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Was Justin Bieber’s Brooklyn Debut A Little Sluggish Due To Selena Gomez Break Up Woes?

Justin Bieber‘s Believe tour made a brief stop in Brooklyn last night, filling the seats of the newly-opened Barclays with teens and their chaperons–along with a slew of slightly older fans, the ones who noticeably sit down during the slow songs. You could say I was amongst that second crew, although I did plaster temporary tattoos that read “I <3 Justin Bieber” all over my face as to better camouflage myself in with the crowd. But there are things that divided us (beer, mostly) and as it turns out temporary tattoos are extremely difficult to get off of your face.

Believe is a masterpiece of lights and sound and spectacle, all focused on spreading the gospel of self-confidence and the rags-to-riches tale that is The Justin Bieber Story. Not to mention, the fact that Bieb is now a person in his late teens who has developed quite the impressive physique. On two occasions, while strapping himself into a harness, Bieb lifted up his shirt to reveal a bare stomach causing a flurry of deafening screams. Toward the end of the set, he donned a zipped open jacket that revealed what seemed to be a six to eight pack of abs.

When during Bieber’s rendition of “One Less Lonely Girl” he brought up an actual “lonely girl” to sit terrified in a chair made of stereo speakers while he danced around her, there was a spark missing. She sobbed while he expertly glossed through the song, occasionally mock stroking her tear-stained face. And while Bieb attracted quite crew of famous people (even Jay-Z was in the house!), I could sense the sadness. Sadness related to his recent break up with fellow teen sensation Selena Gomez? Maybe! There was something a little off about his 1, 2 step, a little too real in his audience call-outs asking, “Where are my single ladies tonight?” to an answer of thunderous (and by that I mean thunder LIKE  YOU’VE NEVER HEARD) screams.

Here let me show you.

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ThisIsMyJam: What Is VH1 Listening To? Find Out!

All day long we’re scouting out the newest, hottest, best, most-interesting songs to please your eardrums. You can find evidence of that on your TV, along your Twitter, across the newsfeed of your Facebook and even right in this very blog. But what about your jams? Those jams that are the jams–the ones that define a moment, a feeling, a topical holiday, anything that makes you wanna say: “This is my song and it’s AWESOME.” That’s where ThisIsMyJam comes into play. Literally.

ThisIsMyJam lets you choose that song you’re feeling, declare to the world that it’s your JAM and we’re excited that we can do the same. So sign up and join us in sharing some of the coolest music. We’ll be sharing songs that coincide with stuff that’s going on with VH1–everything from artist we love, new stuff we think you should hear and the songs you might have heard in some of our shows. So far we’ve recommended songs by Michael Kiwanuka, Young Jeezy and Marina + The Diamonds.

Go visit ThisIsMyJam and tell us what you’re listening to. 

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Both Rihanna and Azealia Banks Surf The Web IRL, Get Slack From Internet Artists

Just hours after Rihanna performed her single “Diamonds” on Saturday Night Live in front of a backdrop seemingly pulled right off Tumblr dashboards, Azealia Banks dropped a music video for “Atlantis” that featured similar Lisa-Frank-Meets-Seapunk aesthetics. Was it purely coincidence or did Rihanna’s SNL performance and Azealia Banks’ new video for “Atlantis” both pull from the same Internet aesthetic? And do either of them have to answer to the crew of Internet artists that have been calling foul?

You be the judge.

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Forget About Wardrobe, Taylor Swift Is All About The Guitar Change On Her VH1 Storytellers

Did you watch Taylor Swift‘s VH1 Storytellers? If you missed it, check out the entire show here. If you caught it, you might have been disappointed that Taylor only rocked one frock for the entire session. She did, however, channel those missing colors into her guitar(s) — which changed almost as often as the song — from silver glitter to cerulean blue.

