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Not Afraid To “Die Young,” Ke$ha Keeps Partying Hard

The Queen of Shock Pop’s new single, “Die Young,” leaked yesterday and — good news! — new Ke$ha sounds a whole lot like old Ke$ha, if scrubbed of some of that glitter. We have always admired Ke$ha’s penchant for laser-y synths and apocalyptic drum beats, her half-rapped and sort of blathering vocals, and most of all her aggressively care-free spirit; and so we were a little worried that if she made an album where she gave “so many f***s,” we might not be able to dance to it. We’re worrying no more, though, as this first cut from Warrior — out December 4th — finds Ke$ha back in high wild-child style and only ever-so-slightly more matured, employing an acoustic guitars and what might be the anti-bass drop.

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“Begin Again” Is Taylor Swift’s Ode To The New Guy That Gets Her

Taylor Swift's "Begin Again"

“Then on a Wednesday, in a cafe, I watched it begin again.” Taylor Swift‘s second single “Begin Again” veers away from Red’s poppy lead. Over guitar strings Swift compares the cons of the ex guy to the pros of the new one. Swift debuted the country ballad on Good Morning America yesterday as part of her Red promotional tour. At 22 the girl-next-door singer has received massive praise for her songwriting skills–where stories of heartbreak and love flow from the ink’s pen to paper. This song is exemplary of why that praise is not undeserved. Read more…

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Frank Ocean Goes With The Flow In New Rap Song Called “Blue Whale”

Last night, just ’cause and without ceremony or comment, Frank Ocean dropped a new track called “Blue Whale”  on his Tumblr. Like Frank songs past, it’s a sort of melancholic tropical deal; unlike Frank songs past, Frank drops the sweet croon and instead raps. Frank’s flexed his rap muscles before — albeit only briefly on epic Odd Future posse track “Oldie” (at 5:17, if you’re short on time) — but this is, as far as we can tell, his first front to back rap song. It could maybe use one of his trademark hooks (what song couldn’t?), but coming off the success of Channel Orange and a string of high profile performances, the fact is that Ocean owes us nothing. So why not, like he says, “Let a relevant n***** do what a relevant n***** feel” and let him rap if he wants to?

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Fiona Apple Opens Up About Her Jail Time, Sheriff Tells Her To “Shut Up And Sing”

Oops! Last week, Fiona Apple was arrested last week for drug possession after being caught with hash at a border stop Sierra Blanca, Texas. The “Criminal” singer spent the night in Hudspeth County jail — joining the literally high company of those who have done so before her, Willie Nelson, Snoop Lion and Armie Hammer included — and was released the next morning on a $10,000 bond to a joyous choir of #FreeFiona singers. That wasn’t that, though, as Apple and her jail keepers seem to have taken up an epistolary relationship of sorts.

On stage in Houston over the weekend, she aimed a few choice words at her keepers in Hudspeth. Her rant begins almost sweetly, she suggesting that  “most of the people were very nice to me” and apologizing for being “attitudey” with the guy who runs the place. Platitudes registered, she goes in on four others who weren’t so very nice to her, threatening to make public the “inappropriate and probably illegal” things they did while she was under their custody. “There are four of you out there, and I want you to know I heard everything you did,” she warns, as things take an extra Fiona-y turn: Read more…


BRACKET MADNESS: Is Michael Jackson Or Lil Wayne The Greatest Male Aritst?

