“Madonna” talks The Oscars, ‘Birdman,’ & Bradley Cooper

By Madonna

The hills are alive…

They’re alive, alright….with the sound of annoyance. -le sighs- Anyway, this year I found the Oscars very…very…what’s the word in peasant terms; ah yes, boring. I was not amused. Off with their heads. Each and every one of them. Haha. I’m joking, but I’m not not. -scoffs-

I have a question: how many of you pre-ordered my album, Rebel Heart? I’m waiting for an answer. Tick-tock-tick-tock-tick-tock. I remember saying that on one of my songs….my brain is frozen.

Thank you all for your video submissions and questions via YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. #MadonnaDearest has truly been a ray of light.

Okaaaayyyy. Leave me alone now. Why aren’t any of you leaving me alone?

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John Petrucci Of Dream Theater Talks Tone And Technique In ‘That Metal Gear’

As any self-respecting metalhead knows, That Metal Show returned to VH1 Classic last Saturday night, kicking off season 14 in a supremely rocking fashion. One of the highlights was special musical guest John Petrucci of progressive metal standard-bearers Dream Theater. Petrucci is known for his impeccable technique and adventurous approach to guitar sounds. We were fortunate enough to corner him for a brand new installment of That Metal Gear, where we talk to TMS’ musical guests about how the got started on their instruments and what equipment they use to achieve their legendary tones.  Read more…

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From Amy Winehouse To ‘Uptown Funk,’ Mark Ronson Talks His Musical Evolution In ‘Playback’ Premiere

For seven weeks (but who’s counting?) Mark Ronson has ruled the Billboard Hot 100 with “Uptown Funk,” the deliriously dance-y Bruno Mars collaboration destined to become this year’s party anthem. More than a great song, the track represents an important triumph of live instrumentation in an industry where sampling and computer-generated sounds are running rampant. In the debut episode of VH1′s new interview feature Playback, the super-producer sounds off on creating an antidote to “crazy steroid-sounding music.”

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Nick Jonas’ Cover Of Kanye West’s “Only One” Is Better Than The Original

We were surprised by the level of intimacy in Kanye West‘s “Only One” back when he first dropped the track. We were also surprised to hear him singing, but less surprised that he was majorly auto-tuned. Now Nick Jonas has given us his version of Kanye’s personally resonant track, and we’re amazed at how easily Nick makes it his own.

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