Of course we have the screenshots…

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Charli XCX’s New Mixtape Super Ultra Is A Must-Download And It’s Free So You Have No Excuses

Charli XCX takes pop up a notch, working with Brooke Candy (of Grimes‘ “Genesis” fame) and a slew of beats including stuff from How to Dress Well, Art of Noise and Jakwob. For starters, she’s British and some people call what she does “goth-pop” — whatever that means. All I know is that her stuff is moody and danceable: a rarity to be sure. Super Ultra is exactly that, and Charli just wants people to be happy:

I guess that’s all just personal shit though. I don’t want people to be sad when they listen to SUPER ULTA… I want them to be happy, and I want them to dance. No one dances in this town anymore.

So do her a favor and dance while you check out Charli’s newest mixtape and download it (for free!) on Soundcloud:


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Ke$ha Submits Her Illuminati Application Complete with Triangles, Orgies And Cops in “Die Young”

As you might have imagined, Ke$ha‘s newest is full of debauchery, as is her usual neon-heavy style. Instead of unicorns, glitter and James Van Der Beek, this time she’s enlisted a band of spookily attractive dances to writhe around the desert–while K$ poses on a mattress and dances in front of a pentagram. It. Is. Awesome.  

Is Ke$ha part of the Illuminati? Is she involved in some sort of witchcraft? Or is she just super trendy? We’ll never truly know, but the new video for Super Earworm “Die Young” features an overwhelming amount of geometry–everything from the magic triangle…

Coming to an Urban Outfitters sale section near you.

…to the mystical pentagram…


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Happy 45th Birthday David Guetta, Here Are A Bunch Of GIF(T)s We Got For You

GIF’d by Bobby Finger

It’s your favorite floppy-haired DJ’s 45th birthday and we’re pretty sure we have the perfect GIF(t). You’re not reading that wrong, our friends over at Guetta GIFs have shared a few of their all-time favorite GIFs for G’s b’day — featuring David Guetta doing all his most signature moves. What are those moves, you might ask?

Let us show you…

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Rihanna’s “Unapologetic” Track List Released, Includes Some Impressive Collaborations

With her Diamonds World Tour about to kick off, Rihanna Instagrammed a photo of the track list for Unapologetic causing immediate speculation on every level.

Here it is deciphered from her handwriting:

1. “Fresh Out the Runway”
2. “Diamonds”
3. “Numb” (ft. Eminem)
4. “Pour It Up”
5. “Loveeeeeee Song” (ft. Future)
6. “Jump”
7. “Right Now”
8. “What Now”
9. “Stay” (ft. Mikky Ekko)
10. “Nobodies Business” (ft. Chris Brown)
11. “Love Without Tragedy” / “Mother Mary”
12. “Get It Over With”
13. “No Love Allowed”
14. “Lost in Paradise”
15. “Half of Me” (Bonus Track)



Let’s go over what we’ve got on this track list…

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Angel Haze Takes On Missy Elliott’s “Gossip Folks” And More Than Does It Justice

Listen up: Angel Haze is rhyming over some of the classics, not only invoking nostalgia for the greats (See: Lauryn Hill‘s “Do Wop (That Thing)”, Missy Elliott‘s “Gossip Folks”) but also reworking some of the more recent greats (See: Eminem‘s “Cleaning Out My Closet”, Lupe Fiasco‘s “Bitch Bad”) on her new mixtape Classick. Haze isn’t simply repeating old verses, she’s adding her own unique spin to every track. And she just so happens to spin really quickly. It’s awesome.

Watch the video for “Gossip Folks” above, and download the entire mixtape here.

Read more…

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Why Do All Of The Puppies In This “One Direction And Puppies” Photoshoot Look Upset?

Firstly, there’s nothing smarter than pairing the adorable lads of One Direction with some adorable puppies. Whoever had that idea, I applaud you. And so does the Internet! We all congratulate you on picking the perfect concept for a magazine cover.

Meanwhile, could somebody cheer up those puppies? All of these adorable dogs look upset.

There’s even more! I’m heading over now with some puppy treats and a lint roller.

[Photo from Wonderland Magazine via Mirror UK]