Pharrell, Jay-Z And Frank Ocean Are In The Lab For What Could Be A Magical Collaboration

Frank Ocean, Jay-Z, Pharrell in the Studio Together

Now that Pharrell has teased the potential of an epic collaboration between himself, Frank Ocean and Jay-Z, they must deliver nothing short of magic. Yesterday evening when Pharrell tweeted a photo of the three kings in the studio together the Internet went bonkers. “Yessur, in the studio with @S_C_ and @frank_ocean.,” he tweeted. Pharrell’s one of the hottest producers in the game. Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange was arguably one of the best records of the year so far. And Jay-Z? Just ending his sold out eight concert series at Brooklyn’s new Barclays Center, this guy has had the rap game on lock for over a decade now. Read more…

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Lil Wayne Thinks Drake’s Aaliyah Project Will Be “Awesome”

For what it’s worth, Drake‘s got the go-ahead from Lil Wayne to pursue his much ballyhooed about Aaliyah project. “It’s an awesome collaboration,” the YMCMB head-honcho said, in a  short interview with the Associated Press at a DeWeezy skatepark opening. Drake, as we know, is a huge Aaliyah fan, and Wayne is, too — he says her music is “still better than a lot of music out there now,” and he feels its important to make it available for fans. “Everybody know what Aaliyah did and done for music and culture, period, and it’s always good to do that, for not only for people like that, just for her fans — you know what I mean?”

Most details are still fuzzy on the project, but one thing is for sure: not everyone seems to believe as much, and key Aaliyah collaborators Timbaland and Missy Elliott, Aaliyah’s family and a particularly scathing DMX have all raised questions as to Drake’s rights to the material. However, Lil Wayne assures that “Drake’s a very thoughtful person. Everyone knows that.” We do, Wayne, we do.

Lil Wayne on His New LP, Drake’s Aaliyah Album [NR]
Lil Wayne: Drake-Aaliyah Project Will be ‘Awesome Collaboration’ [Billboard] Read more…

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Who Did It Better? Katy Perry And Barack Obama Cover Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together”

Last night, Katy Perry joined Jennifer Hudson, Jon Bon Jovi, Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind and Fire and President Barack Obama himself at the President’s ’30 Days to Victory Concert’ fundraiser in Westwood, California. Dressed in a shimmery evening gown and with her nails done right (or Left, if we’re speaking politics) for the occasion, worked through a short set of her own hits — “Teenage Dream,” “Part Of Me” and “Firework” — before ending the evening with a dazzling cover of Al Green‘s classic “Let’s Stay Together.” It was a bold choice for Katy, given the President’s own history with the song. Read more…


Adele’s Skyfall Theme Song Results In Downloading Frenzy

Adele made our hearts pitter-patter with excitement when she confirmed the speculation of her involvement with the theme song for Skyfall, the latest installment of the James Bond 007 series. Days later the full version of the jazzy, bluesy, Bond-y song hit the ‘net fulfilling fan’s desperation to hear the great vocals of the British star. The new trailer with Adele’s impeccable voice to accompany all the action dropped today. Read more…

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Rodriguez, The Rock Star Who Didn’t Know It, Talks His Life Without Fame With 60 Mintues

Last night on 60 Minutes, shone their spotlight on one of rock and roll’s most mysterious and rewarding stories: the rock icon who didn’t know it, Rodriguez. Rodriguez spun out two records in rapid succession — Cold Fact in 1970 and Coming From Reality in 1971 — and when neither hit, he retired to a life of day laboring in his native Detroit. Meanwhile, his yarns about inner-city struggle and anti-establishment took hold in South Africa, where his music resonated particularly with the rising anti-apartheid movement and where it was assumed he was dead. And so unassuming all the while, he was more popular than The Beatles and Elvis halfway around the world, because “Well, I just wasn’t meant to be so lucky … then,” he says. Read more…


Do You Agree With Billboard Crowning Rihanna The Top Pop Artist Of The Last 20 Years?

Billboard Crowns Rihanna Top Pop Artist Of The Last 20 Years

Is Rihanna worthy of the gold throne she’s seated in, in the above photo? Billboard thinks so as they’ve chosen her as the top pop artist of the last 20 years. With only seven years under her belt Rihanna beat out veterans Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, Usher and Celine Dion. As far as her peers she toppled her bestie Katy Perry, Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Chris Brown. Part of Riri’s success can be attributed to her ability to dish out catchy hit after hit. Her hooks hook you. No pun intended. The chorus and hooks immediately come to mind when you hear just the titles of “We Found Love,” “Where Have You Been,” “Umbrella,” “Birthday Cake” and countless others. Is Rihanna’s formula for mastering an infectious song why she leaves her counterparts slouching in the dust? Read more…

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Psy Worries His English Language Single Won’t Match “Gangnam Style”

You might imagine that all the successes of his breakout hit “Gangnam Style” — the chart topping, the show stopping, the babies calmed — would guarantee K-pop’s shinning Psy stardom, but Psy seems to be otherwise worried that he will forever be stuck in the shadow of the video’s viral success. “The problem is my music video is more popular than I am, so I’ve got to overcome my music video first,” he tells the BBC, explaining determinedly that “I’ve got to go everywhere to promote myself, who I am and what I’ve done for 12 years in Korea.” And how exactly does he plan on making this happen? His first plan of action is two write an English language single of “Gangnam” proportions for his English speaking fans, which he says could be out as early as November, assuming it can be done at all: “It’s too much pressure to overcome ‘Gangnam Style.’ It’s really hard.” Read more…


“Dive In” To Trey Songz’s Steamy Love Triangle

Trey Songz is the equivalent of the side chick, the other man if you will. Sort of like when Biggie said, “Don’t leave your girl ’round me, true player for real,” Trey is about that life. The visual for “Dive In” is all kinds of sexy with a clean cut Trigga in a cream suit jacket and a beautiful curly-haired woman who is cheating on her handsome man. Yummy. The concept from Justin Francis clip is not one that’s extremely innovative. A pool. A hot couple. Said couple can’t keep their hands off of each other in the water. We’ve seen this more than a few times over. Read more…


Brandy’s “Let Me Go” Samples Everyone’s Favorite Swedish Singer Lykke Li

Brandy's "Let Me Go"

Artists love sampling their favorite Swedish singer Lykke Li, the latest being Brandy. As Brandy prepares for the October 16th release of Two Eleven the R&B singer released “Let Me Go” from what’s considered B’s anticipated comeback album. Immediately a mash up of Lykke’s Li’s “Tonight” plays with an added flare thanks to Bangladesh who produced the single. The soft melody over guitar strings and minimum drum beat on the original is now a faster, more bass heavy version. Read more…