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Jay-Z Brings Out Special Surprise Guest Beyoncé For Final Barclays Center Show

Jay-Z christened Brooklyn’s new Barclay’s Center right. Ahead of his eight-concert opening run, he told Rolling Stone that there wouldn’t be any guests because, “This is my one chance to be selfish. Can’t I? Can’t I be selfish? Thank you.” Though Big Daddy Kane and Memphis Bleek both touched down early in the run, he mostly kept true to his plan, taking the stage each night with only a shining gold bottle of Ace Campaign — to be poured out for Biggie during “Juicy” — for company. Because, when you own the place! There was still hope that Jay, on the eighth and final night and with all the world watching on YouTube, would call out the big guns. And he did, he brought out the biggest he’s got: his wife.

After doing “Bonnie and Clyde ’03” by his lonesome, Jay stepped aside and out from a glowing tunnel walked — strutted, rather, hips swinging wide as the beat to “Diva” picked up — none-less-than Beyoncé. Keeping brand in all black leather, her custom Nets hat included, and sunglasses on and swaddled with back up dancers. After “Diva,” she gave Brooklyn a shout-out and then asked politely if she could do one more.

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Christina Aguilera: Her Naked Lotus Position

Christina Aguilera Naked Lotus

After watching Christina Aguilera‘s new video for “Your Body,” it’s readily apparent that she’s ultra-confident about her curves. And why shouldn’t she be? Her beanpole “Genie In A Bottle” days are a distant memory, and motherhood seems to be doing wonders for her self-confidence and overall attitude.

That confidence, along with every other inch of her body, is on full-display on the cover of her new album, Lotus. None other than @TheRealXtina herself tweeted out her new(d) album cover today, a little over a month before her long-awaited follow-up to Bionic hits shelves. It’s the kind of cover that Georgia O’Keeffe, the undisputed Queen of Vaginal Symbolism, would be totally proud of.

#LOTUS Album Cover [@TheRealXtina’s Twitter]


Wale’s “Arrival” Brings Him Back To His Mixtape Roots

Wale's New Song "Arrival"

Let Wale tell it on his new track “Arrival,” the first album was slept on while the second one brought on the groupies. He’s back in the studio working on his third album as the rest of his Maybach Music Group puts in overtime to take over as the leading rap crew in the game. Fans of Wale’s early mixtape days will be happy the D.C. native has returned to his proverbial roots. An old school sample serves as the slowish instrumentation on “Arrival” where he jumps right in addressing the controversy over no dark skinned black women being featured in “Pretty Girls.” “Love a dark sister, but I ran through lights like medic routes.” Read more…

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Who Said It Best: X-Factor‘s Britney Spears Vs. The Voice‘s Christina Aguilera (Week 4)

If you’re over TV talent show audition rounds, say “do-re-mi!” That sounded a little off-key, but we won’t judge. What we will critique are the skills of our favorite pop-stars-turned-reality-TV-judges, X Factor‘s Britney Spears and The Voice‘s Christina Aguilera.

We’ve been pitting them head-to-head each week to decide who is the master star spotter on her respective show. As always, we name our winner, but feel free to affect your best Simon Cowell impression and rip into both in our comments section.

Team Britney

Sassiest Comment: “I think Sister C’s annoying. Really not likeable.” While everyone else was gushing over the new generations’ Dixie Chicks, Britney was the lone voice of dissent  Read more…

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Watch: PSY And The Top 5 Other Artists That Will Quiet Your Crying Baby

Topping the charts, launching a global phenomenon, topping the charts, breaking records, and today the New York Daily News informs us that K-pop’s unassuming star Psy is working miracles now, too. Because, babies they just love him! As The New York Daily News has found, babies go “gaga for Gangnam,'” and so parents the world wide have turned to the satirical video to calm their cranky kids. As evidence, they present two such babes: the adorable Benjamin of London, who seems to figure lunch is best served with a little giddy-up; and little Claire of West Virginia, above, who knows that tears are a major “Gangnam Style” faux-pas. It’s hard to say what exactly these kids like — the bounce, the bright lights, the sharp satire of Korea’s nouveau riche — because the parents in the story seems most interested in the fact that it works, and every time. And who could blame them?

Because there’s nothing better than getting your groove on and your kid quiet at the same time, we’ve found five other artists that seem to possess the same magic that calms a cranky baby. Like all the parenting manuals say: YouTube, a real modern parents’ helper!

