Music Seen: Gary Clark Jr. Is One Soulful Dude That You Oughta Know

Music Seen You Oughta Know Artist Gary Clark Jr.

It’s definitely Gary Clark Jr.’s time to shine. Our November You Oughta Know artist is the 28-year-old guitarist you’d find on stage singing the blues peppered with a bit of rock, a bit of R&B and a touch of country. His major label release Blak and Blu has been praised for its showcase of his “well-rounded tool kit.” Now we get to show you a behind-the-scenes look of Gary’s musical style.

Our fantastic photographer Jennifer Marigliano spent the day with Gary Clark Jr. trekking around New York City before the blues singer prepped for and rocked his You Oughta Know live session. Gary’s a no fuss kind of guy. It’s through his guitar all of his energy flows like a river. Read more…

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Bruno Mars Begs Favors From The “Moonshine” In New Unorthodox Jukebox Song

“Moonshine,” the latest song to leak off Bruno MarsUnorthodox Jukebox, which is out December 11th, comes complete with disco drums and a trendy, YOLO-style “We are not afraid to die young and live fast” interlude. And like he did with Sting for “Locked Out Of Heaven” and with doo-wop for “Young Girls,” “Moonshine” finds Mars grooving on the vibes of a musical god past: Michael Jackson.

“You’re the best way I know to escape the extraordinary,” Mars croons, before pivoting to seek a favor of the lunar gods: “Moonshine, you lovin’ makes me come alive/Take us to that special place/ That place we went last time.” Between this and Rihanna‘s “Diamonds,” ’tis the season for moonshine magic.

Bruno Mars — ‘Moonshine’ [Rap-Up]


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Watch MC Hammer And Psy Get Down “Gangnam Style” At The AMAs

As he has and will be called on to do at so many award shows this season, Psy closed out tonight’s American Music Awards show ceremony with his hit gone viral “Gangnam Style.” And as he has done for all performances prior, he made sure to keep things fresh with a last minute surprise  After the first round of giddy up-ing, the lights went dark and we were left to consider the possibilities — Britney’s gone Gangnam, as have Madonna and The Wanted. Psy’s “special guest” could really have been anyone but what happened was probably better than anything we could have imagined, because out stepped none less than MC Hammer. Together they performed a mash-up of Hammer’s 1991 smash hit “To Legit To Quit” and “Gangnam,” and the house — and Will.I.Am in particular — just lost it. There were a lot of performances tonight, and most of them were great, but this was something else all together. It perfect surprise to call it a night.

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Nicki Minaj Bundles Up And Performs “Freedom” For The First Time At The AMAs

All bundled up and looking mighty a white fur jacket and a pair of yeti boots, Nicki Minaj performed her new no-apologies given Re-Up track, “Freedom.” Having just picked up awards for Best Rap/Hip Hop album and Best Rap Hip Hop Artist, she put her all into rapping while mostly opting-out of singing the hook. But at the end, she was joined by a white-robbed choir and they more than managed to set the song soaring.

Nicki returned to the stage later in the evening to join Justin Bieber for “Beauty And The Beast.” And despite the week’s heart breaking news, she kept the “gotta keep an eye out for Selen-er line.”

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Watch Usher Show Off His Fitness At The AMAs

Like Kelly Clarkson did, Usher treated the American Music Awards to a medley, his compete with selections from his recent Looking 4 Myself. Being so nimble and athletic as he is, he studded the three performance with plenty of dance moves and he even took a turn on a treadmill. And none of this, nor his all leather everything outfit, kept him from hitting all the notes as he powered through “Numb,” “Climax” and “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop,” though. How’s that for fitness?

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Watch Taylor Swift Get Herself Into “Trouble” At The AMAs

Don’t let the pretty white dress and bare-lips (a rare sighting during this Red-promo round!) fool you, Taylor Swift brought plenty of “Trouble” to the American Music Awards tonight. Performing it for the first time live, tonight’s mix of the Red standout came complete with some digi hand-clapping and an orchestral undertow that the album version doesn’t have, but all the same charge when the “oh oohs” come in and the bass drops. And for the song’s final act, Taylor stripped her flouncy white dress to reveal a red and black corseted dress. Trouble? Throw in some close dancing with her masked men and a little writhing and oh, ohh, yes — this is certainly a place Tayor has never been, and we think we like it?

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Watch Kelly Clarkson Perform A Medley Of Her Greatest Hits At The AMAs

American Idol‘s longest sitting judge, Randy Jackson, appropriately introduced Kelly Clarkson tonight at the American Music Awards. Clarkson performed a medley of her biggest hits ever — “Miss Independent,” “Since U Been Gone,” “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)” and  “Catch My Breath” — in front of a fake panel of judges and with a bib boasting her winning American Idol contestant number, 2311. There were also lots of feathers and sequins on her dress and a pillow fight seemed to break out during “Since U Been Gone,” though we hardly noticed so captivated by her belting as we were. Not many can sing like Kelly and her Chapter One really was a great one — let’s send her to the next round?

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Rihanna 777 Day 4: Paris with RiRi, Diddy, Akon and Cassie? Yes Please!

The City of Love stole my heart and I will never, ever get it back. Cliche, I know, but there is something magical about Paris that you just have to experience for yourself. Add a Rihanna show and your trip is made. And then to be surprised by Diddy, Akon, Cassie, Pharrell and Omarion at the after party? Yeah, that happened. We never want to leave. Let’s start from the beginning…


Rihanna 777, Day 3: Stockholm Syndrome

Rihanna 777 Tour Day 3 Sweden

The moment we entered Berns in Stockholm last night, Day 3 of the Rihanna 777 Tour, I knew it was going to be a good night. The venue was gorg, the DJ was sick, but it was definitely the fans that caught my eye. They, were, HOT. Like, too-cool-for-school-keep-staring-at-me-I-look-better-than-you hot. And I’m like, hey-I’m-living-on-a-plane-havent-brushed-my-teeth-stop-staring-at-me not hot. ANYWAY, borderline delusional after only 2 hours of sleep, I’m sitting here thinking, dude, what happened last night? Yeah, we had a few drinks. Yeah, there was an after party. Yeah, we got crunk. But WTF Sweden? How’d you kick our butts so hard? We struggled a bit after Day 2 of the 777 Tour in Toronto, but nothing compares to the long, zombie-like faces of the 777 crew today.

Oh well, what can you do? Lets talk Rihanna. We’ve seen her perform three consecutive nights now and still can’t get enough. Last night’s show was amaze-balls. With the beautiful chandeliers, decor and all the hot people combined, there was a vibe to Ri’s set that I just couldn’t shake off. Check out the photos below and you’ll see what I mean.

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