At the beginning of our Bracket Madness for the greatest male artist it seemed like an impossible task to choose just one of the eight contenders. Round after round you voted, and its come down to Michael Jackson vs. Lil Wayne. An unlikely pairing, but an intriguing match-up nonetheless. The King of Pop going toe-to-toe for a crown with the self-proclaimed “best rapper alive since the best rapper retired” is certainly a modern day spin on music. Read more…

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Ed Sheeran Had Terminal 5 Wrapped Around His Finger On Friday Night

If not already, we suspect you’ll soon be wise to Ed Sheeran, his much anticipated appearances on Taylor Swift and One Direction‘s forthcoming albums only helping to quicken the pace with which he’s gaining ground and winning hearts stateside. In town Friday night for the New York City stop of his sold-out You Oughta Know tour, he kept the mostly young and female crowd rapt for the entirety of his two hour set by engaging them in his otherwise one-man show, acting equal parts the charming host, the talented music-man and the crush-worthy pop star. And although his frequently deployed Rick Rossgrunt may be less than potent, all the rest of Sheeran’s stage show is more than impressive. Read more…

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Tuned In: Mumford & Sons Stay Grounded On Saturday Night Live

Having proven too tempting last week for Frank Ocean, producers seem to have removed all those cool vintage video games from the Saturday Night Live sound stage. And so instead, in line together at the front of the stage, Mumford & Sons played their performance without any of the skit show’s gimmick and earnest like they’re wont to be. They galloped first through a brass-backed version of “I Will Wait,” and then they returned for “Below My Feet,” something new off of their long awaited sophomore album Babel, which is out tomorrow. Mumford frontman Marcus mostly led the later, looking tired but dapper in his neck-tie and suit vest combo, playing his guitar and the kick drum simultaneously as he wailed along: “Let me learn from where I’ve been, keep my eyes to serve, my hands to learn.” Those tuned-in who weren’t already on board with Mumfordmania were surely won over. Read more…

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Rihanna Overload! New Single Cover, Release Date And Possible Album Title?

Get excited because everyone’s favorite pop princess is getting ready to give our music palates a new taste. Rihanna is building the anticipation for her seventh studio album and making sure we’re all on the edge of ours seats, especially with the release of her cover art for the forthcoming single “Diamonds.” And what did the bad girl convey in the single’s cover? It wouldn’t be RiRi if it wasn’t her manicured hand holding a marijuana blunt paper with diamonds sprinkled throughout. Oh, and there’s more diamonds spread across what looks like a table. Diamonds and weed are a girl’s (in this case, Rihanna’s) best friend. Read more…

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Download A Free MP3 Of “Anna Sun” From Walk The Moon’s VH1 You Oughta Know Live Session

UPDATE (10/1/12): Sorry, we removed the MP3. You can still listen to the song in our video player above ’til your heart’s content, though!

We have been rocking with September’s You Oughta Know artists Walk The Moon all month long now, and we’ve been jamming on “Anna Sun” for even longer than that, but we still can’t get enough of the song. We love it’s sun-drenched synths, the way it insists we not let growing up get in the way of a good time and the way the guys got so sweaty while performing it for their You Oughta Know Live session. And now, we love the most that we can keep their sweaty performance in our iTunes and on our iPods because now there’s an MP3!

You can download an MP3 of Walk The Moon’s rattling “Anna Sun” performance here on VH1 Tuner for free! But be quick — the link expires at midnight on October 1st and you don’t want to miss out.

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AMERICA’S HARD 100 – Vote To Determine The Greatest Hard Rock Song Of All-Time

Welcome to of the final VH1 Classic America’s Hard 100 Countdown Poll! Over the past 10 days we’ve asked YOU, the FANS to help us sort our list of essential hard rock and heavy metal tunes and the response has been incredible! Since this is the final list, we’ll be keeping it active for a few days to make sure we have enough time to record all your votes. And, due to popular demand, keep your eyes open for a one final poll featuring those songs which got the most votes for our all-time Top 10!

IMPORTANT NOTE: You can vote AS MANY TIMES and for AS MANY SONGS as you want, simply click on “Return To Poll” after your initial ballot and if your favorite songs or bands are missing from today’s list please check one of our earlier polls, which are all still open for voting, to see if you can find it.

Today Van Halen’s bad boy classic “Hot For Teacher” takes on Cliff-era Metallica’s “For Whom The Bell Tolls,”  “Wild Child” by nasty L.A. glam-masters W.A.S.P. and Rush’s “Tom Sawyer” among others.

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