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Azealia Banks Dives Deep Into Crystal Waters’ Territory With “Luxury” Video

Though she’s been spotted all around the world — London, Paris, Milan — recently, but Azealia Banks is back and repping her hometown of New York in the new Clarence Fuller-directed video for “Luxury,” a sleek house track off of her Fantasea mixtape. The video finds her dancing on a rooftop with the Empire State Building behind her and voguing in the extra-gritty for the black-and-white streets of Chinatown, all the while looking very ninities chic like she wont be in a cropped turtleneck and suspenders. The whole affair dives deep into Crystal Waters‘ territory, Banks’ “Your l-l-l-love, my l-u-x-u-r-aye’s” mirroring Waters’s “La di da’s,” and all being just one homeless mime short of the “Gypsy Woman” video. Read more…

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Navigating The Dating Scene This Fall? Vivian Green Has Some Advice To Keep In Mind During Cuffing Season

Quick question. Would you rather be cuddled up with someone you enjoy spending time with all winter, or lonely and depressed? There’s certainly nothing wrong with flying solo, but if “lacking intimacy” doesn’t sound like your ideal set of circumstances from now through February, listen up! The primary goal during Cuffing Season is to find yourself a consistent relationship (or, at the bare minimum, a steady hookup partner) to last you through the winter months when, let’s face it, you’re more than likely gonna be stuck indoors most nights (word to snow boots, wind chill factors, and ice-glazed sidewalks).

Luckily, songstress Vivian Green recently sat down with VH1 Tuner, and just because she prefers to let her romantic life pan out organically doesn’t mean Viv was at a loss for words when we asked her to address her fans with some survival tips for entering the daunting Cuffing Season arena. In the clip above, the “Anything Out There” vocalist delivers a PSA of sorts, and her suggestions for approaching the Game of Cuffs are definitely useful to all.

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Ke$ha Finally Writes About Something We Can All Relate To — Sex With Ghosts

Do you ever brush your teeth with a bottle of Jack? Have you ever attended a party where James Van Der Beek turned into a unicorn? Would any of your friends ever describe your behavior as being like a lovesick crackhead? We’re guessing you answered “No” to all of the above, which can only mean one thing — you probably didn’t find yourself relating to many of the songs on Ke$ha‘s debut album, Animal (or its glittery follow-up, Cannibal.) Recognizing that she was suffering from what politicians often describe as a “lack of relatability,” it seems as if the Princess of GlitterVomPop has finally written a song on her new album that even the most boring of us can identify with — sex with ghosts!

Of course, we kid. No one listens to Ke$ha because they think, “Wow, that sounds exactly like the kind of autobiographical music I’d write if I decided to lay down an album.” We listen to and love Ke$ha for escapist reasons, because she’s a wild child who celebrates the “party ’til you puke” lifestyle that most of us secretly wish we had (on those weekends when we’re NOT in Vegas, we mean). So, it makes perfect sense that Ke$ha would pen a song, “Supernatural,” about getting freaky with spirits from another plane of being. She told Ryan Seacrest yesterday that the song from her upcoming album is based on “a couple of (sexual) experiences with the supernatural. I don’t know his name! He was a ghost! I’m very open to it.” Of course you’re open to sex with ghosts, Ke$ha! That’s what makes you you, and not us. Never change!

Of Course, Ke$ha Had Sex With A Ghost. It’s, Like, The Most Obvious Thing [Crushable]

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30 Iconic Lil Wayne Fashion Moments In Honor Of His 30th Birthday

In a recent interviewLil Wayne admitted that he is “just into whatever works for me. I think that’s just age.” You might say that Wayne has found inspiration in his new older age, because the baggy tees and tight white tank tops he once favored gave way to designer hoodies and rock star-chic Chuck Taylor sneakers, all of which has since made way for a closets worth of animal printed jeggings, big fur hats, Ugg boots in colors we couldn’t have even dreamed of. And have we mentioned Trukfit? These days Weezy wears a lot of his own skate wear line. Today is Lil Wayne’s 30th birthday, and though still young, he’s a certain veteran in the game. He was basically just a kid when he first broke with the Hot Boys, he’s spent the past fifteen years raising the bar for rappers with his tongue-twisted verses and pushing the boundaries of fashion with his bold sartorial choices. And so, to celebrate this day, we’re taking a stroll back through his looks over the year. To many more, Wayne!

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VH1 Unplugged: Carrie Underwood Cures Us With Her Cover of Coldplay’s “Fix You”

We’ve been struck by a bad case of Underwood fever over here at VH1, with her Behind The Music set to air this Sunday and her Unplugged ready to go live the week following, and the only thing that can fix us is this cool cover Carrie did of Coldplay‘s “Fix You.” Carrie and her crew learned the song while in London so that they could “pay tribute,” she said, becasue “they were so nice to welcome us there, and they have so much talent right there.” Carrie’s usual country twanging is as sonically distant to Coldplay’s arena rock balladry as Oklahoma is to London, but here she has managed to turn the song so that it sounds straight from her wheelhouse. Buoyed by strings and with her ever strong vocals promising to “guide us home and ignite our bones” left us chilled.

