwhelmingly popular Beats By Dre line of audio electronics–Forbes reports: “He collected $100 million pretax when handset maker HTC paid $300 million for a 51% stake in the company last year, at the beginning of our scoring period; he and his partners later bought back half of what they sold.” So if Dre’s long-awaited, many-times-pushed-back album never actually comes to fruition, you know who to blame. Blame HTC and the millions of people rocking those Beats headphones across the globe. Those bragging rights that come from hip-hop songs about cars and clothes and girls? Dre doesn’t need them anymore.

Just who else was in the top 10?

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A Britney Spears And Electronics Gift Guide According To The Futuristic Product Placement In Scream & Shout”

Last night’s X-Factor premiered the new Britney Spears/ video “Scream & Shout” and even though the song’s not festive in any holiday-specific manner, there’s definitely a slew of specifically placed electronics that you might want to add to your Xmas shopping list. Don’t get me wrong,’s not shilling any liquor brands, but he does show off a white Maserati and I have a feeling his new signature hat (with the fangs!) will be sold in stores near you. What Will did place throughout the video were shots of pretty cool (and high-tech!) electronics–everything from an iPad typewriter to a bionic hand–stuff that you could buy in stores right alongside stuff that you could only dream of owning.

But let’s say you did let (and Brit) choose your gifts this year. What should you be buying?

What: Yep, that’s an iPad plugged into a typewriter, typing out the lyrics to “Scream & Shout” as you gasp in steampunk-ish horror:

Cost: Sorry, you can’t buy one of these just yet. But you can DIY it

Got your shopping list handy?

by (@lindseyweber) And Britney Spears “Scream & Shout” Video Was Made To Be GIF’d

It’s all eyes on (and 2.0, and 3.0, and…) and Britney Spears (and Britney 2.0, and Britney 3.0, and…), bitch, who get multiplied many times over in the glitz-ed out new video for “Scream & Shout,” the latest single off the Black Eyed Peas frontman’s upcoming solo album #willpower. The video giddily indulges’s future fetish; and much like his album was named to be tweeted, it was made to be .GIF-ed.

For example, the song’s titular command:

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Steven Tyler Apologizes To Nicki Minaj, But Insists That He’s Not A Racist

American Idol producers might want to drag another chair up to the judges’ table, because Steven Tyler has landed himself in the drama-fest and the already sure to be explosive season might be more fun yet if they leave him put, don’t you think?

As you’ll recall, Tyler said over the weekend that Nicki Minaj would have sent Bob Dylan “to the cornfield” had he turned up to try out. Nicki of course thinks otherwise, and said as much on Twitter, where she suggested that the comment might have been racially motivated. And almost as soon as she hit send on that last one, Tyler was on television apologizing.

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Rita Ora To Make Her Big Screen Debut In The Fast And The Furious 6, But Rumor Has It Rihanna Wanted The Role

Rita Lands Fast and the Furious 6 Role

Oh, brother. Did Rita Ora land the role Rihanna secretly coveted in the forthcoming The Fast and the Furious 6? Hopefully this is just another silly ploy by the tabloids to create a non-existent chick beef between the singers. The fact is: Rita Ora did nail her audition enough to snag a role in the sixth flick in the series that shall never end. Read more…

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Forever Merry, Mariah Carey Rings In The Holiday Season At Rockefeller Center With “All I Want For Christmas Is You”

The lights, the trees, all the other Christmas songs — nothing gets me feeling festive quite like Mariah Carey‘s modern classic “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” a song I enjoy all year round and with particular joy this time of the year. And so Thanksgiving has come and gone, and you all have probably been brimming with holiday joy for almost a week now, but I am only just now beginning because I needed this to happen before I could begin on my festivities:

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There’s A Lot Yasiin Bey AKA Mos Def Doesn’t Like On “I Don’t Like” Freestyle

Yasiin Bey "I Don't Like" Freestyle

Now that Yasiin Bey has championed to get people to stop calling him Mos Def he’s focused on the music. And Yasiin has not one solitary ounce of care to give about offending anyone with his latest freestyle over the Chief Keef turned Kanye West “I Don’t Like” beat. And he’s an equal opportunity offender. From tossing around the word cracker and Natzi to going in on how he doesn’t like fake thug rappers, everyone is fair game. Read more…

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CeeLo’s Christmas Celebrations Include Muppets With iPhones And Sexy Giraffes

Not so surprisingly, CeeLo doesn’t celebrate X-Mas like you or I. With his new holiday album, Cee Lo’s Magical Moment, he’s got a few traditions of his own–and they span all the way from wholesome fun with The Muppets to hot air ballon rides with bikini-wearing giraffes. Thanks to “This Christmas” and “All I Need Is Love” each getting their own video, CeeLo’s smartly flooding the market (that’s the “All I Want For Christmas Is You” Market, FYI).

In “All I Need Is Love”, which will forever be known as “Wait, remember that Christmas song CeeLo did where he used The Muppets theme song?” everyone’s celebrating the holiday with gifts and cheer. One Muppet even got an iPhone:

CeeLo’s got a Muppet twin.