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The Ladies of VH1 Reveal Their First Video Vixen Crush

In honor of Video Vixens Month, the women of VH1 reveal the ever-so-sexual hunks in trunks that first caught their eye. Yes, we’re guilty of being completely envious of stars like Katy Perry, Janet Jackson and Britney Spears who have rolled around and had all sorts of fun with our favorite male models, but recalling the details of these steamy videos makes us feel like we were part of the action. What? A girl can dream…

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INTERVIEW: Ace Frehley On His New Album And What Went Wrong At The Rock Hall Of Fame

It’s not uncommon to hear fans opine that the best Kiss album isn’t a Kiss album at all, but is actually the 1978 solo album from their extraterrestrial former-lead guitarist Ace Frehley. So it was welcome news when Ace let it be known that he was looking back to that first solo album while putting together his latest, entitled Space Invader, which came out last week. Read more…

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Drake and Nicki Minaj: Lyrical References That Prove These Two Belong Together


Before there was Drake and Rihanna, there was Drake and Nicki Minaj -so Barbs and Drake stans would like to believe. Since becoming a part of Young Money, we’ve heard Drizzy profess his admiration for Nicki and her ass(ets) on songs, and seen them get flirty on and off stage.

Although she’s emphasized that Drake is like her brother, we often wonder what love between these two would look like. We got a little taste when Drake played her love interest in “Moment 4 Life” video, and don’t forget the infamous photo of Nicki straddling the Toronto rapper during her set at this year’s Hot 97’s Summer Jam. But she really set Instagram on fire when she posted photos of her giving Drake a lap dance as teasers for her new video “Anaconda.” The silhouette screams yesss lawd. Label mates aside, we think these two would make a super cute couple.

Here’s our glossary of lyrical exchanges that prove these two are meant to be!

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Amber Rose Shows Off Her Butt in Blinged-Out Gown + More of What You Missed on Instagram, VMA Edition

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The 2014 MTV Video Music Awards took over television last night, and the stars stepped out dressed to impress. In addition to crying over the Carter family and twerking along to Nicki Minaj there were plenty of moments to be savored behind the scenes. Luckily, the celebs didn’t leave their phones at home.

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Music Moments From 1989 That We Don’t Want Taylor Swift To Celebrate

Taylor Swift 1989 top

In case you were vacationing under a rock last week, Taylor Swift released a catchy new single, “Shake It Off,” and announced a forthcoming LP called 1989. We can’t wait to hear the whole album, which the singer says was inspired by all of the great pop music from the year of her birth. She has called the late 1980s “a time of limitless potential,” full of “bright colors, bold choices, [and] rebellion.” Her new video even pays homage to some trends from that era, with Swift incorporating b-boys and Toni Basil-style cheerleading into the clip.

While Swift is totally right about music’s high points in 1989, we started to have flashbacks about some of the moments that should definitely stay in the past. Whether cheesy fads or serious snubs, there are things we hope Swift doesn’t touch upon as she shows props for her birth year. Considering she was only alive for 18 days of the ’80s, we’d decided to make her a handy list of musical moments to avoid at all costs!

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7 Times We Couldn’t Understand What The Hell Ariana Grande Was Saying

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By Christopher Rosa 

Ariana Grande fans, rejoice— the pint-sized pop star’s sophomore album My Everything is out this week. (Well…erm, it technically leaked last week, but we’re sure no one downloaded it then, right? That would be naughty.) The follow-up to last year’s Yours Truly shows nice change in Grande’s style; she’s dipping her toes in EDM and and retro-pop alongside her specialty brand of Mariah Carey-like fare. But one thing certainly hasn’t changed: Grande’s “What the heck is she saying!?” enunciation. She needs a diction coach. Stat.

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