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TV Party Tonight: Top 10 Hard Rock + Heavy Metal Songs Inspired by TV Shows

tv-shows-mainBlack Flag’s signature 1984 anthem “TV Party” is rock’s ultimate send-up of boob addiction, built around a chorus of all-too-familiar universal truth: “We’ve got nothin’ better to do/Than watch TV and have a couple of brews/Don’t talk about anything else/We don’t want to know/We’re dedicated to our favorite shows!”
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‘That After Show’ With TMS Guests Zakk Wylde, Kerry King + Lzzy Hale

This year on That Metal Show we’re doing things a little differently and thinking up exciting new ways to bring you the best coverage of all things heavy metal and hard rock. One of those things is That After Show, where we keep the cameras rolling after the regular broadcast is over and let the TMS boys and their guests talk about, well, whatever the f-ck they want to talk about. This week hear Zakk WyldeKerry King, and Lzzy Hale sound off about their life in music.

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Maple the Dog Has A Love/Hate Relationship With Sam Smith


Who would of thought that the most popular music critic would be a canine? Maple the Dog is blowing up on Vine due to her viral videos of playing acoustic instruments with her owner. Not only can she play instruments well, she also critiques music. The adorable golden retriever is pretty thorough, especially when it comes to Sam Smith. It’s a love/hate relationship. See for yourself in the Vines below.

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Madonna, Jimmy Fallon & The Roots Perform “Holiday” With Classroom Instruments

Madonna made her way to The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Friday night and it was nothing less than memorable. From doing stand-up comedy to sharing Beastie Boys make out sessions, but the biggest highlight came when she, Fallon, and The Roots performed her classic hit “Holiday” with classroom instruments. It’s as great as it sounds. Watch above.


Let These Rappers In Pastel Be Your Spring Style Inspiration

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-By Ariel Morriar

Spring has finally sprung and it’s time to start shedding off that gloomy winter wardrobe and replacing it with more soft and bright colors—like pastels!

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Solange Knowles’ Business Partner Stabbed 10 Times Outside Of New Orleans Home


Solange‘s business partner and close friend, 24 year-old Armina Mussa, is currently in critical condition after being stabbed 10 times outside of her New Orleans home. reports that the incident took place Wednesday night, in the section of St Roch. The suspect, 26 year-old Arronesia Christophewas apprehended and later charged with attempted second-degree murder.

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Here’s Why Beyonce + Jay Z’s Wedding Video Shouldn’t Make You Feel Warm And Fuzzy


Beyonce and Jay Z have been married for seven years, which, considering their hectic schedules and all of the shameful rumors surrounding their relationship, is quite a milestone. Bey recently dropped a new video, filmed by Jay, in which she debuted a song called “Die With You,” written for her hubby. Jay took to Instagram a few days ago to post a 2008 clip of their secret nuptials. As a fan of both Bey and Jay, I love getting glimpses into the behind-the-scenes of the life they share. At the same time, I’m left wondering: What made this extremely private couple suddenly want to go public with their relationship?

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Watch Ed Sheeran Lose His Mind When Presented With A ‘Game Of Thrones’ Sword

If you want to watch Ed Sheeran act like the ultimate kid on Christmas morning, then look no further than this clip of the singer being presented with a replica of Jon Snow’s sword from Game Of Thrones. This moment is made possible by the kind folks at New Zealand’s The Hits Radio, who offered Ed a combo belated birthday/Game Of Thrones premiere present. Ed apparently loves swords (who knew?), and he’s also a massive GoT fan, so it stands to reason that Ed would be pretty pumped. But not even the hosts could anticipate his ultra-giddy reaction.

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