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These Outfits Prove Everyday Is Halloween When You’re Katy Perry

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By now, we can expect any given Katy Perry outfit to resemble rainbows, butterflies, traffic cones or all of the above combined. She makes it like your birthday everyday. But after taking a look back at some of the most ridiculous getups the pop star has worn, it seems like Halloween needs to be swapped into those lyrics pronto. Seriously, who would actually wear this stuff in public other than the one night it’s socially acceptable to? You’re a pop star, Katy Perry. Not a fairy. Not a sexy school girl. And most definitely not Miss Chiquita Banana.

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“X”-Out Your Profile To Unlock Exclusive Aloe Blacc Content + Help Put An End To Smoking

The end of the year is near and we all know what that means, the You Oughta Know Live In Concert is just around the corner. Along with ten other amazing acts, Aloe Blacc is confirmed to perform, but prepping for this concert is not all he’s up to over the next month. Aloe Blacc is on board to help end smoking, and he wants you to help, too.

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10 Rappers Who Are Way Too Quick To Beef


Artists have recently become a lot more sensitive to unkind jabs from their music peers, randos on the internet, and even totally non-existent slights. Simple misunderstandings have resulted in epic Twitter bombs and brutal Instagram comments that make headlines. The rap game is full of braggadocio, so we’re wondering why some MCs are getting so offended! We get that they’re artists and touchy about their ish (ode to Erykah Badu), but we’re not sure if dumb comments deserve such an extreme response. From corny rap beefs to random social media rants, here are some rappers we think need to get a thicker skin.

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