Be sure to tune-in when Behind The Music: Carrie Underwood premieres this Sunday, September 30 at 9/8c on VH1. And then check back next week when Carrie goes Unplugged on October 2 at 4pm ET on and 7pm ET on-air on VH1.
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The Truth About Love Is…The No. 1 Spot Is Always Oh So Sweet

Pink Lands No. 1 With "Truth About Love"

Months before P!nk‘s “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)” hit airwaves, what would be the singers first single from The Truth About Love was played for us in the VH1 office. Instantly we’d all concurred it was a certified banger. The type of lead that would put P!nk in a well deserved No. 1 spot. Low and behold after being in the business 13 years and six albums in P!nk has landed her first Billboard 200 No. 1 album. Billboard reports that according to Nielsen SoundScan The Truth About Love sold 280,000. Atop the charts is exactly where P!nk belongs.

This may be P!nk’s first number one, but it’s her sixth top 10 album. 2008′s Funhouse was close coming in at No. 2, but nothing’s sweeter than numero uno. The Truth About Love is this year’s third biggest debut behind only Justin Bieber’s Believe and Madonna’s MDNA. G.O.O.D. Music’s Cruel Summer presented by Kanye West copped the No. 2 spot behind P!nk impressively selling 205,000 units.

A toast is in order to P!nk, whose VH1 Storytellers episode debuts Tuesday, November 13 at 11pm ET/PT. Doesn’t matter when P!nk got to the coveted top spot. Bottom line: she got there.

Pink Earns First No. 1 Album on Billboard 200 Chart [Billboard]

[Photo: Getty Images]

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R. Kelly Keeps Whitney Houston Alive With New Duet Version Of “I Look To You”

Almost ten months after her death and since his moving performance at her funeral, the late Whitney Houston and R. Kelly have released a duet version of “I Look To You,” a song R. Kelly originally wrote for Houston’s 2009 album by the same name. Posthumous reworks are not always so easy — let Drake tell you about that — but this rework is both respectful in remembering her legacy and impressively successful in keeping her spirit alive.

This new version of “I Look To You” remembers Whitney with apparently tearful gasps strewn throughout, with a quiet “Whitney” chant and with a nice eulogy from Kelly at the end: “We love you, Whitney. Rest in peace.” What’s more, though, is the way it works to keep Whitney’s spirit alive as well. Maybe it’s because they were originally his words, or maybe it’s because he really means it (as you’ll remember, performed a heartfelt rendition of this song at Houston’s funeral earlier this year, tears choked back and with a tissue clenched tight in hand just in case), but Kelly’s involvement seems to draw forth a Whitney that sounds stronger and fuller than she did even on the original. It’s chilling to hear Whitney sing “I don’t know if I am going to make it, nothing to do but lift my head” at this point, but Kelly’s insistence that “when melodies are gone, in you I hear a song” soothes, making her instead the song’s beacon of hope. Read more…

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But Wait, There’s More! Lil Wayne Talks To God In Newly Leaked Deposition Tape

Yesterday we greedily devoured that goldmine of tapes TMZ somehow snuck from Lil Wayne’s tangled The Carter deposition hearings, and today we are happy to share the good news that there’s more.

In this new clip, filmmaker Quincy Jones III’s lawyer David Ross asks Lil Wayne if he remembers who he might have spoken to when he first realized he didn’t like The Carter. After much dodging, Weezy gives in and tells Ross that, per usual, he would have conferred first with the big man above. “The first person likely that would have been told by me would be God, because I tell him everything,” he says totally straight faced, before spelling it out “G-O-D” when Ross asked for further clarification as to “Who’s that?” exactly.

And so, Lil Wayne’s June 20th deposition hearing with lawyer David Ross, in summary: “I don’t recall … I don’t recall … That’s a stupid ass question … I don’t remember … She was crazy, stupid thick … God, G-O-D, the man above … I don’t recall.” Got it?

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Lil Wayne I Got God On Speed Dial [TMZ]

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What Do You Get When The Great Kelly Clarkson Covers The Great Adele’s “Someone Like You?” Greatness!

Goosebumps inducing is how we’d describe the great voice of Kelly Clarkson. Thanks to Kelly’s devotion to showing appreciation to her fans by selecting one of their suggested songs to cover, we’ve been treated to a plethora of amazing ones. Last night Clarkson kicked off her Australian tour in Brisbane and beautifully sang Adele‘s “Someone Like You.” Imagine covering Adele, people. Even Kelly was nervous about taking on a song by such a great vocalist. “I’ve actually been avoiding this song. Literally every fan request has had this song on the list. I’ve been avoiding it because Adele might be one of the best singers of all time,” she told the crowd. “It’s very hard to cover people that are rad. It was also a big moment in her career, but I think it’s been long enough. So, I think it’d be cool to do this song in honor of her. Hopefully I do it justice and I don’t suck.” Read more…