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That Metal Debate: Top 5 Facial Hair Styles of Rock

There are a few important factors that make hard rock and heavy metal music one of THE best genres in music:
1. Musicians who can head bang and hold a chord
2. The fans (that’s a no-brainer)
3. Facial Hair

I know you probably think we are crazy for even saying that, but can you imagine Ozzy Osbourne with a mustache like Tom SelleckZakk Wylde with a unibrow? Or maybe even KISS with ZZ Top beards? Strange right? (We can only imagine how long it would take to get the paint out.)

Last week on That Metal Show, we were joined by Steve Harris (Iron Maiden) and John 5 who brought nothing less than amazing riffs for the second week in a row as our guest musician. We also paid homage to the rockers with the best facial hair and counted down our TMS Top 5 Facial Hair in Rock with help from heavy metal rocker Marilyn Manson. Here’s our TMS Top 5 list of artists with the Best Facial Hair in Rock:
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Make Wiz Khalifa and The Weeknd “Remember You” Or Else Be Forgotten

Wiz Khalifa & The Weeknd "Remember you"

Wiz Khalifa brings the high energy party vibe to a track whereas The Weeknd‘s Abel Tesfaye offers breathy R&B. For Wiz’s “Remember You” from the pushed back O.N.I.F.C. (set to release December 4) the two collaborated for a mix between a sultry slow jam and smooth rap offerings focused on the good life. Against the deep bass, distant booms and scratches, Abel’s vocals are steady–not low, not quite high–as he pleads for said woman to make him remember her. Read more…

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Popdust’s No. 1 Pop Star Justin Bieber Reveals His “Favorite Things,” Likes Michael Jackson And Porcupines

Popdust has gone ahead and done the impossible: ranked the world’s greatest pop stars. Sure to account for the inspiring, bewildering, hilarious, and the naughty, they’ve created a comprehensive list they call the Popdust 40, described as “artists whose music we love and love lives we find fascinating, who shoot the videos and tap out the tweets that amuse us and who employ stylists to create the globe’s most interesting hair.” Included in their mix are fan nominated K-Pop sensations Big Bang to 2Chainz, Glambert  to Madonna, P!nk to Carly Rae, Skrillex and Ellie Goulding to Jay-Z and Beyonce, and so and and so forth. The list is thorough and exhaustive, and try as we might, we can’t think of anyone more deserving than these forty. And most of all we like that, instead of simply stopping when they hit Number One (spoilers ahead!), they went ahead and asked their No. 1 artist Justin Bieber to rank a few favorites of his own. Turns out Popdust’s King of Pop is a fan of that other King of Pop! Read more…

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Carrie Underwood Treats Twelve-Year-Old To His First Kiss

Carrie Underwood really blew 12-year-old Chase away this past weekend when, while performing in Louisville, Kentucky over the weekend, she caught sight of handmade “Will You Be My First Kiss?” sign and called him on stage. “How do you want to do this?” she asked, sure to warn him that, “Just so you know, my husband is somewhere in this building and he might be looking for you later.” Ready to have his world rocked (and apparently ignorant to Carrie’s husband’s pecs), Chase requested without even a hit of hesitation that the kiss be “lip to lip.” And so in the country queen leans, granting the lucky puckered-up kid a very memorable first kiss on the lips. Aww!

Tune-in to VH1 Unplugged: Carrie Underwood on October 2nd to hear, if we’re lucky, Carrie spill about her own first kiss.

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50 Cent Allegedly Hiring High Powered Team To Investigate Chris Lighty’s Death

50 Cent To Launch Investigation Of Chris Lighty's Death

Chris Lighty was loved by many people in the music industry. Nearly a month after his untimely death Fox 5 in New York reports that 50 Cent has allegedly hired a team of investigators to look into Lighty’s death at the request of his grieving mother. 50 Cent was not only one of Lighty’s clients, but a good friend. On August 30th Lighty died from a self-inflicted gun shot wound, which was later ruled as a suicide. The Daily News reported the gunshot occurred after an argument with his estranged wife. But not everyone believes he committed suicide. Lighty’s brother, Dave Lighty, publicly expressed his feelings regarding his brother’s death. “I want the truth to come out. This isn’t my brother. My brother was a strong person…nothing is adding up. I can’t get a direct answer from anybody…I understand there’s a process to be followed. I can’t even get clear answers from people I think I should be getting clear answers from,” he said. Read more…