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Miguel’s Kaleidoscope Dream Puts The Soul Back In R&B, Despite His Feeling That The Genre Has Become A ‘Caricature Of Itself’

Kaleidoscope Dream is the magical sophomore album by Miguel, an LP in which he infuses the sounds of rock, soul and funk into the expanding box that is modern R&B. On “Adorn,” which is currently No. 1 on the Hip-Hop/R&B charts, he croons about love and intimacy over the funky bass line. “‘Adorn’ is romantic, but it’s dirty at the same time,” he told us the day his album dropped. “It’s all the highs of love with all the coolness of the party.” Then there’s “Use Me,” “Do You,” “Arch & Point,” and “Pussy Is Mine” that explore the beauty of intimacy. While “Do You” is as much about the sensuality (“Do you like hugs? Do you like love?”) as it is about sex (“I wanna do you like drugs tonight”), the provocative “Pussy Is Mine” is completely about Miguel’s friend with benefits making him feel like it is all his. Read more…


Jay-Z To Launch His Own YouTube Channel With A Stream Of Final Barclays Center Concert

Jay-Z To Launch His Own YouTube Channel And Stream Final Night of Concert

He told us back in 2001’s “U Don’t Know,” “I am a hustler baby, I’ll sell water to a well.” Jay-Z wasn’t speaking in hyperbole either. Today he’s one of rap’s greatest moguls due to his entrepreneurial (aka hustling) ethics. According to Heavy, the bus-iness man’s latest venture includes launching a new YouTube channel named after his website Life+Times. Hold on to your chairs because the good news gets even better. On Saturday, October 6 the channel launches at 9:30 with a live stream of his final show of the eight-concert series at Barclays Center in Brooklyn. That’s right, folks. You can watch Jay-Z perform your favorite hits from the comfort of your living room sofa. Read more…

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Calvin Harris And Ellie Goulding Spark A Dance Party In “I Need Your Love”

British dance-floor darling Ellie Goulding has joined forces with Scotland’s club king Calvin Harris for “I Need Your Love,” a shimmering new cut from Harris’ upcoming album 18 Months and a bonus track off of Goulding’s own Halycon. It has only ever been a matter of time before these two found one other, and it was inevitable that their meeting would result in such a spark. They shouldn’t have to ask, though — of course they can have our love!

The stripped vocals on “Anything Could Happen” had us thinking that Goulding might be edging out of “Lights” Lite-Brite like glow for this second round, but Harris seems to have dragged her back to the dance floor, and to an ecstatic effect. “I Need Your Love” bleeps and bloops and bounces along an electronic beat, which might have sounded two-bit if not for that piano line. Goulding meanwhile returns to her signature smoky-cooing, begging that: “I need your love, I need your time/ When everything’s wrong, you make it right/ I feel so high, I come alive/ I need to be free with you tonight.”

What do you think, does “I Need Your Love” earn your love?

Calvin Harris & Ellie Goulding’s “I Need Your Love”: Hear The Dance Track [Idolator] Read more…

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Adele’s Most Bond-y Bond Theme Is Finally Here!

Adele‘s much anticipated Skyfall theme song is at last a mission accomplished. The titular song’s reveal has been less than stealthy, months of speculation as to Adele’s part in the project giving way to a Tweeted clue and then a substantial week earlier this week — a falter that we imagine 007 might have gotten a finger wagging for. But all is forgiven now that the thing’s landed, because the song does better than well to uphold the mission and is as Bond-y as a James Bond theme song need be. And as a bonus, it also serves well as a new Adele song, something we’ve all been jonesing for.

Adele sounds ever so glamorous singing over the cinematic strings and wide-screen orchestration, but she also plays it cool, saving the rousing “Rolling In The Deep”-scale vocal show until the end of the song. It’s like she spent the first two thirds of the song cooing over martinis — shaken, not stirred — in a dusky bar, just waiting for the right moment to break out the big guns. You know, Bond style.

Here Adele’s ‘Skyfall’ James Bond Theme In Full 007 Glory [Spin]

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Miguel Shows Off His Best Life In “The Thrill” Video

On Tuesday, rising R&B star Miguel dropped his new album Kaleidoscope Dream to critical acclaim. On Wednesday, he introduced us to his hot girlfriend Nazanin Mandi with his “Do You…” Video. And yesterday he shared a second video, this one for “The Thrill,” a song so giddy as to be almost woozy. Miguel’s ride is only just getting started.

The quick-clipped, black-and-white visual finds Miguel reaping the benefits of Miguel’s many years of patient work — flashing lights and glasses always full, hotel suites and all the pretty ladies he needs to fill them, and etc. And it may be because all the footage was shot at Naz’s last birthday, or it may just be that thrill, but the surest sign of all that Miguel is living the life these days is that big, cheesy grin he’s beaming all the while. It’s that thrill you can feel, you know?

Miguel Chases ‘The Thrill’ — Premier [RS]

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