Old Is The New New: 10 Classic Artists That Influenced Current Musical Trends

There’s a common belief among music fans, critics and artists alike that there is nothing completely original in music. Even the most unique artists are influenced by their peers and their sounds can be traced back to the pioneers before them, going so far back as the classical music of Bach and Beethoven. So when we discuss current music trends, it’s only natural that we look to the artists and bands from past decades to see where these sounds and ideas were really first generated. From The Band to Talking Heads, Hall & Oates to Black Sabbath, there’s a multitude of classic artists whose sound, lyrics and overall vibe can be heard amongst the popular music trends of today. Read more…


Every Reason Why This Fall Is Going To Be Amazing For Music


This fall marks music’s most anticipated season so far, thanks to the release of multiple long-awaited albums. Prince will drop not one but TWO new albums, Lil Wayne will finally unleash The Carter V, Charli XCX will emerge from the sidelines with Sucker, and The Pinkprint from Nicki Minaj will without a doubt come with more fire than any other previous album. Packed into a mere three months, fall music is about to dominate so clear out your playlists and get ready to load up on all new material!

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Chris Brown’s Advice To Ray Rice: “It’s All About The Choices You Make And How You Control Your Anger”

Many celebrities are speaking out about domestic violence after video of NFL star Ray Rice punching his wife leaked on Monday. MTV’s Sway spoke to Chris Brown, who was charged with assaulting former girlfriend Rihanna in 2009, about the situation this week, and asked what advice he’d give to the former Ravens running back. “I think it’s all about the choices you make,” Brown said. “For anybody who’s going through that situation or anybody who’s dealing with it — it’s all about the choices. Every situation is different but it’s all about the choices you make and how you control your anger.”

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Top 20 Catches Up With Vance Joy, Nicki Minaj Gets Dissed, Iggy Azalea Talks Sex Tape + More In First Dibs!

Tune in to Top 20 Countdown tomorrow morning at 9 AM EST when host Jim Shearer sits down with September’s You Oughta Know artist Vance Joy and talks about how he would defend his girlfriend against a dog attack. No seriously. Read more…

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The 20 Greatest Eponymous Albums In Hard Rock And Heavy Metal History

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Next to picking a name for your group, choosing an album title is one of the harder things for a rock band to all agree upon. I mean, in a perfect world this is going to be your magnum opus, the album that will elevate you into the stratosphere, and then you ruin it with some lame ass title that sound like something out of Spinal Tap’s imaginary discography? Perhaps it’s no wonder then that so many rockers opt to use their actual band name as their album title (thus doubling down on the importance of picking a super cool band name). In the worlds of hard rock and heavy metal, these are often, though not exclusively, the province of debut records. Led Zeppelin started the trend with their first album from 1969 and the trend continues to this very day. Notable exceptions are Metallica‘s breakthrough “Black Album,” their fifth full length and actually titled Metallica, and Alice In Chains‘ self-titled third release. But really, it’s not the title that makes the album but the music that makes. Anyway, enough of this jibber jabber, check out 20 awesome eponymous (that’s the fancy way of saying self-titled) albums in hard rock and heavy metal history that let the music do the talking.

Hear Metallica singer James Hetfield talk about what influences went into the making of the band’s eponymous fifth album.


Song Remixes That Are Better Than The Original


It’s rare that we like a remix of a song better than the original. Remixes can sometimes change our favorite songs to pumping club bangers that are more headache inducing than anything else, and can often destroy an already superior track with dub step breakdowns. But from time to time, a remix comes along that’s so good it puts a song on the map. That’s right: there are some unique instances where a remix has actually been better than the original song. Some of these remixes are even responsible for turning sleepers into iconic hit songs.

R. Kelly knows that a remix can keep a song hot and fresh out the kitchen. Britney Spears knows that a remix can drive you crazy. Jagged Edge knows that the power of Run DMC is life altering. Even Beyonce knows that to make a song truly flawless, sometimes a remix is the ticket. While not every remix of a song is a home run, read on to find out which remixed songs were so good they eclipsed the original.