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“I Don’t Recall:” Lil Wayne’s Deposition Videos Are Really Something Else

A famous scene from D.A. Pennebaker’s landmark 1967 documentary Don’t Look Back shows Bob Dylan tangling with the press as they try draw serious answers from him. “Would you say you care about people particularly?” one woman asks, earning only another question in response: “Well, yeah, but we all have our own definitions of all those words. Care, and people?” Today the fine folks of TMZ have done their best Pennebaker-ing, making available to the greater public these three videos of Lil Wayne‘s deposition hearing with powerhouse lawyer Pete Ross that find Wayne working his charm just as Dylan did in ’65 — brilliant or insolent, as that charm may be.

For background, Lil Wayne has raised charges against Quincy Jones III, Quincy Jones‘s son, alleging that he used a number of unauthorized tracks in his documentary about Wayne The Carter. Given that this is Wayne’s case to win, you might assume that Wayne would be on his best behavior or at least cooperative; but these videos suggest, well, something else. Acting a wise guy, Wayne ducks and dodges the lawyer’s “stupid ass” questions, questioning the questions and pulling his hoodie over his head while refusing to give much more than “I don’t recall.” At one point, Wayne gets chastised for pre-empting a question — and a nice one, too, about whether or not he won a Grammy in 2008 — with an “I don’t know,” and he just rolls his eyes: “I’m sorry, that’s my psychic.”

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No Doubt “Push And Shove” Their Way Through The Streets

It’s an ongoing party in the big city streets. Gwen Stefani and her boys–Tony Kanal, Tom Dumont and Adrian Young–roam the neighborhoods lined with graffiti cement walls in the video to their title track “Push And Shove.” This is the crew you hear coming four blocks before they’re within eyesight. The black and white visual was released today to coincide with release of the album of the same name. It’s been 11 years since No Doubt’s last album, so why not have fun? The quartet have a crazy good time in the video with cameos from Major Lazer and Busy Signal. Gwen Stefani even takes a dip underwater. What more could you ask for? No Doubt is back! Hardcore. Read more…

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Not Afraid To “Die Young,” Ke$ha Keeps Partying Hard

The Queen of Shock Pop’s new single, “Die Young,” leaked yesterday and — good news! — new Ke$ha sounds a whole lot like old Ke$ha, if scrubbed of some of that glitter. We have always admired Ke$ha’s penchant for laser-y synths and apocalyptic drum beats, her half-rapped and sort of blathering vocals, and most of all her aggressively care-free spirit; and so we were a little worried that if she made an album where she gave “so many f***s,” we might not be able to dance to it. We’re worrying no more, though, as this first cut from Warrior — out December 4th — finds Ke$ha back in high wild-child style and only ever-so-slightly more matured, employing an acoustic guitars and what might be the anti-bass drop.

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“Begin Again” Is Taylor Swift’s Ode To The New Guy That Gets Her

Taylor Swift's "Begin Again"

“Then on a Wednesday, in a cafe, I watched it begin again.” Taylor Swift‘s second single “Begin Again” veers away from Red’s poppy lead. Over guitar strings Swift compares the cons of the ex guy to the pros of the new one. Swift debuted the country ballad on Good Morning America yesterday as part of her Red promotional tour. At 22 the girl-next-door singer has received massive praise for her songwriting skills–where stories of heartbreak and love flow from the ink’s pen to paper. This song is exemplary of why that praise is not undeserved. Read more…

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Frank Ocean Goes With The Flow In New Rap Song Called “Blue Whale”

Last night, just ’cause and without ceremony or comment, Frank Ocean dropped a new track called “Blue Whale”  on his Tumblr. Like Frank songs past, it’s a sort of melancholic tropical deal; unlike Frank songs past, Frank drops the sweet croon and instead raps. Frank’s flexed his rap muscles before — albeit only briefly on epic Odd Future posse track “Oldie” (at 5:17, if you’re short on time) — but this is, as far as we can tell, his first front to back rap song. It could maybe use one of his trademark hooks (what song couldn’t?), but coming off the success of Channel Orange and a string of high profile performances, the fact is that Ocean owes us nothing. So why not, like he says, “Let a relevant n***** do what a relevant n***** feel” and let him rap if he wants to?

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